October Payments Sent

Crisp autumn air is giving way to cold winter chill.  Turkeys all over North America are running to hide.  The days are getting shorter, but we have great fluorescent lighting in Triond’s office, so we’ll keep working well into winter’s dark afternoons.

Enough about us – it’s that time of month again where we send you what you’ve earned. Payments have been posted today, so please check your mail boxes and in boxes. PayPal payees, log on to see that your account has received the funds. Western Union payees, check your email for the transaction information. For those of you who receive a paper check, it should arrive to your mailbox soon.

Happy publishing!

47 thoughts on “October Payments Sent

  1. Dear Triond,

    It’s weird but I haven’t received my payment yet! According to your notification a few days ago, my October earnings (to be sent on November 15) is $50.23. I’ve been checking my mail since this morning, waiting for the Western Union MTCN # to arrive, or at least an email from you. I haven’t received any email yet!!

    This hasn’t happened before.

    Also, my earnings report on the Triond homepage doesn’t reflect my $50.23 October earnings anymore. But it doesn’t show in the payment history as well!

    Please give this attention, and I hope to hear from you soon. It’s easy for me to have doubts and ‘lose my faith’ when it comes to payment issues.

    –Verniel Cutar

  2. Received 11.44$ for October! ..and ‘m up to 13.52$ for this month already! And I made it to Hot Users!

    All hail Triond!

    – Amit G
    An Extremely Satisfied Newbie Writer

  3. Hi, I just joined this website, and I have my payments linked to my Paypal…

    Do I need to have a bank account number attached to my paypal account in order to receive payment? I have a debit card attached to my Paypal, but I don’t know if the money gets put into my checking account, or if nothing happens.

    Also, if you don’t make it to $.50 or $50 in a month, does your payment get completely erased for that month, or carry over into the next month?

  4. I have been on since July and can’t seem to be a hot user or anything else. I just recently broke three dollars. I don’t want to put my best work on here but I want to get enough people that they want to buy my book from PA. This is so important to me. The money isn’t everything but I would like to make enough to know that people are reading my work. I have my poems posted so that they can read them on here but I still don’t get the traffic that I want. I want to be able to publish another book with more poetry but I don’t want the world to read them on here so that I can put them in a book. Wishing for foot traffic to my work. I hope all is well and that they are getting the traffic that I am not. Good luck to all!

    Jackie Stroud-Painter
    Not Just Another Love

  5. My payment still not received!! Triond, I’ll be waiting for your email that contains the Western Union MTCN #!

    And please respond to the email I sent you. I already sent two emails to the support team.

    Looking forward to your speedy attention.



  6. Kim, thanks. But still, after this payment is done, I might have a few words to send to the feedback team. I think Triond writers (not just me) have the right to be informed in advance if in case their payments will be slightly delayed. In my case, I’ve been contacting you since Friday night, but haven’t got any replies from the support team. All I needed during the past 48 hours was an explanation and assurance. I don’t think that’s too much to ask!

    But apart from the concerns I mentioned, you still have my full support. I’ll continue contributing articles. Please take my statements as positive feedback and suggestions for the further improvement of this site (which, I know, you’re fully committed to doing).


  7. Received my very first Triond payment via Western Union today! I’m so excited! I started to worry when I didn’t receive the email yet the amount was already removed from my account. I thought I’d wait another day before I complain. And here it is! Thanks Triond! You’re the BEST! I love you, too!

  8. Hi All,

    If you haven’t yet received your payment, please check to make sure that your earnings for the month of October have met the minimum threshold for payment. If you use PayPal, it’s $0.50. For both Check and Western Union, it’s $50.

    If you still have not received payment, please check that your payment information is correct in your account details: http://www.triond.com/account

    Send an email to support@triond.com with any specific questions.


  9. Okay, I know this is not a money issue as such, but whoever it is copying and pasting our works(without permission) and putting onto your own blogs to earn money elsewhere, be warned copyright stands. Another writer has contacted me to say she has found some of our work on the net from Triond pages and they are earning from it.

  10. Dear Triond,

    I’m munching a pizza bought from the money you sent me. I wish I can share it with you guys. 🙂

    Also, I’m planning to buy…never mind. I just can’t believe I received that amount of money from doing something I can do at my own pace and time.

    I wish you all the best!

    JK Kristie

  11. This is my first recieved payment, I do not write much on triond, but I like to write well and good ones, so I write so few. After 3 months i recieved my first payment. Now I will try to do more Articles and increase my income. Thanks Triond Group.

  12. “…whoever it is copying and pasting our works (without permission) and putting onto your own blogs to earn money elsewhere, be warned copyright stands.”

    A legal issue that, if verified, is something Triond Legal Dept. should handle. It is called “plagerism” and it should not stand. It steals from them. It steals from us. 😦

  13. I agree with stickman. Besides the point i haven’t gotten any money deposited to my account on paypal. Do you think you know why?

  14. Hello triond..I sent in 4 or 5 poems last month. I have not received any income. I was told it would be mailed to me on the 15th of November. Could you please look into this. I would also like to know which type of writing is preferred in generating more income. I have lots to share. many thanks..judy Ps It shows a correction was made on the 28th Nov. Please email details..thank you..jdb@vom.com

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