Profile Personalization 2.0

Your creative input is central to your experience on Triond. Whether you write, compose, script, collect, or capture, the articles that you create are as diverse and interesting as you are. It’s this perpetual influx of creativity that makes everyone at Triond tingle with excitement.

Well, that, and we’re thrilled to release the latest update to Triond: Profile Personalization 2.0!

Our last profile upgrade a few months ago was just the beginning. We promised you more creative power, and we’re delivering.

Your profile page has always been the place that showcases your creativity and hard work. Now with this new update, your profile page is more customizable than ever. Columns are adjustable, colors are changeable, and there are even widgets that you place wherever you like on the page. After all, it’s your profile page, it reflects your personality and creativity, so you should have as much control over it as possible.

Now, when you can build a truly unique profile page, it really becomes personal. Your profile page becomes your blog, your portfolio, your first point of contact, the inventory of your creative works — your online creative presence — all in one central place. And the best thing is you decide how others experience it.

To get started customizing your profile page, be sure to read our guide in the help center. Once you’re done reading, log in and edit your profile page! You can also share it with your friends and family, send it to your coworkers and link to your profile page URL where appropriate. It’s your online creative presence, and you’re right to be proud of it.

Your new, personalized profile page gives you yet another way to display your creativity and enhance your online presence. We hope that it improves your experience on Triond and we welcome your comments and feedback as always.

Keep those creative juices flowing. Happy publishing!

31 thoughts on “Profile Personalization 2.0

  1. Amazing new feature. I just re-designed my profile page, and i love it. I always thought that the friends segment was not needed and that the articles must be at the top of the page. Now i can do all that and i am loving it!!Thanx Triond team.

  2. Loved it! Now my profile looks more colorful, more interesting, more alive! I’ve always wanted for the photos to be seen immediately when friends open my page. We sometimes tend to forget that there are images and videos on Triond, too.

    Way to go Triond!

  3. Great, love it. Could you just offer an option to allow us to moderate comments? I have a person who is posting personal attacks on 24 of my articles and at least one of another person. (I posted a comment to their article, he has to attack me there.) If I delete his comment it comes back in 4-6 hours.

    A moderate would allow me to look for him, delete it… and let responsible comment through.

    This will only get worse if he starts attacking other people where I have posted comments. I actually have no way of knowing if he has – other than someone telling me.

  4. Comment to JK Kristie – Yep, I both write and take photos. I do a lot of local stuff in the York, Adams, Cumberland, Lancaster (Amish) counties of Pennsylvania. Check my pics (end of commercial) I sort of felt the pics were hidden.

    As a web designer (Commercial internal stuff) I wonder is Triond has ever thought of on the text list putting a list of titles and allowing the description to pop up on a mouse over? This would allow me as a reader to see more articles on one view and look deeper where I want to. Also I would love a search that limits to one writer/photographer.

  5. Wow. Absoloutely love it.It took about 5 mins to completely alter the page by a non techie!
    Readers can at last see the explanatory note on the article. Thumbs up!
    oops, when leaving a reply here in comments paste your web adress from your dashboard inthe blank square “website”, otherwise it won’t link to you.

  6. Great new option, easy to use and it makes our profile page looks great!
    I also noticed that under recent comments, there are also those that were deleted!
    I do agree with one recent post, we should have option to moderate comments (delete,edit, block user etc.)

  7. I love the new layout etc. it feels more personal to me.
    I am also being attacked by the one and only DD,but I have chosen to leave his vicious rantings to highlight the supporters that follow him in the comment box. I do agree we should have a block button tho’ and if the editor wants a ticket on MY Triond Bandwagon, get one quickly as they are going fast ;0 it is proving very popular. I feel there is a need for a forum for individual groups etc.

  8. the changes was really good! πŸ™‚ thank you!

    one thing though that i’d like to suggest, regarding the column adjustment, if possible, can we also have a dynamic or flexible column where the users could choose how wide a certain column would be… πŸ™‚

    over-all, it’s really a good improvement.

    kudos to the team!

  9. I agree with Glynis, we need a forum for people with special interests, rants, sharing. Pleaseeeeee! By the way, Kick that Triond Ogre to the curb, DD!!!

  10. Hi Everyone,

    We have fixed the bug that displayed your deleted comments.

    As a reminder, Triond allows both members of the community and visitors to post comments on articles. We believe this is an important part of the openness of Triond, but unfortunately, this freedom can be abused. At this time, please continue to moderate your own articles’ comments by deleting offensive ones.


  11. Glad that everyone likes the new ‘personalization’ ability although I have to admit a bit of surprise over this. I find it possible to create butt-ugly combinations of foreground/background colors that rival the very worst “MySpace” designs. -I’ll just stick with default (and Accessible) white/blank background with default foreground colors (text, etc.)

    Also, -is there currently also a ‘bug’ with inability to delete empty articles in “DRAFTS”? I have two ‘blank’ items there, -no content at all-, that refuse to be “DELETED.” This has been the case now for several weeks. I didn’t feel any pressing need to report it, though, as it causes no harm.
    Does not really matter but it exists so maybe this is a glitch in the programme also??

    Thanks all! πŸ™‚

  12. I love the new feature, especially the one that allows you to post your latest comments on your page. I find it easier to track for updates than the dashboard so thanks πŸ™‚

  13. I just started posting poems and reading other peoples works on Triond Nov. 17th. I think it’s a fantastic site. One problem I’ve found; on some of the places when you go to respond to a writer’s work (where it says “I Like It”); when you click on that, nothing happens. Why?

  14. “…on some of the places when you go to respond to a writer’s work (where it says β€œI Like It”); when you click on that, nothing happens. Why?”

    Maybe I can offer suggestion. -What browser are you using when this occurs? I get this too with Google-Chrome, and, you can only “like it” on any article once per visit/per day (visiting the article twice in same day you cannot click “like” a 2nd time.)

    Other suggestions, but I’ll save that for now. πŸ™‚


  15. I must say that I love the new skins and layouts, it’s nice to be somewhat unique. I do wish however that there was a black skin with perhaps, blue and violet text/links(or something a little feminine in black). I think that would be lovely.

    I would also like to suggest the possibility of a way to edit and also to read your past comments.

    It would also be nice to have a link to the comment poster, where you can either reply or go to their page and then reply, when reading comments in the content area of the the site.

    And everybody… if you comment on something and you like it, click the button. We love to see those “I like it!” numbers climbing!

    Just a couple of thoughts,

  16. Wow, that’s just great. I think I’m going to dable in like a child splating all his fav’ colours on his bedroom wall!

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