January Payments Sent

This month we’re sending your payments in a virtual heart shaped box in honor of Valentine’s Day. We hope your weekend was filled with love (and for that matter, we hope that everyday is filled with love as well)!

Please check your selected payment method as payments were sent today. If you receive payment by PayPal, you should receive notification by email. If you get your earnings by check, please allow 14 business days for your check to arrive by mail. Lastly, if you are a Western Union payee, check your email soon for the MTCN transfer number. Remember, you can change your payment method by visiting your account page.

If you have any questions, visit our Help Center to find the answers you need.

Happy publishing!

42 thoughts on “January Payments Sent

  1. i didn’t receive my first payment, i didn’t receive any payment statement in my email also, what’s wrong? im using Western Union and i reached more than $50 already!

  2. Wow… It actually work, I must say my faith wasn’t always the highest in this website, but now that I’ve seen the proof, I can guarantee you guys will be seeing me for a while! šŸ˜€

    Thanks Triond!

  3. I have not received payment. I selected Paypal.
    PLease let me know the status of my payment it should be .56 cents.
    Thank You Lee Ness

  4. Didn’t receive my payments on payment day (15 feb) for the month of January. It just says next payment on 15th march whereas i didnt get my payment on 15th feb.

  5. Hi everybody,
    For those of you who didn’t receive payment: Please log in to Triond and visit your Account page to double-check that you’ve selected a payment method and provided us with the relevant information, such as PayPal email, or your mailing address if check is your selected payment method.
    Also, please remember that each payment method has a minimum threshold for payment that your earnings must reach in order for your payment to be issued. If your earnings did not reach the minimum threshold for payment, don’t worry! They’ll continue to accumulate in your account. When your earnings reach the minimum threshold for payment, you’ll then be issued payment on the corresponding pay date. You can read more about this here: https://www.triond.com/help/item/topic/earnings/name/is-there-minimum-payment

    If you continue to experience difficulty, please send me a direct email to support@triond.com, and I will assist you.


  6. I dont understand how u guys make so much money. Even though I’ve only published 1 thing, from that article i published i only made 2 cents!!! How do i increase my revenue on what i publish?? Help me Please! :0

  7. Hi
    Thanks 4 being true to your payment agreements but I’m still trying to put that Paypal account into working, so I think you should help in any way possible.
    Keep d good work up I cherish that style so much so I gotta say KUDOS!!!!!

  8. Publish many articles. Upload many photographs. Maybe you earn one, two or en cents per month, times the number of submissions. Check out user’s profiles, notice how many articles they have. Hundreds! šŸ™‚

    But take heart, -a really good article can ‘catch on’ and earn dollars, not just cents! And, you have to ‘advertise’ your works by promoting them. Do not spam your works, -nobody like that. This includes sending PMs to other Triond users to “please read my article.” Myself, I find this disturbing & generally delete the PM without reading it. You need to join DIGG, SU, MIXX, etc. Make friends, read each others’ works. In time, your work will find a market.


  9. I just joined. I submited like 7 or 8 poems I don’t know where they go yet. How long does it take for some one to read your stuff?? Hope to make friends here too

  10. I am new to the site. I like how everyone chats up their business! It is enjoyable to read the input coming from the site members. Look forward to my first payment and to making new friends. Good luck to all in your endeavours as authors and in life!

  11. i joined triond around late january ( around the 20th i think) and i recieved no payment. Is it because i joined after 15th of january or is there something wrong?

  12. Gary – Regardless of when in January you started publishing, your February 15th payment would be comprised of your total earnings for January. You may not have been issued payment if your earnings did not meet the minimum threshold for payment for your selected payment method, in which case the earnings would continue to accumulate in your account. You can read more about minimum thresholds for payment here: https://www.triond.com/help/item/topic/earnings/name/is-there-minimum-payment Also, please make sure that you provided the required payment information on your Triond Account page.

    Marianna – Please see the information above. If your earnings reached the minimum threshold for payment for your payment method, and your payment details are provided, please email me at support@triond.com and I will look into the matter for you. Thanks!

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