Announcing Our August Special: Writing More Means Earning More

It is probably the sweltering late-summer heat that has led us to announce our special August bonus program. So here’s the deal: Publish at least 5 articles during August and you will automatically receive a 10% increase in revenues! The only limitation is that articles published on Authspot, Relijournal, Picable, Kleep and Loudio will be excluded. ALL other sites are eligible.

Please note that you will NOT see the additional revenues accumulating during the month of August – the amount will be calculated at the end of the month and will then be added to your payment for August. Please also note that this 10% increase will be an increase of Triond earnings only and not AdSense, as we have no control over these earnings.

Use this great opportunity to get your creative juices flowing, get more recognition for your work and, best of all, increase your earnings! So why don’t you start now? Go ahead and start getting your articles ready for our August special!

106 thoughts on “Announcing Our August Special: Writing More Means Earning More

  1. Great idea! Guess I can get back to writing. I wish you all would do more increases and maybe contests. Would be even better. Love to see more changes to Triond in the future.

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  2. just in time…this latest innovation will surely encourage many Triond members who migrated somewhere else in the whole wide world universe to get back where they once belong…

  3. Triond CEO,
    What a clever way to cheat Triond users. Every sentence in that message is disgusting.
    If you can increase the revenue by 10% that means you are now hiding those earnings which confirms my suspicions that I had of late. And to add to the problem you are almost turning the into like Helium that has contest, peer reviews. I hate anything that creates competition between users. I also hate anything that snatches away our freedom.

    Why do I have to publish 5 articles in this month? Can’t I have the freedom to do that whenever I want?

    Are you revealing your true face now? How can you just increase revenues by 10% for anybody in the next month? You will reduce earnings for others who didn’t get to publish this month and redistribute to them. Or have you already reduced the earnings of everyone in this month (I noticed this in July and can’t bear another downsize in earnings rates this month) and raise those rates for those writers who publish 5 articles this month. This is plain cheating. But you are trying to do it cleverly.

    Other Triond earners,
    Please read carefully each sentence in this message. They have great control over our earnings but not on Google Adsense because Google controls Google Adsense. So they can’t easily cheat GOogle Adsense earnings and get away by giving bonus to others.

    Unsuspecting Triond users easily for this bullshit.

  4. It is even more disgusting to think that Triond redistributes income from those who are not active to those who are active. What happened to the promise that Triond gave about earning royalties from our articles for endless time?

    Triond, you are such a cheaters.

    They are not escaping overnight. But if they did we can easily stop wasting time here and our future will be better. But this bullshit games are making me feel so frustrated. Staying away from this site is the best for us(ers).

  5. I had noticed the recent new features that Triond is providing to their writers. This special August bonus program will truly encourage so many who love to write in this site! This 10% increase in revenues can really boost the spirits for those who just love to write and write 🙂

    Thanks Triond and more power!

  6. @Annie Hintsala,
    Unless you check your stats daily. You are one such fine unsuspecting user. Many users don’t suspect because they ignore the decline in earnings rate thinking it is because they are not active. Also the time variable makes it difficult to notice if you check stats rarely.
    You need to check your stats for your artciles in your content section. Then you will notice the consistent reduction in earnings.
    And now suddenly Triond comes up with the idea of bonus.
    How can you raise earnings by 10% if you just write five articles? So the advertisers are fools that they don’t get to decide the price but Triond? It is Triond that controls what share of earnings we get from advertisers as they have clearly stated that they don’t have control over adsense. Implies that they have been controlling this for quite a time.

    Nobody comes up with a bonus idea which is so easy to do. Anywhere the contest will be for a fixed amount of price and also the contest will be hard to beat so overall, out many participants only few succeed and it is easy for the conductors to pay the prize.

    But here the contest is so easy. Everyone can easily publish 5 articles in a month. And what this means is that they have been reducing our earnings and pay only 10% back if we write 5 articles this month. What a load of shit? So much injustice.

    If the contest is even 1 article everyday for 30 days it makes sense to assume that Triond is paying from their pocket. One need not be a rocket scientist to understand this.

    And all are thinking this is a motivating thing and thanking Triond. What a foolishness? They are reducing our earnings and paying only 10% back if we become active. Otherwise not. The promise of passive income is gone. Your royalties don’t remain the same if you don’t check the happenings here. Just check trends in your eCPM per articles in the last month. While there is no noticeable change of trend in economy Triond earnings have been falling all through month.
    They are shaving our earnings and saving them to pay back a little of it in case we write 5 more articles. Triond has every reason to do it. Most importantly they are in insurmountable debt. For what the site is worth they have $1.5 debt from Giza Ventures taken at the time just when economy started crumbling. All that debt would have become burden now so they reduce our earnings to pay back.

    And they were never transparent. Triond is not like Bukisa (an ingenious site). Bukisa has an earnings index. They pay the same amount per views regardless of category, day or month once the index is set. Do they pay from their pocket? Triond does not even pay at half the rate Bukisa does.

    Triond sure is such a cheater. Now only it is revealing its cheats. But of course its gullible users are not intelligent enough to get. It takes time by that time many will be frustrated. Glad are those who already migrated to others. I should start my run to Bukisa atleast now.

  7. “If you hate it here, why stay and cry about what your not able to achieve.”

    I, myself love the new idea. Some said it was a contest. No if they would have said ” the top users get extra earnings” then yeah it is a contest. They have been doing new things here almost weekly here as of late . Alot of sites don’t do that. They don’t build on what they have making it better for all. Triond has been listening to feedback from it’s users and making the place better. 5 articles is not that big a task folks. And yes, active users should be rewarded, if you can’t write 5 good articles in a months time , then hopefully your are not depending on any money from Triond, cause good writers are active writers, with all that complaining your doing, you could make an article on your views on Triond and the coolest part is Triond will publish it and you will make money from Triond with it. So why don’t you go write a 5 page article on the nonsense you tend to spew here, break it up into 5 submissions and get your 10% extra and be happy about it. This goes out to all who it applies, for the ignorant:
    ” If the shoe fits wear it”

    Thanks Triond , once again, for getting this network of writers to a new level of exposure.

  8. Rajun,

    If you dislike Triond so much, why don’t you delete your membership with Triond and just use Bukisa instead.

    To be honest, I don’t use Triond to make alot of money – I use it to write tips and interesting facts because I love writing. It is nice to get a little bit back from doing this. I believe that Triond is just trying to get more articles on certain sites because sites like AuthSpot have so many articles already and other sites don’t.

    I do look at my earnings every day, and this one article gets high views + earnings every time I look at my dashboard. I think this is because its a good article. I got a hugh leap one day in views which was suprising for one article which I wrote some time ago. I wasn’t expecting that.

    Why can’t a site just be nice, and give its users something back for good work? Remember Triond is a business too.

  9. “No wonder another fool comes along. They are very good at writing and showing loyalty despite what you do to them.”

    Your comment is not surprise. I have seen many like you. In fact many who stayed with Triond (other than folks like me) are gullible, unconditionally loyal folks like you.
    Triond reduces earnings and pays only 10% back if you write 5 articles now. Those who have already written thousands and went onto different businesses would be cheated now. While those who are active will be given their scooby snacks.

    By the time you understand it, you would have gone far enough to get frustrated a lot. Now that is not a new thing. I have seen many such users. I don’t care about them. They dig their little cave and get frustrated after digging deep and can’t get out of them.

    I too like these gullible users. I too want to squeeze like Triond does. I will do that some day by creating a new community writer website. Gotta love these gullible loyalists.

  10. As I said true writers don’t care about it. Good to see you have that spirit. Go build your site and do that why waste time spitting this crap here cause you cant make it as a writer, The very first article i wrote here is still making money. Good money. You have great writing ability, you should use it for something other than this nonsense you spew.

  11. @Will,
    I am not staying with Triond. The last set of articles I wrote for Triond was in April. I am still bothering about Triond because I am intelligent enough to write articles to earn views passively without needing me to be active. My earnings were in May and June. In July they got almost halved despite the no. of views being the same.

    Yes they are getting views, but Triond is reducing earnings rate. My unique visitors graph is almost same except slight fluctuations about 100 views above and below average (1000 views) level every day. But earnings trend is on decline.

    Triond gave this contest for other sites not because Authspot is flooded. Even writinghood is flooded, Socyberty is flooded. More than all Scienceray and Healthmad are flooded and they earn the most per article. Authspot, picable (pitiable), are excluded because their earnings rates are low. Other than Google Adsense they don’t place any in-text ads on the articles there. That is why they are excluded. Actually Writinghood belongs to this category (no in-text ads inside articles and hence low earnings). But its earnings rate are better than at authspot.

    I am already at Bukisa. And I went there after giving up on this. Now I came here in Jan this year after I learned something at Bukisa. I applied that here and given the freedom of topic I could do that here. Now they are snatching freedom first the freedom to publish whenever you want. And they make announcements of bonus which is in disguise is actually paying back our own money after reducing our earnings behind the scenes. I can’t disable my membership till Triond cheats at the rate of 1/99 revenue share. Then my earnings would become negligible. Currently I earn too much to leave despite the losses because of Triond’s behind the scenes looting. My articles are there and they get views without me being active. I am just asking them not to consistently and monotonically reduce the earnings rate (eCPM – earnings per views). They are coming up with these bonus idea which is nothing but paying back our lost share of earnings (but only 10%) if we write 5 more. I can easily dump some garbage as it is only business for Triond. But I lost more than 10%. Will pay rest of 40% earnings that I lost because of reduced earnings rate? Does it want more garbage to get them? Okay I will do that if it wants.

    You are happy about increasing views which is determined by your writing and the article. But what about earnings on those views. It is determining completely by Triond. They have complete control over that unless you are using Google Adsense. Soon you too would notice that you get same views but not the same earnings. Then you would understand how it feels to be frustrated by this behind the scenes cheating program of Triond. And add bonus on top of that. A little bonus in frustration.

  12. “Publish at least 5 articles during August and you will automatically receive a 10% increase in revenues!”
    Do I get 10% increase on my total earning or just the 10% revenue on my 5 articles published in August?

  13. @Ageeinc,
    I am not spitting here. I am blowing whistle on Triond if anyone cares to hear. Unfortunately it will take long by the time you get to agree with me. My very first article too has been getting same views (not earnings) since I wrote way back in 2006. Back then it used to get 5 cents per 10 views. Not it gets less than 1 cent per 10 views. Its earnings are huge compared to latest articles because it has been getting views since then. It is so pitiable to think that we can never build a passive income so we can go to higher levels to do other things like building our own website. Starting a new large scale business than our current income.

    Why shouldn’t I expect a passive income from Triond but only at Bukisa? I have been earning same amount every single month since I took a break from Bukisa to write at Triond. But at Triond the views are same, but the earnigs are not. I am just blowing a whistle ’cause others are not seeing the depth of cheating here. It is not straightforward scam. It is a long term one. They are stealing their own promise. Didn’t Triond promise Royalities from our articles when we joined the site? Does it not run on that model? If it shifts to active income model (this is the first step in that direction), I will tell them to go heck with it.

    I need to spend time spitting like this (as you say) because I had spent countless hours for passive income. I need to rethink about my future strategy on how to deal with these kinds of unexpected scams as well. Because my style is to learn from the losses and don’t let them go waste. The loss is the price I pay to learn to do better in the future. While sending out my message the same messages go deep in my subconscious and few others who could care. This will help guide in my future thoughts if I get tempted to write here again for little pennies or for comments from other. I like others’ comments. No offense on that. But I need to value my time, hence I also write some articles once in a while just to communicate with others and see their response and not earn any money.

    It sounds like nonsense till the time it makes sense to you. Just hold your breathe, it takes time before you too get what I got.

  14. The keyword here should have been bogus not bonus. First they give bogus earnings and then give bonus as if to show they are just nice to us. They are not transparent about behind the scenes activities, do not confront the questions about earnings reduction posted at ( ) but they are transparent and announce bogus bonus.

  15. “I am not spitting here. I am blowing whistle on Triond if anyone cares to hear.”

    No one cares to hear. We like triond.

  16. Nobody here has been more critical of Triond than I; just view the Forum sometime. I have not published here regularly since late Jan. of this year, and am still earning almost exactly the same money as I was when I published (dichotomy there admittedly, but it IS residual income, -as promised.)

    However, they ARE deleting plagiarized content and banning the thieves and crooks. I nod with accolades for that.

    Your writings here are articulate and would bear closer scrutiny. You should publish them here; likely they would draw MANY views and earn. I have certainly enjoyed reading your articulate writings. -May I suggest a 5-part series for the month of August? 🙂

  17. I would also like to know where this 10% is coming from. This has not been stated in the promo by Triond. If it is not out of Triond’s own pocket, then it has to come from elsewhere, which logically means in some manner from the earnings of Triond users.

    Perhaps it IS coming out of Triond’s own pocket, but they have not stated such. Even if they do state such, there is no way to verify the statement as there is absolute zero transparency.

    There are several users who make over a thousand dollars per month at this site. There are many many more that make over a hundred. A 10% boost could potentially mean thousands of dollars (but of course likely much less than this). Where is this money coming from?

  18. I would like to see more of the contests and increases in pay because it gets a lot of people writing more and then everyone makes more money. Plus more people will sign up.

  19. If Triond is/was currently splitting the earned revenue 50/50 as they say they are, then a limited 60/40 split for people who publish 5-or-more articles is not untenable. Likely, this is for the NEW content in excess of 5-articles published, ergo your previously published stuff still garners the usual 50/50 split.

    The 10% bonus at end-of-month rewards the people whom are already publishing dozens of article monthly sure, -but this is geared more toward encouraging people such as myself whom have not published anything here at all in over 7-months to do so.

    I think it is a bargain. And a chance for Triond to prove itself reliable once again. I used to earn twenty or thirty dollars per month for just ONE solid article that got several thousand views… then it reached a point of stagnation where a good article *might* earn a dollar or two for the same 1000s of views …maybe we are moving past that. At any rate, I feel this promotion is in part due to the attrition of Triond writers to other sites such as Factoidz (which is doing a similar albeit upfront ‘Activity Bonus Rewards’ for publishing articles..)

    -It’s about time that online-publishing sites started to compete for writers! ;->

  20. Some clarifications:
    1. The bonus is paid on the entire August income and not only for those five articles.
    2. On September 10th, provided you published at least five articles in the participating sites during August, we will raise your payment by 10%. Let’s say for example that you will be seeing $10.00 as your upcoming payment — the actual payment will then be $11.00.
    3. The money comes out of Triond’s pockets.

  21. Thank you for this. I can earn $5 per month without publishing or publicising, so I will definitely put in the extra effort and write a lot this month. I have a few article ideas anyway, so I will most certainly begin now.

    I think it might be a good idea to introduce an activity bonus every month, ie if you post 1 article you get a 1% bonus.. upto whatever you’re willing to pay. But clearly make sure they can’t take the mick by just posting a load of poems or whatever. At the end of the day, you already take 50% of the revenue for our articles, so you could cap the bonus as perhaps 50% if anyone wrote 50 articles..? Just an idea, it would get people publishing anyway!


  23. I think this is great! I will defintely be inspired to write more than I usually do. If only there would be more incentives like this one.
    Also, reading through the comments, I saw Rajun’s comments- if you don’t like Triond, don’t use it. I definetely love earning a little extra money, even if it’s not too much.

  24. For those of you complaining about this, seriously if you dont like it, stop using triond. And as for july revenues falling, I had the highest revenues in july I have ever had. I spent a lot of time promoting my articles, and that is what is going to be key in you making money. This was never meant to be an income supplement, its just nice to get your name out there and get a little money from it. Plus, you can use your triond site as an online portfolio to make money out in the real world. Think of it as simply a tool.

  25. Why not make it a permanent feature? Even if the requirement is to write at least 10 articles in eligible categories to enjoy the 10% increase in earnings, most of us will do it willingly

  26. My July payment is the largest monthly payment I’ve had as well. I don’t or at least haven’t “advertised” my articles though. I mean if it really used to be 5 cents for every 10 views and now it’s not, that sucks but what can you do right? Either leave or stay, I believe there is enough people who use Triond that it really wouldn’t matter if some of us leave. I am certainly going to try for the 5 articles since I was going to do these articles anyway but have been procrastinating.

  27. I would just be happier if the articles published by Triond won’t break frames. I am generally content with Triond except for this little problem which deprives me of some advertising.

    say it ain’t so
    you just can’t

    she offered me a 25 dollars plus paid tarrif free

    on trionds my 3000poems
    are yet to cross thirty dollars in 1 1/2 years.
    Are we writing for money?
    Regards Triond for ur brave and fair decision . Friends we make only

  29. Slight motivation for writers.

    It should be modified to 10% per 5 articles.

    For eg.
    If a person writes 10 articles he should get 20% extra money for August month.

    This will really encourage triond writers.

    And also I would suggest that the profit sharing ratio must be increased to 60% permanently.

  30. Giggles rule! The chanch to make more income really makes me happy. I just can’t help laughing at those why don’t understand that higher production helps corperations make more money even if the percentage of sales stays the same. It even keeps them from going bankrupt when that percentage drops. A dollar a day keeps hand cuffs away.

  31. @Drishti,
    It is not 60%. Profit sharing ratio is 55% because the extra 10% on 50% becomes 5% in total of Triond + user revenue. The net effect is 55/45 revenue and not 60/40. To do 60/40 Triond should pay us 20% back.

  32. For the people saying that Triond is giving less and less money, I’ve basically had the same like 10 or 15 articles on my account for like 6 months and I’ve started getting a little bit MORE money. Granted, I only make like $1.50 a month :D. But still, my payouts are getting larger, not smaller.

  33. I dont think the payouts have grown at all. I can put ten to twenty postings on here a day and still the revenue isnt worth it. When I first started using Triond, I thought it would be a great way to make an extra income and get my writing out into the world. But so much for the income part. I would like to know how the payout stuff really works? I look at my posting from 2008 til now and I have just as many views back then in the postings now; but back in 2008 I would have eight views and make something off my writing, now in 2010 I have eight views and make nothing off my postings. What is up with that? Have they changed alot in the ways of payouts or what?! I think its time to move on and find a site that is worth my writing!…anyone have any suggestions to other sites that actually payout for writing?

  34. Well, some people are never happy:( Amazing to see how Triond kindly decides to GIVE us a bonus, and yet, some are still ungrateful and suggesting more and better. I just want to say thanks to Triond for the nice gesture!!! THANK YOU!

  35. Well, I have now published my 5th article this month. All I need to do is promote now and make sure that I get a lot of views to get my bonus on!
    Thank you Triond 🙂

  36. It is a great idea. Thank you for encouraging writers Triond. There are many budding poets and writers who do not know how to expose their content. This is an amazing platform.

    The time that Rajun or others who have spent criticizing, could have written 10 or more articles in the same span of time.

    Well, let us take this opportunity to earn a few extra bucks of pocket money that our Triond is offering. Thank you for the person who got this brilliant idea and thanks to Triond management for accepting and executing it.

  37. Wow, there are some grumps in the world. Hey 10% for one month may not be much – for me it’s about 50 cents – but look at the interest it has created. If we respond positively to this maybe it’ll happen again. People who don’t like Triond should get over it and move on. For the rest of us, let’s have a little fun writing more this month 🙂

  38. I think it is a great idea about the bonus for august. But I have over 200 articles and every month I only make around $0.75 – 1.00. And I write about everything. I think there has to be something wrong somewhere if there are people at Triond makeing $10.00 or $11.00 a month. And I am still publishing fresh articles all the time. It’s very aggrovating. Almost makes me want to stop writing, but I don’t and I keep on writing.

  39. Oh, that’s good, but people like me, articles usually ended in Authspot. For certain jokes articles, may end in Purpleslinky, so still some hope for me, but usually these articles will be pending very long, unlike those in Authspot. By the way, at this point of time, I still have 2 pending articles (humor ones), hope I can meet this target, if i can meet, how nice. Thanks!

  40. I dont know what to say from the comments I have been reading on this blog.

    For some reason there ave been some negative comments about the way the Triond people do business.

    I myself am a serious writer and I take my work seriously. For years I have been giving away greatly informative content for free but if you convinces I can make a buck without the fuss, I am expecting to make a buck.

    I have read some negative reviews about the payment issues here with the operators of this site but am hoping for the love of Jesus that I have a wonderful and money making experience here.

    Royan Shaw

  41. The idea is good, perhaps, those who have stooped to complaining should instead let others write.

    Triond is not forcing anybody to write articles.

  42. Rajun, you’re crazy! I can EASILY argue all of your arguments, but you just don’t seem worth the time. To cut short though, if you’re unhappy here, don’t try dragging us away too since we’re already content and happy here. Earnings are low for most of us – I make barely a dollar a month – unlike you though, Im not in this for the money and I realize there’s more to life than making money…like making friends.

    Peace out!

    1. Thank you a lot for giving evoryene a very breathtaking possiblity to discover important secrets from this site. It can be so great and also packed with a lot of fun for me and my office co-workers to search your website at the least 3 times every week to learn the latest tips you have got. Of course, I’m just usually motivated with all the mind-boggling methods served by you. Certain 2 facts on this page are undeniably the finest we have all had.

  43. I have 2 articles getting 6 views and $0.00
    One article getting 9 views and $0.00
    And One article getting 35 views and $0.01.
    I did not self-click, how do you explain that sort of views to cents ratio?

  44. RSyed,
    Let us see how long you will be like that before getting frustrated. I have seen many like that. I don’t care about losers and suckers, anyway, when they are so willing to get sucked and looted. I am not crazy. I am just realistic and quick to find things like a detective.

  45. Another way to cheat users! If it was not for back linking my Content, I would not be writing here at all. Rather than offering 10% increased earnings on content, why not credit the payment for impressions on a daily basis instead and not cheat users? I am sure Triond would further cut on impression share to show them as Bonus share. What a way to make fools of users!

  46. I completely agree with Anamika, Triond cheats users. There’s really nothing we can do though, as long as they’re earning a plentiful amount, they’ll keep at it no questions asked.

  47. Hm I notice I am earning a lot less this month even though my views are way up. A 10% bonus on nothing is nothing. Gee thx

  48. @Eldin, @Anamika,
    I am glad you have echoed my voice. Thanks for suggesting the word “fools”. I was just short of that word. Yeah, they are trying make fools of Triond users. And fools won’t learn, would they?

    My earnings came down from June to July (with the same number of total views per month). My earnings now (august) are already lesser than what they ever at this date in the last month (july). Really lot of bullshit is happening here. For the same no. of views, they reduce our earnings and only pay a 10% back that too if write some thing. We can’t do anything to them. But we can avoid getting sucked by them.

    I am totally convinced they are plainly cheating and looting us. How can they have more ads (six on a page) than others (bukisa – 3 on a page) and pay 1/3 of what others pay? This site is for losers who don’t have any hope of better future. Not for me. I regret wasting time for this waste s’h’it-e. But I take my lesson to avoid repeating this in the future.

    I have decided to publish only that content which is not useful to be published elsewhere. Because there is one area where Triond is better than others. It is the freedom of topic. We can dump in that area and suck the site rather than get sucked by it.

  49. I thank Triond and will be getting on the ball toward success. And please in hope of seeing some profit read my articles and relax.

  50. Putting aside the Triond revenue debate for the moment, it should be noted that Google Adsense is in fact a SCAM. My son wrote an article on Triond talking about his ‘experience’ with Adsense. I suggest everyone read it (not because he would earn revenue from it). It will enlighten you on how Adsense is a dictatorship which can unilaterally take away revenues you earn without compensation and without providing proof as to their reasoning or an independent 3rd party process.

    It is unthinkable that Triond has partnered with Google and though I have written to the president of Triond about this on a couple of occasions he has never answered the emails. It should be noted that Triond sent out email stating that they respond to our concerns and answer emails however that appears to be just talk since they don’t bother answering.

    If you haven’t read the story about Adsense, here is the link –

    Adsense should not be a part of Triond or the internet and the people running it should be investigated by a grand jury.

  51. I think it’s a great idea and I already have my five published and will have more before the month is ended. Folks making any money here takes time and learning how to network those article. I am finally making some money but it took 18 months for the first check, six months for the next two and now I get one about every two to three months. I am a happy writer.

  52. This is amazing! Triond should defiantly keep doing this. Rewarding those who stay active on the site is a great way to bring people back and add more content to this wonderful site!

    Great Job Triond!

  53. GREAT IDEA! Me and my friends started publishing a lot of new stuff already! – And what’s better, I qualified to the bonus so I got a lot more cash, thanks a lot triond!

  54. I would really love to cheap guild wars 2 goldsee more focus on giving vets a chance to heal and grow through their experience of serving our country. Maybe they could have a nice income stream from cheap guild wars 2 goldsharing their stories of the good, the bad and even the ugly. It would be a way for them to shine and be honored with their wounds and all, even if those wounds are only on the inside. Indeed, sometimes those are the deepest wounds of all.

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