New Twitter Authentication Method

When we first started offering you the ability to automatically tweet any article you publish, we asked you to fill in your Twitter username and password in your Triond account. This way, Twitter knew that we have your permission to publish a link to Twitter on your behalf. Without getting too technical about it, this authentication method is called ‘basic’.

Recently, Twitter announced that starting June 30th, 2010, they will stop supporting ‘basic’ authentication for third-party applications, and will start requiring a more advanced, more secure authentication method called Oauth. What this actually means is that if you want Triond to continue tweeting on your behalf when you publish a new article, you need to explicitly allow Triond access to your Twitter account via Oauth.

This may sound complicated… but it’s very simple. All you have to do is to go to your Triond account page, scroll down to the Twitter section, and click the ‘Connect’ button. This will open up a Twitter window which will ask you to Allow Triond access.


Happy tweeting… and happy publishing!

14 thoughts on “New Twitter Authentication Method

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