Solved: Insert Image File

Over the last day, there was a problem inserting images directly from your computer files into Triond’s Online Editor. It was just solved and everything should be back to normal now.

We apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for your patience.

43 thoughts on “Solved: Insert Image File

  1. Sorry to say that it still does not work. I had an article which was completed before my illness. I’ve just tried to publish it and upload the pictures I took hours choosing on the internet.

    I tried to upload them directly to the ‘Triond Submit’ page using the urls. When this did not work I tried to save them to my computer first. This was futile as well. The pictures offered to me in the ‘suggestion’ panel were not suitable, but I may have to use them if this continues.

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  2. It finally happened to me yesterday, -the “insert image” feature on the Online Editor just would not work when I needed it to.

    I managed to insert the desired image anyway by using html code directly into my content where I wanted to image to appear:

    <img src=”” > (← I hope the Character Entity codes show up here)

    and inserting by copy-&-paste the URL of the desired image into the double-quotes. Voilà! It worked. An image is inserted into the Online Editor.

    This morning however I note that the EDIT feature on CONTENT is missing. Hmm.. I need to do an edit but its low priority and i can wait until the feature is repaired.

  3. @thestickman – The ‘Insert Image’ feature should currently be working. If you are still having a problem with it, please give us some details so we can sort out what is wrong.

    By the way, Triond’s Online Editor does not properly acknowledge and publish most HTML coding that is inserted by the user. It’s best to address customer support when you find a problem.

    The ‘Fix’ feature in the Published Content tab is there and working. If you meant something else by ‘Edit’ feature, please let me know. Thanks!

  4. I’m finished checking my document and ready to submit, but keep getting explanation that something wrong with form and resubmit; however, found that I did not have images under a required field, but wouldn’t, as I uploaded needed photos to go into the article. How can this be fixed for me to submit my article. Please respond ASAP. Thank you.

  5. re: “…The ‘Fix’ feature in the Published Content tab is there and working. ”

    The ‘little pencil’ icon was absent this morning for about 10-minutes, -just when I needed it. It returned and I was able to edit the article that I wished to.

    Curious, that inserting “$lt;img src=””>” directly ‘won’t work’ because I have used it twice in the last 24 hours when “insert image” was non-functional and it performed as expected… At any rate, it is probably better for users to only use the tools provided them in the Online Editor.

  6. Images are still not working for me. I’ve logged out/logged back in and closed and reopened my browser, but it is still behaving the same way.

  7. I also tried in IE just to satisfy my curiosity and to make sure it had nothing to do with me (or firefox) and I’m still having no luck. Inserting images from the web does not work either. I won’t be publishing until I can use my own pictures.

  8. @Patricia – I think you’re referring to the thumbnail image. In order for Triond’s publisher to work faster posting everyone’s articles, we have recently changed choosing a thumbnail image from being optional to being mandatory.

    Thumbnail images rely solely on the tags that you enter for your content. To pull up the most relevant thumbnails for your content, make sure that the first 3 tags you enter are most relevant to your content’s topic.

    Once your article is published, you’ll see your selected thumbnail appear next to the title and description of your article where it’s listed on the site of publication.

  9. @thestickman – Great if it works and publishes as intended!
    In my comment: “By the way, Triond’s Online Editor does not properly acknowledge and publish most HTML coding that is inserted by the user,”
    I was making a general statement that most HTML inserted by the user does not work. 🙂

  10. More image upload problems …

    I just now signed up as a new contributor and established a profile. Attempted to upload a .jpg image file as requested by the profile page. Image does not upload. Problem appears to still exist. Please advise.

  11. Its broken again!

    INSERT IMAGE from the Online Editor is not working now, 11:47 PM (EST) and it has not been working for about an hour now. It was working several hours ago though…

    I can sign-in using Firefox but cannot sign-in using Internet Explorer… -WHAT is going on? :- A lot of us are getting very worried about these interruptions and things ‘not functioning’ intermittently.

    Some reassurances on these continuing matters would go a long way.



  12. @Fabian – To upload a profile image, go to your Account page, click on the “Browse” button and choose the jpg/gif you would like to use, from your computer. Make sure you click on the “Update Account” button after you find the image you want to insert.

  13. Update: “REPLY” on PMs have begun to work again (slowly, sometimes requires ‘reload/refresh’ on browser.) Earlier this morning, clicking “REPLY” on PMs did absolutely nothing.
    This is what is currently and continually going on with the Online Editor’s “INSERT IMAGE”, -clicking it causes no reaction. No dialog box pops up, nothing.. 😦

  14. @thestickman – I sent you an email with some questions regarding the ‘Insert Image’ feature. If you could please respond to these questions via email that would be very helpful to us. Thank you.

  15. I tried putting a photo into my most recent publication a couple of days ago. The image button wasn’t working then either.
    It seems to me there have been far more problems with submitting content since we had the new type of submit page than we ever had back when we could upload a file. That worked perfectly every time.

  16. @Lara & Mike Crowl – There is currently no known problem with image insertion via the Online Editor.

    If you are still experiencing problems inserting an image, please respond to the following questions by emailing: support[at]triond[dot]com, so we can resolve this asap:

    1) Which operating system are you using?
    2) What browser and browser version are you using?
    3) Are you receiving any error messages? What is the problem, exactly?

  17. Just produced my first article in months and I must say i’m loving the new Triond editing system. Image inserting was quite simple and straightforward. My article is pending publication so I will have to wait for the finished result but well done triond. You’ve given writers more time to focus on what we do best … write, and less hassle with the visual editing. Thanks

  18. hi … i’m new here and I really cannot insert the image in my article from my computer …. i’m using mozilla firefox… please help….

  19. @Verna – To add an image to your article, click on the ‘Insert Image’ tool located in the Online Editor (the icon looks like a little photograph). A pop up box will appear. Either click on the Browse button and open the image you would like to use from your computer, or insert the image url in the bottom field.

  20. Sorry to say, but I don’t believe this problem issolved as I still don’t have the images I choose for each article showing when I go to my articles. Please let usknow when you fix this, it’s important to have these visuals until I can learn how to upload photos from my camera. Love this site!

  21. @Mo Hoyal – There are no current problems with the Insert Image feature. If you have a published article that is not showing all the images you chose, you may submit a fix for that article.

    To submit a fix, please do the following:

    1. Sign in to Triond and click on the “Content” tab.

    2. In the list of published content, find the article you wish to fix and click on the icon that looks like a pencil. You’ll find this icon toward the right hand side of the row under the column titled “Fix”.

    3. Add the images you would like. You may use the ‘Get Image Suggestions’ tool. Take care not to delete anything by mistake, as your work can not be restored to previous versions once the new fixed version is published.

    4. Tell us the reason why you are submitting a fix.

    5. Click on Submit.

    Your article will be sent to the Triond Editorial Team for processing and you will receive a message once the article has been fixed.

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  25. I can’t chose my own picture!! There is no option for it. When I try to do “Find Images”, it never does find one…

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