The Triond Forum is Live

Behold – the Triond Forum! A place for you to share ideas, get feedback and ask questions to each other openly and easily within the Triond community.

We wrote to you in the newsletter that one of our New Year’s resolutions is to listen and respond to your feedback better, and the fruit of that effort is already apparent as we’ve just released this first new feature of the year. A forum for users is one feature that several of you have suggested, and we were happy to provide it for you.

Today, the new Triond Forum is live. As we work towards building a strong Triond community, we feel that the forum will be an important part of helping you share information with one another more efficiently.

There are a few topics on the forum to help you get the conversation going:

You can suggest more topics by leaving a comment on this blog post.

Enjoy the conversation and happy publishing!

82 thoughts on “The Triond Forum is Live

  1. This is great! I will try not to spend too much time there though, as I can already see that it has the potential of becoming addictive.

    My suggestion for a topic is ‘news.’ The community can leave their writing news here. For example, I was away for two weeks recently. I would’ve liked to have left a message up, saying that I was going to be away.

    A news section can allow us to leave messages like this there. Also, if we’ve got writing contracts or any other personal writing news, it will be easy to leave a message to our friends there, so that they can check out our work if they want to.

  2. Great! We have wanted this for so long. Thanks.

    Can I make a suggestion, though? Do you think we could have a separate topic for: Shameless Promotion of Articles, and not allow posts that just contain: ‘Come read this’ posts anywhere else? I think we already get too many of these in our in boxes.

    Just an idea!

  3. Wowowowowow
    This is great guys- just a day after you published my triond forum article! guess i wont get many readers on that now but its well worth it – this is the start of something really special i am sure.
    Liz 🙂

  4. Many thanks to all of my Triond friends for comments and support! All are welcome to leave contructive critism as I am learning something new everyday.I’m trying to read and comment on many of your writes,but tend to be having problems opening the articles up. I’ll keep trying. Happy New Year!

  5. I think this forum is a good thing for triond members. Now we can share likes and dislikes about triond openly. I like most everything about triond and think it’s a great service. But what I dislike most about triond and would someone at triond get a grip on the editors of articles in regards to photos used, because I am sick and tired of having to resubmit revision after revision and then write support to allow a photograph I have taken to be a part of an article I have written because I do not have a web source for that same picture I took myself on my farm that has no other internet source because I haven’t uploaded that photo to the internet anywhere else. It’s getting rediculous seriously.

  6. Two poems which I wrote: Part of Life and A Gift were recently submitted for publication with Triond and neither one has been published. I have submitted ten other poems before these two and they were all published. I’m sure if Triond will search through their records they will find that neither of these poems is in publication. Thank you, Jeff Meister.

  7. A forum such as this could be helpful. We shall see. I will start a few issues.

    Rainstorm asked if it costs to have a Triond account. The answer is, no. Just sign onto Triond and set up your account. It’s a very easy process.

    I see there is a lot of disatisfaction with the editors. I really have not had a problem with them, but my suspicion is they play favoritism.

    Triond claims they want feedback. I wrote to them several days ago concerning the “Hot Content” list and I am still waiting for an answer.

    Here is another issue. I have had someone tell me that my article “HOT LIST” was seen on the Hot List. I did not see it. LC Sanders asked a great question. She asked if we all see the same thing. Further, she was not sure what the list of “Hot Users” and “Hot Words” were all about. You can see her comment #17 on my article. I answered her question the way I believe them to be but I could be wrong.

  8. hello to all im really new to this site!! i cant for the life of me figure any thing out, i have been tryin to figure out how to distrbute and promote my work but i have no clue what im doing can someone please helpppppppppp me!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. leave me a message on my page or i will check back here. i am very egar to see some progress with my work. look me up with any help anyone can offer so i can start promoting my work. (live4themoment)

  10. Is something wrong???

    I’ve uploaded 2 new pictures on the 06th, and those are still pending, do you know if there’s any problem with Triond? Who should I contact?

  11. i dunno how the process for pictures works i submitted text an they got back to me fairly quickly. i would check around with some of the members that have been here for a while or use thecontact us links at the bottom of your dash board page. hope that helps sorry im fresh to this site and just learning things.

  12. all that you need to do is click on the submit tad, type your poem in the designated area, and hit the submit button at the bottom of the page and they will get back to you with in a day or so. i dunno if it takes any longer the two pieces i have submitted they have gottenback to me early the next morning they will send you an e mail notifyingof published content. hope that helped good luck

  13. Vitor – Please send an email to me at if you are still experiencing difficulty with your submitted images. Thanks!

    Pinklime – If you’d like information on how to promote your content and generate more earnings, please visit

    Blondel – Please be advised that when the Editorial team reviews your submission, you will receive an email with your content’s publication status and URL.

    Happy publishing everyone!

  14. thanks so much ellie for taking the time to even respond back to my post i have been looking around and am sloely figuring this site out! New content everyone!!! check me out

    1. Hola Alberto!

      El foro en español ya existe. Simplemente ve a la pestaña “Comunidad” y entra a “Foro”. Verás que el tema principal número 7 es “Triond en en español”.

      There is a forum in Spanish. Just go to the Community tab and select Forum. Under the main themes you will find “Triond in Spanish.”


  15. Hello Triond Friends!
    I miss all of you and looking foward to reading your writes as soon as I am feeling a little stronger. Just got out of the hospital from a 4 day stay. Give me a day or so to feel a little stronger. Miss all of you.

  16. Wonderful! I do like Anne’s idea of having a “news update” thread/topic in the forum. I had been away for about 6 weeks now, and seems like i wont be able to write/read much for the next few days too.

    Or maybe we should have a status update column on the profile page, I could have announced “gone for the week” or something like that. 🙂

    But good work Triond, Im seeing a LOT of new features..makes me wonder if I actually had been gone that long?

  17. My name is Chalida Jones. I have submitted many informative and helpful articles to Triond, most of them are about health, diet, nutrition, natural food benefits, and wellness. It will be such a waste if my articles will not be able to benefit anyone on Triond network and other readers. Please be my fans and network friends on Triond. Look forward to hearing your comments and thoughts. Thank you.

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