To like it or Hmm… To Like it

Ever visited a friend’s Triond profile page and really liked what you saw? Ever wanted to express it?  Now you can.

Introducing the facebook like button, now available on your profile pages. Starting today, everyone who visits your profile page can click the facebook like button, and as a result your profile page will be shared on their wall on Facebook. In addition to all the love you’ll be getting, this will help generate more exposure to your profile page, more people will get to know you and see your work and those people come on a friend’s recommendation. So go ahead and like it. Share your profile page and your friends’ profile pages.

Happy Facebook liking and… Happy Publishing

30 thoughts on “To like it or Hmm… To Like it

  1. However make sure not to increase the loading time of the pages. Probably like it might not make the page slower. But if you add comment box facebook that will definitely slow down. Hope you will keep page loading time in mind when making such updates.

  2. Awesome idea! It is a great way to get my writing and media out there into the facebook world, and allow my friends to easily access my content, to give me feedback, and to like it of course. 🙂

  3. I think it is a great ideal and feel that it has made a little bit of a difference on the number of hits that I have been getting.

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