Like It Even More — The Content Version

After your great response to the recently added feature to like Triond profile pages of your friends, we decided it will also be great to add the “Facebook Like” feature to your articles.

So now when your readers see an article they like on any of the content sites, they can also like it on Facebook. Liking on Facebook means that the article is then shared on their Facebook wall, and potentially gains more exposure from their Facebook friends.

Here’s how it looks like:

Facebook Like Button on Article Page

So go ahead and spread the love! (well, spread the like, that is).

Happy Publishing!

24 thoughts on “Like It Even More — The Content Version

  1. I need help and don’t know who to contact. I have had articles published since 2006 and I have never got a payment. I have money that I would like to be sent to my paypal since it has accumulated over the years. Who do I contact that will actually respond back to me?????

  2. Be great if Triond could get the basics correct such as proper and truthful hits on articles, payments being sent and items that are published showing on content folders. Too many people complain hits not being counted, content being published under wrong categories, non-payments, monies not being sent or being carried over when in actual fact they have made the bare minimum to be paid…it seems endless and considering Triond has been publishing for a few years now such basics should have been taken care of a long, long time ago.
    Get your basics correct and your little add-ons would be appreciated so much more – otherwise, according to Triond’s frequently asked questions, hundreds of people make same complaints every week.

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