Because We Aren’t All Spelling Bee Champions

Do you sumtimes need a Spel Chekr? Well, you got it!

This just in: we’ve added a new spell-check button to the Online Editor. Now you can check your spelling right inside your article; you no longer need to copy and paste your text into a word processing program, or rely on your web browser to catch all errors.

To use the spell checker, simply write your article and then click on the last button on the bottom row; it looks like a check mark with “ABC” typed on top. Once you click the button, wait a few moments for the spell check to complete. After the circle stops rotating, you’ll see the misspelled words underlined in red. When you click on a word, a list of corrections will drop down next to the word. Choose the correct word and continue on to the next misspelling.

Thanks to everyone who made the suggestion for a spell check function. Keep those suggestions coming, and we’ll keep on working to provide you with the solutions you need.

Happy spelling!

49 thoughts on “Because We Aren’t All Spelling Bee Champions

  1. thanks, I probably will just write in Office, and spell check there before I submit. I at one time was rejected for writting with too many spelling errors – but infact it was because I used Scientific names for animals – was glad you didnt reject my next submission on poisonous frogs for the same reason.

  2. Hey!

    I for one AM a spelling bee champion. Multiple championships as a matter of fact! But, my fingers have never won a typing contest, so I guess this will be useful even for me. Thanks Triond!

  3. Alixander – You may delete a comment by logging into Triond and going to the Content tab. There, under “Comments” you’ll find the option to delete a comment that has been made on your work.

    Monica – To become friends with a member of the Triond community, simply click “Add Friend” featured at the top right of the page while looking at the person’s public Profile.


  4. Very useful addition to the online publisher. I would probably continue using Grammarian with Word on my Mac but this is addition makes Triond even better. A Happy New Year to the people behind Triond and all the Triond community.

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