If at First You Don’t Succeed…Revise and Try Again!

Everyday our Editorial Team receives thousands of content items. While we’d like to publish every submission, sometimes an item just isn’t quite ready for its gala debut. Maybe it needs another once-over for spelling and grammar, or maybe it needs a new title that really shouts “Read me!”.  Maybe you forgot to correctly source your images, or perhaps you just got excited and submitted an incomplete article.

Well, making revisions is now easier than ever!

We’ve just released the latest upgrade to our editorial system that let’s you revise a declined item using our Online Editor interface.  If we can’t publish your work as is, you’ll automatically receive an email with a link to your revisable item, and you can work on fixing it right away.

You can see items waiting for revision on your Dashboard, or in the Revisions section under Content. Along with your content item you’ll see notes from our Editorial Team that will help you fix any mistakes as well as provide you with additional suggestions for improving your work.  Please note that if you have no articles waiting for revision, your Dashboard will not display any items for revision.

If you have any questions, feel free to send a note to support@triond.com

Happy revising!

46 thoughts on “If at First You Don’t Succeed…Revise and Try Again!

  1. What a great idea! This should really help to save people some time. I was just wondering if you guys have ever thought about adding a spell checker to the online editor?


  2. Very handy, thank you. Sometimes now, an article I have submitted that was ‘declined’ for reason, ‘disappears’ and I have to re-source it from my local copy. This is okay, but often some of my best stuff gets ‘tweaked’ in the online editor and as such, this is what gets ‘lost’ if the submission is declined.

    Regards to ‘spell checker’ comment; if you are using Firefox, Mozilla or Seamonkey, these browsers have a built-in spell checker and solve the problem preemptively. 🙂

    Myself, -still quite happy & satisfied with Triond and services. Still learning, but still satisfied. 🙂


  3. Great idea! I too have written emails to the editor for clarification of why an article was declined. This should save time for both the writers and the editor.
    Thanks for working hard to make Triond a great place to publish!

  4. Thanks for this! Several times I have had something rejected and been both unable to revise and unsure of the exact reason. This should help a lot! I agree with the idea for spellchecker as well. I do something similar to Anne Lyken-Garner but spellchecker would save me a step.
    Thanks Triond for listening!

  5. I am so new to blogging and have had a decent relationship with the english language but to be truthful I type in word and paste to notepad then copy and paste to other areas. I love the grammar corrections as you go along. I am sure that it is a waste of time for someone who has been at this longer than I have but hey it works.
    Glad to have found you I have several blogs at present with both wordpress and blogger and a stand alone attached to one of my sites. Rewriting and submitting to you is okay correct?

  6. Now this has got to be one of the best Triond updates ever. I’ve already written my articles in Microsoft Word 2007, then copied and pasted them to Triond’s Online Editor, but I was always annoyed when my articles were rejected and then I lost all my tags, as well as my article description.

    As of recently, I was saving everything in Word. The article’s title, description, the content itself and all the tags, so if it got declined, I wouldn’t have to spend another hour trying to remember what I wrote for my title description, or what tags I forgot to include.

    Although I’m still going to do this, it’ll only be for back-up purposes.

    Thanks a bunch for the neat update Marla!

  7. Hi!

    Firstly, i would like to thank triond for taking the suggestions of many about this problem and yes it proves that triond listens to its users.

    But many have send me messages of having a boycott here on triond for low pay on views and i thought its a bit cruel to have a boycott. Instead i am giving triond a few suggestions to increase ways to earn more money on triond!

    This is the only thing lacking on triond and its the earnings that people generate for loads of views.

    Anyways here are my suggestions:

    1) Maybe triond, you could increase the payment from $1 for every 1000 views to $5 or even more!
    2) Introduce upfront payments which would really make a huge difference!
    3) Monthly bonuses for the amount of content the writers produce in a given month

    I hope you really take these suggestions as many have complained for the lack of earnings from many page views. I am waiting for your response!

    Thanks you triond!

  8. wow, I’ve been complaining about not being able to revise my declined articles ever since I joined. Good Job Triond it’s like you read my mind or something.

  9. i forgot to add another siggestion lol

    Will it be ok if the earnings update every minute rather than waiting a full day?
    I get too excited to know what my earnings are going to be lol and adding this suggestion would help keep me and others calm!

    Thanks again triond!


    Ok guys, here are a couple of VERY important suggestions. Since we do not have a forum, I will post them here and hopefully everyone, including admin will read them.

    First of all… DON’T USE NODDIT!

    All this site does is steal our ad revenues. At least on my articles they have removed the author’s byline from the article, published the full article and provided no backlinks, NO ONE GETS CREDIT OR PAID BUT NODDIT.

    Secondly… I think that triond should work diligently to provide us with two features.

    1. A copyright notice with display name and all rights reserved at the very bottom of EVERY article on that is published.

    2. An html enabled signature function like some of the blogs have, that adds a signature section at the bottom of each article. It would be up to the author whether they choose to use this function, or not, but it could be useful for adding things like your onlywire button and links to other articles on your pages, as well as adding the copyscape protection banner to each page.

    I will be adding more suggestions as I come across things. I was very upset today when I found a bunch of my articles on the noddit site with no credit to myself, not even a byline, and I’m pretty sure it was a trionder who posted them, although possibly unknowingly.


  11. Btw, I’m happy and satisfied with Triond! In fact, I find this site too good to be true. Monthly Royalty from all articles is the name of the game so I don’t think there’s any need to complain about earnings. Some of the Top 50 writers are earning a monthly income of up to three digits. Go ahead and ask them!

  12. You will all be happy to know that I emailed Noddit today after the above incident was noted.

    I explained the situation respectfully and requested that they ban the user from their system and remove my content or they would be hearing from my attorney.

    They replied within a couple of hours that they had banned the user and removed the content and would be happy to remove any other content that is mine at my request.

    After visiting the site again and scrolling in a few pages, I had found that quite a few things look familiar. If I were you, I would run copyscape on your articles.


  13. yeh i no kristie many people need to see it! They cry for the low earnings! i don’t mind at all about the earnings! to be honest i have made more since last month! and i am happy and have no problems with triond for this. But maybe if those suggestions at the top were accepted could make massive differences here on triond. Triond does far from excelant anway and i love it!

  14. I think a forum would be a great idea!! It would be a great place to put suggestions and other great ideas. By the way, a spell checker would be great for the online editor because Google Chrome doesn’t have an inbuilt checker

  15. Sometimes I find that editors do not understand the author fustrations. On one occassion I had an article rejceted two times. Also, I had to submit the item three times because there were problems which I could not understand or identify.
    One of my articles has still not been published. The feedback I received was so general that I would have to rewrite the whole article if I wanted it published. Previously, when triond was small I was able to communicate personally with one individaul editor but as triond has expanded the personal touch seems to have faded.

    1. Hi Shergill,

      I’m sorry you feel frustrated. We do our best to respond to everyone’s questions personally, but I am sorry if the editors’ responses were not clear. Hopefully the new revisions feature will give you some more clarity when writing. If our editors have a specific remark to help you in revisions, you’ll see it right at the top of the page.

      About your article that hasn’t been published; if you don’t receive a notification from the Editorial Team within 1-2 days, please send a note to editor@triond.com with the details of the article. Most likely you won’t need to!


  16. triond!
    i tried submitting a fresh piece of work two times and it has been rejected both times because the same content has been submitted already!

    But how has it been submitted when i wrote it from the top of my head? Its a new content piece and has been rejected because it was submitted before! Thats wrong and no its not a piece which has been published before!

    1. Hi Shafi,

      What probably happened was that your second attempt was rejected because the first attempt was already being processed. I’m sorry that this happened. Please be careful to only hit the submit button once, as multiple submissions of the same article might cause both to be declined. If you have specific questions about why the article was declined, please send an email to editor@triond.com with the name of the article. They will get back to you directly.


  17. thanks for your reponse! i don’t remember if i did click the submit button more than twice but the first time i submitted the piece, it said the content has been already submitted. It said that the second time too! What i will do is i’ll submit the file again and see what happens! Yeah i will send an email! Thanks for your reponse

    bdw kim, did you read my suggestions above? Hope you did! please respond so i know i am not being ignored! Thanks for that spell checker feature!

    Lets make Triond better together!!!!!!!!

  18. yes is good to hear and im sorry that i have to revise so many times but i always go back and change it when you guys send me that email about my typing typos

    well thank you for publishing my works and i just hope that my dreams can still be fulfilled by one day being a good writer?


  19. Revision to me, is a form of “constructive criticism,” that is a great way to learn. My mother is an English teacher and has taught me grammar basics(which I’m still working on).
    My mother reads my work and helps me edit, cut, reword, and revise. To me it is not discouraging, It only makes me strive to learn more. As an aspiring journalist, I only hope to learn more through revising and constructive criticism. Thank-you Triond, this will encourage and help many other writers to understand the reason for revising.

  20. please check grammar and spelling for my poem.

    I thought I posted it correctly, maybye something changed it in the delivery

    1. Hi,

      If you’d like to make a changed to a piece of published content, simply log in to Triond and go to your Content page. Under “Published,” find the article and click on the Fix button to the right. That way, you can submit any changes or fixes you find necessary.


  21. please edit my poem “A TRLIOLGY IN FOUR PARTS” i thought I sent it grammaticallly correct, but something must have changed in the process

  22. Hi all,
    I submit some things that seem proper to me, but Triond says I did not do it right, though it makes sense to me and I’m pretty good at it.
    We need more descriptive help when asked to revise.

  23. Hi, I have an article that does not submit.I revised it
    today carefully please Triond let it submit.The name of the article is “How to Play Real Gameboy on your Cpu”.
    Thanks Triond your the best!Wish you Happy New year.

  24. i had submited ma poem some days back…and its still pending.i read all the details given in the help and it said tat it only takes 1 day..
    why is this happening??

  25. Hello Troind

    After many discouragements with online writers programs(I needed money for my beer!) I have finally stumbled upon you. Lets hope for the best!


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