15 thoughts on “Earnings Calculation Glitches Resolved

  1. I am happy to see that the problem of Earnings calculation glitches has been reoslved and there is a correction in calculations of earnings.
    Thank you Triond team, Keep up the good work.

  2. Congrats Triond team. Happy to know that the glitches are resolved. It brings an end to huge amounts being accumulated for a fewer views and comments. Am feeling sorry that you have to pay out of your pockets. I personally would like to have only the earnings am entitled to have. However, now that Triond has decided it, as a writer, I can show my gratitude by writing more number of good quality articles to help Triond synergistically earn more in future. Thanks a lot once again.

  3. Please I will not want you to be sending my monthly earnings I rather like that you should instead create an account for me where you will be depositing all my monthly earnings inside untill a time when I need it
    But i am seeing 0 earnings this month and I don’t know why
    Mbeh Lawrence

  4. hy friends. i want to ask something to you. How to get google adsence? i looked your blogspot and i looked your advertise, but your visitors 40 peoples, its so amazing. so how did you get it?

    1. You need to have limit orders out and know how to price onoitps, the high frequency trading robots and bid/ask spreads are designed to keep people out of the markets and when they’re in it’s designed to make them lose.

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