Google AdSense Integration

In the last few weeks, some of you have noticed that we have started experimenting with a Google AdSense integration. As the level of speculation rises, we would like to shed some light on this issue.

The integration is part of our efforts to provide new ways for you to earn more revenue from your work. Google AdSense is one of the most lucrative ad networks out there. However, it does not allow to conduct any type of revenue share on the revenue generated from its ads unless conducted in an integrative manner. This is the reason why we were not able to use it the way we’re used to with other ad networks (i.e. deal with it ourselves and save you all the trouble of dealing with it yourself). Then again, we couldn’t ignore it’s potential so we decided to hand the choice of either using it or not to each and every one of you.

The reason the integration is being unrolled slowly is to enable us to thoroughly test it on increasing scales. We have allowed a few Triond users access to it so they can help us test it, and more users are being (randomly) enrolled every day. Once we feel the integration is running smoothly, everyone who published at least three textual articles will be enrolled and be able to sign up if they wish to.

In order to participate in this program, you will have to either associate your existing Google AdSense account with your Triond account or create a new one, and therefore you’ll have to agree and obey to Google AdSense Terms and Conditions.

If you choose to participate, Google AdSense ads will be served to several ad spaces in your pages instead of some of the ads that are currently being served, while the other ads will remain. This means that no additional ad space will be allocated on your pages.

Since the Google AdSense ads will be served on behalf of your Google AdSense accounts, Google AdSense will be responsible for paying you those ads revenue, not Triond. For your convenience, we will synchronize earnings data from Google AdSense into Triond on a daily basis, so you will be able to view your Google AdSense earnings in your Triond account along with your Triond earnings. Please remember that although this data is presented to you in your Triond dashboard, we can not guarantee its accuracy, and in any case, the data that you see in your Google AdSense accounts is the most valid one.

Since we’ll omit some of the ads on your pages in order to make room for Google AdSense ads, the portion of your payout that is paid by Triond may be slightly lower than before. But once you add the Google AdSense payout to the pile, your total earnings will be higher, as we will optimize the use of Google AdSense ads and serve them only to those locations where they generate more revenue than other ads.

You should also remember that Google AdSense has different payout thresholds than Triond. They also employ a different set of payment methods, and pay according to a different schedule than Triond.

Also be aware that Google AdSense splits the payout 50/50 between Triond and you, so in essence, the revenue split is the same as with other ads managed by Triond. The difference here is that Google AdSense pays your portion directly to you, while with other advertisers, Triond collects earnings from them and then splits 50/50 with you.

We hope that things are clearer now, and if you haven’t already seen the Google AdSense integration enabled in your account, you will soon.

203 thoughts on “Google AdSense Integration

    1. google adsense dose not work and that alcisa or what ever her name is needs to leave a fucking email address to get in contact with her about the problem instead of emailing me and telling me that i can sign up for adsense and it dose not work and than theres no way to get a hold of her

  1. Thank you for your efforts. Adsense has worked excellently for me, and has given me decent returns. I’m sure it’s going to get better. Only, the Google’s minimum payout is $100, so unless we work with more adsense-enabled sites, we may have to wait for a long time for the payments.

  2. It is an excellent idea to increase revenue from an existing source and more over the higher page rankings on search engines with good article content will certainly boost the adsense revenue.

  3. Thank you for the information on the Google Adsense and already being a member of adsense i will look forward to working with both Triond and adsense also i will look forward to starting it and getting the ball rolling, thanks again.

    1. – I am getting an error megsase on all my sites using this theme it reads< "Fatal error: Call to undefined function wp_get_theme() in /home/jamesct/public_html/microsoftpointscodegenerator2013/wp-content/themes/gamebinder/lib/functions/option-functions.php on line 59"Can you post the correction here so I can edit the code through my CPanel otherwise I am totally locked out of my site.Thanks! James

  4. I integrated my account. How to I un-integrate it now?

    Because, the threshold for an Adsense payout is $100. Too high for me, plus they have messed with my ads before on my web site and took them off for some reason. Plus if this cuts back on my revenue from Triond, no, — I would like to get out of the program.

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  5. Greeting estelle,

    Thanks for your prompt response!

    However, I want google ads to run on my pages but I do not want it associated with my adsense account, but I want the revenue to be channeled through Triond like it used to be.

    Unless I’m mistaken, since the button on the referring page you mentioned says “Stop showing Google Adsense Ads with my content.” Sounds like if I hit that button there will be none at all.

    Again, thank you for your very prompt response! That was great.

  6. @Pete Macinta – The only way you can show Google AdSense ads on your Triond articles is if it is associated with your Google AdSense account.

    You will still receive revenue through Triond from the other types of ads that will always remain on your Triond articles. (The Google AdSense ads only make up for a portion of the ads on your articles.)

  7. Ok. I thought there were some Google Ads already in existence. Maybe they were Yahoo! ads.

    Anyhow, I think I might be better off to revert back to the way it was.

    Thank you for your help.

  8. I’m not going to use Google Adsence. Because I live in NZ its hard to obtain the money and you can’t use PayPal. You also have to go through all the tax stuff… Not worth it for me…

  9. If Triond will totally integrate this feature , they will be very popular . This website is going to be very profitable and maybe it will become the new hi5 of writers .
    By the way , i don’t see any google adsense integration button :S .

  10. I am from India and Google Adsense has strict rules about new accounts from India. They need a blog at least 6 months old etc which is why I have been earlier rejected multiple Adsense applications. If I want to use Adsense with Triond, would it need an Adsense account application and approval, or me being a Triond member shall get the account automatically? If I have to go through the application, shall the same rules apply?







  12. Thanks for choosing me to test google adsense. I am pleased with the eranings so far but if I make less from Triond and only get paid when $100 is earned on google adsense, that worries me. I don’t want to lose any earnings.

  13. Thanks for choosing me to test google adsense. I am pleased with the eranings so far but if I make less from Triond and only get paid when $100 is earned on google adsense, that worries me. I don’t want to lose any earnings.

  14. Thanks for choosing me to test google adsense. I am pleased with the eranings so far but if I make less from Triond and only get paid when $100 is earned on google adsense, that worries me. I don’t want to lose any earnings.

  15. my dashboard shows google adsense integration – november 02, 2009.
    but how do i access it ? i just want to see? is it possible for me to go to google adsense site and check ? how to go about? kindly advise

  16. @K.Reshma – Google has their own rules. If there is a problem setting up a Google AdSense account with them, you will have to resolve it with them.

  17. @Annie Hintsala – No, if you do not participate in the Google AdSense Integration, there will simply be no changes to your account. You will continue to see ads as they always were on your articles.

  18. @theSVK – In order to integrate Google AdSense ads to your Triond account you must have an approved Google AdSense account.

  19. @Ruby Hawk – You shouldn’t lose any earnings. The idea is that you may gain earnings with your Google AdSense integration.

  20. @kgvishnu – If you already have your own Google AdSense account set up and approved, and your Triond account has been integrated, there is nothing more you need to do. You may check your progress of both your Triond earnings and your Google AdSense earnings from your Triond articles on your Triond Dashboard. You may also view your Google AdSense progress from your personal Google AdSense account.

  21. Hey guys its great to have google adsense on triond but that will rapidly decrease our earnings. i have google adsense account using in my sites and yes i dont earn that much cos the only thing that you will earn is through a valid clicks, no earnings for view (below 1000 views) and that will cause fraud click for some authors and they will receive email from G saying “Good luck finding for new ad provider”.
    google adsense are good for those SEO expert that can market their articles perfectly to get traffic.
    Its up to you if you will put adsense on your pages.
    For me not!
    And for estelle i would like to ask if u put adsense om my pages will i lose earnings from triond earnings?
    Cos right now my perspective on this test is, if i put adsense i will be adsense earner not triond earner?
    All i want is getting earnings from Triond and Adsense at the same time.
    I dont want to earn Adsense alone.
    please give us more info on this Integration.
    Thank you.

  22. @Luffy12 – If you integrate Google AdSense with your Triond account you will receive earnings from both Triond and Google AdSense.

    Google AdSense ads will not replace all of the ads on your articles. They will only replace other ads that are currently there which pay less.

    The idea is that Google AdSense ads are currently known to make more money than some other ads, so integrating your Triond account with Google AdSense should increase your overall earnings.

    Hope that clears it up a bit and helps you with your decision!

  23. I am very pleased with the AdSense integration.

    1) I am running on it for about a month now, and I have calculated the page income before and after the integration. There was no noticeable difference.

    2) The income in AdSense is not spectacular, but every penny counts. The income is just a bit longer delayed due to the high pay out by google.

  24. I have a Google AdSense A/c but their payout is neglible compared to Triond and the threshold level for payment is $100/-. This means we will not earn for months together. Please don’t have any tie-up with Google Adsense. Google also seeks tax particulars to complicate things.

  25. Am having second thoughts about the Google ads I’ve integrated. If *they’re* paying me, it may take 10 years for me to get the money, based on their paying rules.

    I’m thinking about reverting to the old system. I made a measly $4.00 on my blogs’ adsense ads over the last 3 years. Last week I noticed that they’d taken it back out of my account because of some reason I don’t even understand. I’m actually thinking of staying away from adsense Google completely.

  26. To clear things up…… in all pages we write, topic is important as well as exposure.

    Social networking is good, but to debunk the earnings on google…….I will soon receive me second check from Google since I started blogging on blogspot a mere 4 months ago.

    But then again, different things work for different people.

    Also, I have earned over 4 dollars in adsense revenue for trion in 10 days since integrating.

  27. I really would like to get the adsense for triond. I already use it for other sites and my blog. I wish It would show up on my dashboard. Any idea when this will happen?

  28. Hi, this adsense, will generate money with the view of the page with our article or any time that someone click on the publicity???????


  29. @nick – If you would like to provide us with your Triond username we will activate it for you.
    @pandurang (AL Smith) – We will go ahead an activate it for you.

  30. Thaks Triond for listening to my suggestion. Yes its a little deifferent than what I had asked but its still very great! Don’t know if I’m the only one who suggested but if so, thank you for listening!

    Just watch how many other google adsense users come here to use Triond for additional revenue!



  31. How would I know that my Triond account is integrated to Google adsense. Could you cite some reasons why a Triond account be rejected to this integration idea?

  32. i disabled the access of adsense integration to my adsense account, but my adsense integration earning is still visible to my triond account! i like the old system!

  33. @CutestPrincess – Although you have chosen not to show Google AdSense ads with your content at this time, your account is still enabled for this action, should you change your mind in the future.

  34. hi to every one. i want to connect my triond a/c with my adsense a/c … so plz tell what is the step of connect my triond account with the my adsense account … please reply . as soon as possible… Thnx.

  35. I’m taking a wait and see position on this. I’ve been to places which feature click-on payment only and wasn’t that impressed. To make it work you better have one helluva lot of articles.

    Interesting, I had my best day ever (11/4/09) regarding views, yet my revenue didn’t budge a penny and my payment for October actually went down. Ah, something is wrong here, folks. Anyone have the same experience?

  36. Hi,

    I wanted to know is there any criteria for the adsense a/c to be activated , because i have sent in the request twice but did not hear anything back from triond. I am hoping adsense might increase my revenue. Therefore please help me with this.

    Please let me know ?

  37. @Al Smith – I apologize Al Smith, I thought your Triond username was Pandurang. I will put in your request for Google AdSense today.

    1. Hey Jacqueline thanks so much. To all otehrs the idea for the postcard as the contact page came from Jacqueline’s amazing blog called Bliss in Images. Here’s the link:Go there when you need to rest in beauty -p

  38. It seems like a good idea. Adsense has only one negative the $100 threshold for payment. Still I suppose writing on many sites that have adsense ads showing will bring in the clicks and cents faster. I like the fact that triond earnings and adsense earnings will be shown separately.

  39. This is the best thing that Triond can offer to their writers, thanks so much for a very good endeavor by merging up with Google. I am now excited to write more articles here!

  40. Thanks for integrating in AdSense. I just signed up for an account.

    (This is off-topic, but I’ve tried several times to fix the capitalization in my most recently-written article that should be titled, College Application Essay Example: “Exercising the Body and Mind.” Triond hasn’t changed it yet though.)

  41. Actually, there could be harm in trying. The Google Adsense ads are going to replace the ads that make less than the other non-google ads there are on the page, so you could lose maybe 2- cents off your triond paycheck.

  42. @Rker. Triond has some glitches in their article title applications. For instance, TV becomes Tv, JFK becomes Jfk and for some reason the word “the” is always capitalized, no matter what you do in the Online Editor.

    For your article, I would simply drop the quotation marks in the title. Just make it College Application Example: Exercising the Body and Mind. The quotes could be a detriment in SEO. (Of course, it will automatically capitalize “the” in the title. A Triond editor will have to fix that manually if you so desire.)

  43. I integrated on November 3rd, after receiving your email.

    I have just visited my adsense account. Everything seems to be ok. The access is activated. No integration appears in my dashboard.
    Thanks in advance for your assistance.

  44. @Estelle (or “Estella,” as one of your younger charges called you in another thread): Is Triond working on correcting the glitch in article titles? See my above comment to Rker.

    One can type FDR, TV or World War II in the title section, to cite three examples, but the final publishing product comes out Fdr, Tv and World War Ii, respectively. Triond needs to address this at the core level.

    I guess I can live with “the” being automatically capitalized in the title section as well, but it always shouldn’t be. Here are examples from my work:

    Kirk Douglas in The Final Countdown (1980) (correct).
    Kill The Umpire (1950) (incorrect, “The” shouldn’t be capitalized).

  45. So what you’re saying is we make less from the other ad networks and yet we still 50/50 the earnings with you? So instead of it being a straight up 50/50 it’s a 50/50 adsense + 40/60 or even worse on the other ads? You’re playing it off like it’s a good thing all around.

  46. I have just visited some of my articles. They are showing Google AdSense ads now, but my dashboard is still showing

    New! You can now integrate your Triond and Google AdSense accounts, so that your articles can show Google AdSense ads. This can have a significant impact on your earnings. Integrate Now!

    Obviously I am not going to integrate again….

  47. I have integrated the Google Adsense but as soon as I found out that the payment went to my Google Adsense account and the minimum payment was $100 sent by check I cancelled immediately.

    Google Adsense is good but I’m happy with the current Triond payments.

  48. I’m earning great with google. Please keep it going. It’s earning more than just the other ads. I think it’ll greatly increase my earning and it’ll be very successful since google per click is very high. One click is equal to about 1000 page views so it’s great. I’m getting a lot of clicks so good job.

  49. @William – Yes, I understand the problem. It is something Triond will get to fixing very soon. Thank you for your patience.

  50. I am very happy with the Google integration. I’ve had it for about a month now and my Triond revenue is about the same as usual, but my Adsense revenue has increased.

    I use Adsense on my blogs and it has taken a long time to build them up but I now enjoy an Adsense payment every two months. It just takes work.

  51. I joined with Triond for ggole ads
    And it is like a week today
    I did earn 10.00 and I feel iot is good

    Very new in this whole process

    I read you say Blogs
    To earn from Blogs
    Do I have to start my own blog
    Or can I join someones’s blog and still make money
    It may sound silly
    But better to ask if you don’t know

    Thats what I am doing please

  52. this will help me on google adsense alot my blog only made me about 18$ so far and i need to get to 100$ before i can cash out so i hope this helps!

  53. @Cathy Balbir – You don’t need a blog at all. All you need to do is submit your work on Triond while having activated Google AdSense.

    1. iTunes, syncing, and back ups ciontnues to be fucking stupid, confusing and always manages to destroy my apps organization. I’ve been polling and it seems that almost no one updates or syncs their phone. Wake up apple. No one is using your shitty program.? I personally turned off ICloud and Siri.

  54. @grapefruit – You still need to integrate your Google AdSense account with your Triond account now. If you do not already have a Google AdSense account, you may create one here.

    Once Google AdSense has approved your account you will start seeing the Google AdSense ads appear with your articles.

  55. @estelle – i already did yesterday. i did it again (for the 2nd time). my articles still show Yahoo ads, etc. i refreshed the pages, but the old ads are still there. what could be my mistake?

  56. @revathi – I checked the Triond account under the username: krrsisu and found neither published content nor Google AdSense integration. If there is a different Triond username you would like me to check out, please provide us with it. Thanks.

  57. @Priyanka Bhowmick – We have gone ahead and enabled your Triond account for Google AdSense set up, but if Google AdSense will not accept your details when signing up for a Google AdSense account, you may address this via their Help Center .

  58. @estelle – I have Triond a/c and Google adsense a/c same payee name. In triond a/c username is krrsisu but Google adsense a/c is different.

  59. I installed all the AdSense stuff but Google are making a complete hash of my AdSense account so, for the time being, until they can sort out the muddle, I’d like to get rid of it on Triond. I tried clicking on the link which you gave to Pete Macinta above to uninstall it but it comes up with an error –

    Is there any way you can ensure Adsense is taken off my Triond account please?

  60. I wanted to integrate the google ad sense…but encountered the error message below…

    “Error Encountered

    If you have reached this page, please contact support with this error code: 80437167818fe49db370eb64cae1e554”

    What should I do?

  61. estelle please understand

    i have already come across so many troubles regarding this, read my previous questions if you have forgotten. i already tried adsense and it was rejected.
    now i have got approval from them directly, so i want to integrate that to triond. if i click the linkto integrate itself it takes me straight to the error page.
    add existing account page is not coming…

  62. @Jackie118 – Our tech team will take a look at your Triond account and see what they can do. I will get back to you shortly.

  63. Guys this is going to be huge. As this project grows there will be more money to be made using adsense and triond. I write for a few other websites and make the adsense payout every single month and I for one think that using triond and adsense together will generate me more income than the other sites I use. We just have to be patient.

  64. Hello, I just want to say my adsense has been working great.
    Also, for those people saying minimum payout is 100 dollars, your wrong. Once you hit 10 dollars, you can change your settings to turn your minumum payout to 10 dollars, but google will take some of the money then. I’m doing very well with the adsense.

  65. @estelle

    “Since we’ll omit some of the ads on your pages in order to make room for Google AdSense ads, the portion of your payout that is paid by Triond may be slightly lower than before.”

    Doesn’t that mean that you are keeping more of the profits that are made on this site?

    1. hello mahleek: I will wait on the mass makert trends show or not on MA. but for now, people are not buying overpriced products outside of their brand sites. MA will have to offer compelling reasons for people to leave and try MA. So far i do not see this

  66. I have a question
    I joined TRIOND since July this year
    I have many articles
    I think I made mistake
    I tried to get reader to my articles

    Found out they seny readers from China
    And my account got banned

    Please can anyone tell me how long the bann will last

    It is been 3 days now and I really am loosing the earnings from Add Sense and my articles on health and numerology and poetry

    Can anyone advice
    Will I loose my acount
    What will happen please

    Please help

  67. @Jared Stenzel – No, it means that the ads which are replaced by Google AdSense will be paid to you by Google AdSense and not Triond. The remaining ads on the page which aren’t Google AdSense ads will be paid to you by Triond.

  68. estelle can you please look into my problem and revert back..i am still waiting..u had replied that you will ask your tech team to check and he you will revert back before 5 days….i am eagerly waiting for your eply…pls update….thank you

    1. this buisness is out of this world. When i toke my encoomic class in college, i realized how our society is built to serve a few people and how it aimed at everyone working forever. This buisness basicly teaches you to get rich and healthy too.

  69. hi my pen name on triond is abhishek40914. I have a approved google adsense account. I like to integrate it to my triond account. please provide me with the link on my dashboard so I can integrate my google adsense account to triond.

  70. Hey,
    Thank you for your efforts, it’s really great, adsense work great for me I also join some adsense sharing and now it’s blow bomb … it’s really nice and helpful … keep it up.


  71. To Estelle

    Please I like to know status on my articles

    Please if my account is banned
    Can I reverse back my adsence at least I can earn with Google

    Please advice urgently

  72. Estele I respect you and your time

    But my situation is delicate
    and please I need answers

    I have earlier asked questions 2 imes and have no reply
    This is my third attempt to get some help please

  73. I have applied for adsense through Triond. As of now, I am waiting for their acceptance. I have a few unanswered questions patrolling in my mind. Can you please help.

    1) First up, upon acceptance, will I be able to use adsense on my personal websites as well which has nothing to do with triond?

    2)If the above answer is yes, then will google still split profits between triond and me?

  74. I have the same problem with Cathy Balbir. If my account is banned, then Triond should’ve sent me an email to my inbox saying that my account was banned. I can’t log in now and all my articles are not there.

    Estelle please help.

  75. I am so confused. I added Google Adsense to my Triond over a month ago. My Triond Dashboard said I made 23 dollars in April from Google Adsense. I checked my Google account today and it has a total of .32 cents earned from Triond. Its May 4th. Does anyone know what the deal is? Is triond just wrong or is Google slow? Am I wasting my time!

  76. I have added Google adsense but I got a message saying I’d have to pay for adsense to activate it. – so they want money from me before I earn anything??? – and it’ll take months to earn a few dollars -is it really worth it guys? There has to be an easier way.
    Have any of you paid to use adsense?
    Also, if I don’t understand how I can make money just by writing articles cos I’ve had a few vies and no $ yet showing up -it’s still showing $0.??

  77. Sorry please read the last line again-just noticed 2 typos
    Also, I don’t understand how I can make money just by writing articles cos I’ve had a few views and no $

  78. I joined Triond three days ago. I already had an Adsense account as use Adsense on my blogs and sites. I published more than 5 articles on Triond and became eligible to integrate Adsense. I applied. I was accepted, and my Triond dashboard says “active” for Google Adsense, but no Adsense ads are appearing on my articles. I’ve been trying to find out why not for 2 days now, and not getting much help (or quickly enough – I want to spend time writing, not trying to find out why the ads are not yet showing) – the one answer I read was that it takes a few days. How many days is that? Can any Triond users here please tell me how many days they waited for their Adsense ads to appear?

  79. I have over 5 articles approved in my Triond account. I want to integrate it with Adsense, but whenever I click the Adsense link under the Account tab, I get redirected to the dashboard page.
    I don’t understand if this is a technical glitch or I am not eligible for Adsense integration. Please help.

  80. I have over 5 articles approved in my Triond account. I want to integrate it with Adsense, but whenever I click the Adsense link under the Account tab, I get redirected to the dashboard page.
    I don’t understand if this is a technical glitch or I am not eligible for Adsense integration. Please help.

    1. I do have the same problem as yours. Every time I click the INTEGRATE GOOGLE ADSENSE, I get redirected to the dashboard page. Admins, kindly give us some light here

  81. I have been a member for over 4 months now, and published over 50 articles, and I still do not see any Google ads displayed in my articles..?

    Is anyone getting help at all?
    Please help…

  82. At one time mobile marketing was a very small segment of marketing advertising on the public. Now the mobile market place is abundant in various different forms that may again be a huge advantage to market a product in.

  83. So i integrated my adsense account with triond. Do I need to paste the ad codes in my articles or does triond automatically do it? I’m pretty sure I did everything right. My user name is talamahoot.

  84. Its like you read my mind! You seem to grasp so much about this, such as you wrote the guide in it or something. I feel that you simply could do with a few percent to pressure the message house a bit, but other than that, that is magnificent blog. A fantastic read. I’ll definitely be back.

  85. I am from India. I am using triond for last 10 days and published 6 articles and 6 photos. I am trying to integrate my account with google adsence but after 1st review by google adsence, reply has come saying “Unacceptable site content” and they disapproved it. I am unable to integrate my triond account with google adsence. please help….

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  87. Hi! This post couldn’t be written any better! Reading through this post reminds me of my previous room mate! He always kept talking about this. I will forward this article to him. Pretty sure he will have a good read. Thanks for sharing!

  88. There is a problem on this form. Please correct and resubmit.
    The ‘developer_email’ header does not represent an authorized developer.

    This is the error message I get when adding my adsense account fix it

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