Less is More: Categories

Have you ever gone to a restaurant for a nice relaxed meal, only to be overwhelmed in the end by too many choices? We have. Sometimes, too much choice is a hindrance on good decision making.

Because of this realization, we’ve made an update to the way you submit your work for publication. Now, when you go to select a category for your content on Triond, you won’t get lost in the hundreds of options. We’ve narrowed down the list significantly to reflect the network of websites on which we help place your work more accurately. When you submit your work, we will see your category selection, and then direct your work to the best site placement based off of your content item’s tags and content.  Simple.

As with any major or minor change, there could be a few glitches in the system. If you encounter an issue while submitting your work, please report it to support@triond.com.

Happy publishing!

49 thoughts on “Less is More: Categories

  1. If a writer were to submit to a category that is not as specific and correct as it could be, will Triond amend this and publish to a ‘more correct’ category?

    I sometimes wonder if submitting to a improper category affects viewership adversely. I would imagine that Triond would wish to publish under the best chances for being indexed correctly, yes?


  2. I have been having problems with submissions; they keep getting shot down because their too ‘similar’, could you please more concrete details as to what exactly is similar?

    Thanks for the update by the way, it was sorta annoying to search the whole list of categories for one choice..

  3. Dear Kim and all author support persons,

    This is a good move. Yes sometimes, too many choices can be confusing. We the authors do not generally know the best place for our articles.

    Thank you, once again for initiating change.


  4. I’m not sure if this is a good or bad move. I used to enjoy the variety and flexibility of being able to have so many options in front of me. I’ll submit some articles next week and see if this new Triond tweak just made this site better…or worse.

  5. One of the best thing that ever happened to Triond. I submitted an article today and I didn’t have to squint and look through the categories for the longest time. What a relief! Thank you so much!

  6. This is a great move. I used to get confused with all those choices. I think that the editors are better qualified to put our articles in the right places, anyway.

    The comment above may not be from Liane. I’ve recently had a comment from someone posing by that name.

  7. “….The comment above may not be from Liane. I’ve recently had a comment from someone posing by that name.”

    There had been a few noted and recorded instances of ‘postees’ dropping comments on articles feigning other Triond users’ names, specifically, “Vote for Obama” and “Vote for McCain” missives. This is SPAMMING in it’s ugliest form. The abuser tries to lend support for causes / or discredit the good name of prolific writers with whatever messages they wish to propagate.

    Triond, please investigate these when found or reported, and check the IP-addresses of the ‘postee’ leaving these remarks. We really should have some form of user login to identify these abusers and take punitive action against them when discovered. An IP-address CAN be traced, and blocked if necessary.

    It does not make me (and the few persons whom I have contacted in regards to this) very happy to see their usernames ‘spammed’ on the Comments board of Triond-hosted articles.


  8. Please note Triond staff/writers:

    I did not write the above comment posted at October 26, 2008 at 9:58 pm. I was informed by a kind fellow writer that this post was there. Please delete the comment – I know that there is someone that keeps writing comments under my name as well as posing to be other writers as well.

    I highly respect each and every writer on this site as well as the Triond staff. Please delete the comment.

    If you need to verify the legitimacy of this comment you can contact me via email.

    Blessings and best wishes to all.


    -Liane Schmidt.

  9. To all:

    In regards to comment fraud, we have isolated the person who is posting fraudulent remarks and are working on resolving potential abuse within our commenting system. Please know that Triond’s features, including comments, are a valuable part of our community. We hope that every individual represents themselves openly and honestly. Please know that we can and will track down offending users and take the appropriate action to warn, ban, and if necessary, delete accounts.


  10. This is the real RJ, by the way! I just checked! :-))

    I am so glad that the offending person has been nabbed. I do hope we don’t have to “log in” or something similar in the future as that may prohibit or deter non-trionders (is that what we are called? “Trionders”?) from making comments. However, there are always some idiots out there who wish to denigrate the hard work of others – despite that fact it must take them *ages* to do it and they would be much better off spending that time honing their own writing skills!

    Although the comments (this time) were not abusive it does indicate that the person may have been frustrated by the success that the writers he chose to imitate enjoy. I have been made aware of snide and unwelcome comments made about myself and others *off* the comments section and it is a little depressing that people I don’t know actually have time to devote to that sort of exercise. Pointless is hardly the word!

    Anyway, glad the situation is now resolved!

    Best regards to everyone! Keep on writing!


    PS Vote for…. aha! No, this really was me! :-))

  11. It may reach a point that comments are ‘moderated’, -held in a Moderator’s Queue to be examined, reviewed, edited, etc., -before being becoming public. Many forums do this. It would also stop the ‘benign’ hijacking of Comments like “I liked your article -now here’s a link to my *totally unrelated article* now go read mine now please and bookmark/STUMBLE/DIGG/FWD it asap, please! please! please!)

    Or, posting comments may require setting a ‘user cookie’, signing-in once with OpenID or something, which would be retained like a ‘guest pass’ for user identity throughout the Triond corral of hosting sites for the current session (would expire when computer is turned-off.) At any rate, I for one (as a Moderator on a Web Development Forum) take a dim view to spammers and hijackers. They are toxic; I for one don’t want them near me. 😦

    -thestickman (whom is otherwise a very happy Triond user/writer and otherwise a fairly jovial person)

  12. I am a first time blogger. I have a lot to say on certain topics. I live in a small town in Mississippi and I love my state regardless of it’s racial and violent past. I want to share my thoughts on peace in the world and the USA.

  13. I’ve only earned 0.13 cents so far for 6 articles. I’m new to this. What’s the best way to earn money? Should I send my articles to everyone I know and then tell them to send them to everyone they know, etc.

    How do I increase traffic?

    thanks a bunch


  14. Hi Marla,

    I am knew to Triond and ask you for a request. I know this is not the right place to ask for the request but, what I wish is that Triond makes an update where even when you decline the article, you can still edit it and change it again.
    Thank you, Ismail Talib

  15. I do like the change. I also like the new feature where we can leave comments with a link to our Triond identity. If all authors use it, then we can consider any comments with authors’ names that don’t use this feature as suspect.

  16. I love the new feature where we can leave comments with the link to our Triond identity. I’ve read some problems about ‘spammers’ above. I guess with this new feature, ‘spammers’ can never borrow our name in commenting.
    Ha! Ha! to them 😉

    Thank you Triond!

  17. Oh yes! I’m very happy with the on-line editor. I have learned to embed pictures and do some links with my works. Writing was ever so fun!
    Thanks again to Triond and of course, to some Triond friends!

    Thank you everyone! 🙂

  18. I used the identity option on a comment page today and I think it is a great idea. Hopefully this will stop spammers from spreading harassment and abuse to innocent writers here at Triond.

    Good work Triond!

  19. Dear Triond Staff/Writers:

    Not only is this a WONDERFUL improvement to the safety of everyone, the functionality of the new technology will do wonders for everyone. Because your name in the comments will now have a link to click bringing them to your profile page, it will make it infinitely more effective for all writers to easily find a writer who left a comment’s work. In the past, I have had problems finding a writer’s work, and this problem has now been eliminated as well!

    So double kudos and limitless thanks Triond Staff!! I feel 100% better about everything!!

    Blessings & best wishes to all!


    -Liane Schmidt.

    “If you can dream it, you CAN do it!”
    -Walt Disney.

  20. That’s really helped a lot. Wading through 7 pages of categories to find the one I needed really made publishing a chore! Nice update

  21. In my latest submission,
    a story about a cow,
    the photo afixed to the page,
    didn’t match somehow.
    It showed a computer mouse,
    in pursuit of a slice of cheese,
    How the two got together,
    you’ll have to explain to me.

  22. I, too, have to add that I like the simplified version. Being relatively new to Triond, it has made it easier to decide which category to place my work. I always have difficulty choosing from a large “menu”.

    Thank You,

  23. Hey Triond. I’m new to this writing thing. And I never go to see the old interface of it. But since so many are saying that is was a good change,GREAT!!! I hope more changes can happen like publishing time and more formats that can be published.

    Now I’ve earned $0.01. Well, it’s a start right?

    ROCK ON.

    –JP Baclayon–

  24. I actually like the fewer categories much better, it’s a great time saver for me than when I used to have to search through all kinds of sub-categories wondering which is the best to submit my work under.

  25. Hi

    Hope each and every one in the editorial team is good.

    Yah, thanks for prompting the submission.

    Do look forward for more good services.

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