Solved: Problems Displaying Published Content and Earnings

Everything should be back to normal now. Content and Earning views are displaying data as usual.

Again – there was no data loss whatsoever. Your views, comments, likes and earnings were being logged during the time our engineers took care of the problems and all should be displaying correctly now.

The only thing that some of you may still notice is that today’s earning ‘disappeared’. Don’t worry, missing earnings data will be restored in the next few hours.

We apologize again for the inconvenience and thank you for your patience and supporting comments on the previous post.

36 thoughts on “Solved: Problems Displaying Published Content and Earnings

  1. Hey! Thanks for solving the issue!, I still have problems with the earnings view. I have a video with 200 visitis and only .03 cents and another with 80 visitis and .03 cents…..Why? all the visitis are form this month

  2. Yes, but you still have not addressed my inquiries regarding fixes, slow publications, and issues regarding Hot Content. I have thought this out well and hard and would like some good viable feedback when I e-mail support regarding my questions and legitimate input.

  3. that was a bit of a temporary fix … when will the permanent fix be up?

    it’s slightly annoying if you are looking for some content and can’t use your own list …

  4. Hi.. I know it states the website has been restored but i have severel articles that where published earlier today and now they have just completely disappeared from my content area and dashboard could you look into this for me, thank you Triond.

  5. I’m still not seeing my published content. Did a glitch grab them again? Not sure as I hadn’t logged in before this was first an issue.

  6. So what’s the deal Mr.Triond, the man behind the curtain or women for that matter…..a lot of users are still experiencing issues with comment section and like clicks…..doesn’t that skew the stats a bit based on what You have sent me to be criteria standards for hot content. It really does a diservice to the writer more than the reader. Do the click numbers get saved and then attached when your issues are fixed? I don’t know how the system could do that based upon the existing problems people are having. May I ask? Are sales down or on the rise?

  7. @Richard Wing – We are currently transferring Authspot over to a new server. During this transfer, the “I like it” features and comments have been disabled. We’re sorry for the inconvenience.

  8. Hello my content is not there everything got erased on mine. I have my comments but the whole article is missing that I wrote, The one with the millionaires and scammers. Please check and put it back on.

  9. Authorspot seems to be having a problem. Ruby Hawk messaged me to say that she could not see my work. I’m seeing it ok, but apparently it isn’t showing up for others. My views are way down, and I have two authorspot items pending. I’ll email as well as posting this note.

  10. @Daisy Peasblossom – Authspot is currently transferring to a new server so features such as “I Like” and comments are temporarily disabled. Pending content meant for Authspot will also take longer to publish. However, the site will all be up and running smoothly very soon.

    That said, there is no known problem of content not showing up on the site. Please send us the link to your work that is not appearing, so we can take a look. Thanks!

  11. Hi, I know that you have problems with picable because I dont have any earnings 5 days ago, but, with the missing days, we can recover the earnings of thats missing days??? or for a while picable is disable???


    P.S.:sorry my english

  12. nothing solved, it still writes “0.00” and i didn’t got jul. payment for that! 😦 plz solve this cuz this sopposedtobe my first erning.O_o

  13. @Toxicguy33 – Also, I noticed that much of your content is published on Picable. There is a problem in our system that is temporarily delaying the updates of earnings on Picable content. It should be resolved shortly and your earnings will again, update normally. We apologize for the inconvenience.

  14. @Matias – There is currently a problem in our system that is temporarily delaying the updates of earnings on Picable content. It should be resolved shortly and your earnings will be updated normally. Don’t worry, you will not lose any of your earnings.

  15. I recently tried to publish my latest article entitled,’Stress Overload.’ It didn’t seem to go through correctly. I tried it 2 more time and nothing happened. I didn’t see a publish confirmation. Did it submit anyway.

  16. @Mrs. Heart – There was a technical problem that was just solved. You can now submit your content as usual. Sorry for any inconvenience and thank you for your patience.

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