Saying Goodbye to Louie Jerome

Last week was a somber time for Triond, as we learned that one of our earliest adopters and most beloved members, Louie Jerome, passed away at the young age of 58. Known offline as Jan Harper, Louie Jerome contributed much more than great content to Triond – she was a pillar of our burgeoning online community, always encouraging and inspiring new writers and helping them make their way into the world of online publishing.

It was a world Louie Jerome knew well from writing not only at Triond, but also on her own websites and on other sites across the web. Her writing was diverse and offered something for everyone. She went everywhere with her writing. She shared novel, inventive ways to use the most common household items (10 Surprising Uses for Aspirin); fun facts about the mundane (Things You Didn’t Know About Tomatoes); information you never knew you how much you needed (10 Disgusting Smells and How to Get Rid of Them); whimsical looks at the world (Extraordinarily Rude Behavior Around The World), its history and its inhabitants (An Extraordinary Glimpse at Men’s Underwear); and fun offbeat pieces where her interest in psychology was evident (How Do You Doodle: Your Sketches May Be Giving Away Your Secrets). And all this is just a taste of the topics Louie Jerome touched upon in her writing.

This great woman was also a TEFL teacher and counselor. We never quite understood how she could be five places at once, but one thing was clear – she handled it all with class and a certain warmth that reached out to us across the world, and managed to shine through even if you only knew her on the web.

So here’s to Louie Jerome, or Jan Harper – by any name, you will be missed!

Please feel welcome to share your own memories or thoughts below

107 thoughts on “Saying Goodbye to Louie Jerome

  1. I am proud to pay tribute to my writing buddy and mentor here. Without Jan (Louie Jerome) I would not have taken my writing career further. She was relentless with her encouragement.
    Jan became a good friend of mine and I miss our daily chat. Her family told me her funeral (Friday 13th) went as well as any could, she is now at rest. They thank all friends for their condolence messages.

  2. There is a real sense of community on this writing site. I didn’t know this writer as I’m new here but I’m sorry for the loss. This is a wonderful tribute to a writer that was loved by you all. I have not seen such a sense of community on any other writing site.

  3. This is perhaps a humble tribute to the departed soul “Louie Jerome’, by the Triond community as we all feel the loss of an imminent writer of repute. May her soul lay in rest!

  4. Louie will be greatly missed. She was one the first to befriend me here on Triond and always keep me moving forward even when I sometimes did not want to. Always positive and friendly no matter what. I will miss her kind words to me and also her words of wisdom in her articles.

  5. I will miss “Louie”. She wrote such interesting things, and she was the first to friend me and be my fan when I came to Triond about two years ago. I remember after a year long absence due to my own vision issues, I was happy to see she was still here. She welcomed me back so kindly. I will mis her words, and her attention to how she phrases them very much here. May she rest with the Ancestors….

  6. I never got to talk with Louie but when i first joined Triond, her work was my main inspiration. I used to read her articles, and still do, and think what a fantastic writer.
    So rest in peace Louie.


  7. I remembered that when Michael Jackson passed away, the company in which he contributed for, paying a great tribute on his away. This was a great way to give tribute to someone who had been part of the associates for their contribution.

    Now, Triond has shown a great tribute to Louie Jeromy, and I think this shows that this publishing site is still standing behind the writers here. This is such a great way to pay respectable tribute for her contribution at Triond. This move taken by Triond is morally humane and highly praised as it shows how triond still cares for its writers. Well done this time, Triond! Triond should be made as a role model for other writing sites to pay tribute to their writers who have survived hard to make the sites running smoothly and successfully!

    Thanks again for all the staffs and CEO at Triond for your concern on behalf of this great writer, Louie Jeromy! May God bless her and may her soul rest in peace!

  8. This great exceptional writer will be missed indeed. Triond helped us meet this great writer. Now she’ll live in our hearts forever. May her soul rest in peace indeed.

  9. Louie, I never really knew you as well as some other Triond regulars did but as an ex-Triond regular, I used to read your articles and you were a writer who deserves all the respect you can possibly have. Rest in peace my dear and I’m sure you set a brilliant example for the rest of us and I myself have always looked up to you and will continue to do so forever.
    RIP, dearest…

  10. This is a very sad news for me personally. She was a great mentor for me in Triond. She gave me words of advice and encouraged me to give some good articles.

    Miss you mother……..


  11. I am shocked. I used to read her articles and she used to read mine. She was a wonderful person and a good online friend! May her soul rest in peace.

  12. She was sharing off Triond and on and I feel that I have gained for having known her. It has been just 3 short years but it was always good to look up at many different writing sites and see her prolific flair there.

    I appreciate Triond’s tribute. It is good to know that we are not faceless …

  13. The one thing I can say about writing that really hits home. You are remembered by what you leave. Jan will be missed and remembered well for years to come.

    Safe journeys to the new world my friend.

  14. Also, i would like to thank triond for paying tribute to a writer in this fashion. One of the many reasons I am here. Thanks.

  15. How sad. I wondered why i had not seen anything from her lately. Death is always painful because it is so permanent. I pray that her family will bear this well as they remember the great memories shared together in her life. Blessings.

  16. It’s sad to hear about this. I’m new in Triond and never got the chance to “meet” her. I knew I’d missed out on something having read all the outpourings of sympathies. God bless her soul…

  17. louie was what we all aspire to be. it isnt an exaggeration when i say that a significant number of the things i learned and a good deal of the success i have enjoyed here were directly attributable to her. she and i didnt always see eye to eye, but she handled herself with a grace and dignity that all of us could learn a thing or two from.

    rip, louie. you are in our prayers.

  18. I never knew her that well but she was a part of the Triond family and that is what matters. She was a very good writer and I hold much respect for her. She will be missed and has left an empty space which will never be filled by another.
    much love,

  19. thank you triond for giving Louie a special tribute. I apprecaite your thoughfulness in this deed. I did not know Louie, but did read an occassional posting of hers with interest.

  20. She was a great writer and a true friend who helped me so much in my early days on this site. I shall miss her. Thank you Triond for remembering her.


  21. Much respect to both Jerome for all her works and dedications and to Triond for taking an actual interest in the lives of their writers. I am touched to read this. RIP Jerome.

    1. Asakuun, I’m glad to hear that Yeh-Shen sticks with rerdaes! :)Nathalie, I knowww… How do I love thee, Ed Young? Let me count the ways. I love thee to the depth and breadth and height your watercolors, oil pastels, and colored pencils can reach.

  22. I’m sad to hear about this. Louie was a committed writer who cared about quality of her articles as well as the quality of articles appearing at Triond. She was a writer who wouldn’t say ‘great article’ unless she was at least half way convinced about its greatness. No hypocrisy, just straight forward. Her writing had a great sense of humor. I’m really going to miss you, Jan.

    1. That’s exactly right, Joe. BO asks to apeapr before a joint session of Congress in order to give a lousy campaign speech with no bill in hand, all the while wailing, “Pass the bill.” BO got what he deserved for the stupid, sophomoric campaign stunt he pulled. BO is a total amateur, and Gohmert ate his lunch.

  23. I had the pleasure of communicating with this wonderful writer, and for the life of me I just assumed she was a guy because of the name used and the picture. I apologize for my ignorance Jan where ever you are in glory. You will definitely be missed by so many, and my sympathy goes out to your family. God’s speed my friend.

  24. The online community has lost a versatile writer and a very good teacher.She should have lived at least two decades more.I feel terribly sorry for her premature death.

  25. She was such a great writer, her work very enjoyable to read. May she find peace, since I am so sure there are so many writes that will now go unwritten

  26. I have not read any of her articles so far, but I see her familiar, probably she has ever commented my friends’ articles before.
    Though I don’t know her, but I feel sad. To those who know her, I feel sad for them too. Getting to know someone and yet have to say goodbye forever, that’s the saddest thing in life.

  27. Thanks so much for the tribute Triond! Louie Jerome is one of my first friend here, and she helped me so much in my writing! May God bless her soul… and may her soul rest in peace. She’ll be remembered as a good online friend and a great Triond writer.

  28. She will be missed.
    Jan was very diverse in her writing and it was interesting to see in which directions her explorations would go next. She was also good fun to communicate with. She will be missed.

  29. This came so suddenly, I’m speechless. We never get used to the idea of loosing a love one, even though we know that this terrible enemy will overtake us oneday. It is certainly impressionable to see such outpouring of love and such a caring spirit from a writing site.Everyone at Triond deserve a commendation. You are truly a closely knittes community of writers. This is the community that Jan was a part of, and pioneered in it’s development.Her writing will live on

  30. Louie was a wonderful, gentle and kind soul. She was an inspiration to all of us who enjoy writing. I will miss her greatly…
    Rest in God’s arms, my friend, until we meet again…

  31. Thank you Triond for this dear tribute. She was a kind and thoughtful person and she will be missed everywhere. She was an inspiration to me as she also worked hard to publisher her first book. While the heavens may be brighter the world has lost her shining light.

  32. Louie was an inspiration and it is wonderful to see that Triond staff has taken time to honor her with a thoughtful presentation.

    I always found her insights helpful and was happy to see her reach success as a writer.

    Jan will be missed. Her loss has deprived the world of another writer.

    1. I don’t see this as a prank at all. He is making a point and doing it the only way prsgoesrives will ever pay attention to .when it COSTS them. This administration does everything in such insanely careless, haphazard ways and thinks nothing of it. Showing up for briefings/etc half hour to an hour late just expecting networks to work around them ..Not submitting a budget for two years-etc. They think they can just do or not do whatever they want to without consideration for others. I applaud this guy for getting their attention.

  33. She was such an inspiration to me and a pillar of hope to so many. She was one of the first individuals I met on Triond close to two years ago. I can’t believe it’s been two years already. She will be missed.

  34. Condolences, and I agree with Judy Sheldon…it’s a relief to know we are not faceless. God Rest Jan’s soul and bless her family.

  35. My affectionate condolences to Jan’s (Louie Jerome) family, other loved ones and friends,

    She is surely missed. I’ve not been to Triond for a while and reading the post title “Saying Goodbye …” took me at first as she was merely leaving Triond. She was one of my handful Triond close friends who took up the buddy-ship outside of Triond to become writer-friends in other writing dot coms. Now I know why she hasn’t responded to my recent emails.

    It hurts when someone we’ve been connected with somewhere in time leaves us permanently. We can only take comfort in relishing fond memories and that dear Jan is at peace with the Lord, the best place to be.

    My prayers to all loved ones she left behind.

    As to Jan (Louie Jerome) – one caring writer-friend and buddy, rest well. You are most safe in that beautiful shore.

  36. This is very sad. It came as a shock to me. May her soul rest in peace.
    Thank you Triond for this tribute. We’ll miss Louie Jerome.

  37. I am very sad to hear of the passing of Louie Gerome-as I knew her. She was always very kind with her comments, encouraging and so loving. I consider it an honor that she read some of what I write. I know she will rest in the hand of God and I express condolences to her family. Why is it the good people always die young? Not entirely true statement but I think you will know what I mean.
    Sadly missed by Mo Hoyal.

  38. I too am a new writer on this site, but pay tribute to a man talk about, and tell the kind words. He was loved. And the site is really united.

  39. I always enjoyed Jan’s articles very much and thought she had terrific talent. I like most of us here will miss her.

  40. As human beings we could only sense how important a precious thing is only when it’s gone. We ourselves will be valued for our biological presence (even how cruel we maybe) when we have gone backstage. But the show must go on. It’s business as usual and if you could get back your hands on the keyboard, convey your thoughts and impart your self expression of life to the world for we never know when our life’s sentences must end in a period.

    Louie Jerome had her life’s pages binded, our’s maybe just on the way or sometimes it’s closer when we close our eyes to sleep unsure if we could still wake up to another day.

  41. My condolences. It’s always very sad when some leaves at such a young age. Her work will always be how we can remember her. I’m only sorry I didn’t have the opportunity to meet her.

  42. I am new here and i did not know Louie. However, i am with all the Triond community in this time of sorrow for everybody here.

    Goodbye Louie!
    You will be missed and remembered for us all.

  43. Louie was an inspiration to us all. It is heart warming to see the outpouring of love and remembrance for such a talented and kindhearted soul. Jan was an inspiration to all who knew her and a friend to many here at Triond.

    Louie, you will be missed and I will remember you fondly.

  44. she may have left us but we will remember her for her work God rest her soul in eternal peace.all we shall carry are her memories

  45. i don’t know her.. but she encouraged me with her life.. I wanted to be a writer.. and she was a very good model for a writing passion.

  46. I cannot remember crossing paths with the late Louie Jerome but it is my loss and it is a classy way for Triond to give us all a way to recognize how her sharing lives on.


  47. Jan is my mum,thankyou everyone,its a tuff task finding all the sites mum went on.she lived her life vie the internet.god bless you all.

    1. Reprint Permission Request for “Short History of the Development of Human Language” by Louie Jerome

      Dear Lelly,

      I am Ngan, Editorial of Obunsha.

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      I look forward to your response.

      Best Wishes,

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  48. It is really sad that Jan is passed away, but she has left a legacy that everyone in Triond remembers her for breathtaking writing and love for the community of Triond. We all miss you.
    Abdul Sabour Ayoubi

  49. Shall Louie Jerome rest in peace and she really had some articles that showed me a lot pertaining to the diversity content that I provide. She will definitely be missed.

  50. My condolences to the family and to all who knew her well. Jan was an inspiration to all of us at Triond, and I am indebted to her for the encouragement she gave me as I was writing my first book (she even provided an author review on the back cover for me). Jan was practical, witty, and no-nonsense. She was a delightful correspondent and an encourager through and through.

  51. Over the last 18 months or so Jan has constantly been an inspiration to me in supporting and encouraging me to carry on with my fledgling online writing efforts – she will be deeply missed by so many, and I for one will never forget the example she set to us all on how to keep believing and the importance of following your dreams -bless you always

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