Problems Inserting An Image File

Due to a technical problem, the Online Editor’s Insert Image feature  is currently not working properly. However, while you are temporarily unable to upload image files directly from your computer, you may still insert images using the ‘Paste URL’ feature.

In order to use the ‘Paste URL’ feature, you must first upload your image files to any image hosting website, such as Picable (via Triond’s  Submit Media tab), then paste the URL of the published image into the the Online Editor’s Insert Image window field, marked: From the web, paste the URL of the image.

The other way of working around this problem is to simply use the “Get Image Suggestions” button located to the right of the Online Editor’s Article Body field.

Our engineering team is working on solving this problem. I apologize for the temporary inconvenience, but we hope to have this problem solved as soon as possible.

0 thoughts on “Problems Inserting An Image File

  1. Incidentally I just finished writing an artice containing a number of images from my machine… I’m sure it worked because I saved t as a draft and came back to it.

  2. I was having this issue a few times a few days ago. I have not tried to publish anything from my computer ever since. Oh by the way I cannot seem to upload any pictures to Picable. When I try it brings me back to the Triond dash board. Could you please let me know why? I have not been able to for a couple months now. I hope these issues get solved very soon.

  3. I am find pages on Triond with bad coding; things like an opened “” followed by a closing “”
    I have been finding open “” without the implicit/required “” as well.

    I could provide URL examples, if requested.

    …Without an implicit closure for the open header or other tag element, the layout is going to be messed-up. I have found several examples of this, both on my articles and on the articles of other Triond members.

    A good validation of pages before publishing might be in order.

    Appreciated, the efforts to correct these problems.


  4. damn! 😦 one more time…

    That is, opened “H2” and closing “/H3” (improperly-closed “H2″)

    Opened “a” and missing “/a” (improperly closed “a”)

  5. I can’t submit because of this — keep getting an error to fix the form — still ? in “Find Images”, which I don’t need to do!

  6. Look. I’m a totally blind writer, with other diseases to cope with. If I’d known that images were required to submit an article, I wouldn’t have bothered to sign up. Why should I pay you any of my earnings, if you’re not even going to comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act. It’s not up to “Mommy” or “Daddy” to help me publish my work. It’s up to me, and your damned image requirement is putting an unreasonable barrier in my way. If this problem is not resolved in a timely manner, I will be looking at how to cancel my account. Furthermore, I will be notifying my blind writer friends that this site does not comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act, and update my status on Facebook, which is automatically updated on Twitter, as to why my fans, friends, and family, can no longer find my work on this site.
    The two cents I’ve earned aren’t worth the aggravation.

  7. Oh yes, one more thing. There are no customer service people to phone. I can’t get help from any people, and because of my carpal tunnel syndrome, which is inoperable, I cannot continue to navigate all over hell’s half acre looking for the right answer to a question. Operating the computer, navigating web sites, is a lot more complicated for a blind person, and requires more hand work, which, since I have 4 chronic pain conditions, and have no regular access to sighted help–nor do I want to have to depend on sighted help, this is the 21st century!–I cannot use your inaccessible site. Please reply, before I cancel my account and inform others why.

  8. I had been longing to publish an article from months now but all the time the difficulty of getting through the online editor which doesn’t allow copy pasting from microsoft word which requires me to input the content manually and be deterred by the image attachment feature which doesn’t load for ages got me frustrated it’s like a waste of time. Publishing back in 2009 when I first signed up was much better. It’s a dismay that technology is going backwards alright. Good luck Triond.

  9. Now, you listen! I’m just as good a writer as anyone here, but the fact that I’m totally blind keeps me from getting published and earning a few dollars.
    What’s your problem anyway, requiring an image? Isn’t the written word good enough for you? I’ve been up all night, I don’t have sighted help, and I either want you to remove this requirement, or I want you to cancel my account, so I can get published elsewhere. Understand? How about you look up Accessibility Laws, realize your site doesn’t comply, and do something about them?

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