August Special Swift Update

Our August Special has been a great success. August turned out to be the Triond’s community most prolific month ever — surely the Special didn’t hurt. We’re very happy to see so many of you took the opportunity to go for the bonus and published five or more articles during August.

Regarding the bonuses themselves, our initial plan was to calculate them just before the next payment cycle on September 10th. However, we realized we want you to receive an accurate monthly statement and those are sent on the 5th. Therefore we decided to make the calculation sometime tomorrow, so the bonuses will be reflected in the monthly statements you are soon to receive via email.

In other words – don’t be surprised to see your “Next Payment” increase by 10% by Saturday…

Thanks again for all your August articles, and as always — happy publishing!

46 thoughts on “August Special Swift Update

  1. One of my articles published in August received about 500 reads but was only credited 7 cents. This would equate to 14 cents per 1,000 which is extremely poor and not worth my while. It looks like you have reduced the amount you pay per read to pay for the additional 10% August special.

    I am hoping this is not the case and that this will be rectified as part of the glitch you reported last week. As it stands, even with the bonus 10%, this article published in the business section, will only make 16 or 17 cents per 1,000 reads and that is not good business for writers even if it is for Triond.

  2. Great news! But i have a question. My next payment amount is $47 at the moment, and i want to be paid by check, so after the august special i’ll have $51, does the $50 minimum rule work in this condition?

  3. Thanks for the proactive approach Triond Team. Truly appreciate it.

    Couple of Queries:
    1. Many authors would be wondering (just like me) if the August special can be extended to September too? In fact, September Special sounds song-like. Maybe the minimum articles for eligibility can be increased from 5 to 10 articles. Request Triond team to consider this move. Thanks a lot for your support to novice writers like me.

    2. On September 1st, the 3 article I had submitted has not been published yet (it’s more than 24 hours and ticking). I did not have any problems with the article hosting earlier. Please clarify. I did not know how else to approach Triond team apart from this blog. Please advise if anybody knows.

  4. Bonus on Bonus this August. Few ups and downs last month. I am very happy to receive a good amount on my birth month.

    September specials and October offerings can be expected from Triond.

  5. @Wilma Proops

    Are you referring to How to Avoid Being Scammed | Advice for Small and Medium Companies?

    I see that this article has been viewed more than 400 times on August. However, out of those 400 views, we were able to sell ads only against ~50. The reason for that is the quality of the traffic that this article attracted, mostly affected by geographic location.

    So this has nothing to do with the Earning Calculation Glitches nor did we reduced your payout in order to pay the bonus.

  6. hey just wanting to say hat im dissapointed with triond as i COULDNT publish any articles they kept getting refused even after i had been told by a member of staff it had been fixed

  7. @Shahar Solomianik,
    Does that mean you have switched to advertisers paying on CPA (cost per action) instead of advertisers paying on CPM (cost per impression) or CPC (cost per click)? I read your views on CPA in the future but never guessed you would take that seriously even when there are advertisers still paying on the model of CPC/CPM.

    That also means you are not able to find advertisers paying good rates in CPA model.

    I would appreciate if you find high paying advertisers instead of these bonuses. You won’t have dip into your pocket.

    If CPA is the model of Triond today, then it is time for us to forget the junk we published/did yesterday and start learning how to increase ads selling count than increasing number of views.

  8. August was a good month for everyone but I felt 5 was a rather low threshold that could be surpassed by everyone but then frustrations with publishing on Triond have been greater than in past months with articles appearing on the pending list while they have already been published or disappearing from both the published, pending and declined lists for several days. Is Triond getting better or worse? This past month has left me with more questions than answers.

  9. @Wilma Proops

    Sure. Your article How to Deal with Your Noisy Neighbours for example cumulated ~140 views of which ~90 saw ads sold.

    Please note that I can’t really identify a type of article here. There are many variables that affect the quality of traffic that an article attracts. I just wanted to give you an example of another article authored by you that sold 4X more ads on average than the first one.

  10. @Rajun

    We still use a blend of CPM/CPC/CPA and optimize it for better yield as we always did. Nothing changed there.

    In my reply to @Wilma Proops I didn’t suggest we sold 50 products out of ~400 views (I assume this is how you understood it) — I said that due to relatively low quality of traffic, only ~50 views actually generated revenue.

  11. @Shahar

    Triond is a great site for writing. The articles have good ranking in search engine also.

    One thing I want to suggest to get writers stay to triond for long time.

    – Increase the revenue share from 50% to 60% or more (Including adsense also).

    I hope this suggestion must be considered in favor of triond writers.

  12. Tell me what constitutes quality of traffic? Also is there some hidden science to attracting “quality” traffic? I’ve gotten 60 views over the past 3 days and have only seen a two cent increase. All of these articles have been truthful and informative articles geared toward serious readers. I need to know how to generate revenue and not just page views.

  13. Just wanted to say thanks for the opportunity to get published. I really enjoy writing for Triond – and the small amount of money I receive makes it even better.

    I always wanted to write professionally, and seeing the number of people who are reading my articles has given me more confidence in this pursuit.

    Thanks Triond.

  14. I am really happy to read that the 10% bonus would be added to accounts by Saturday this. In fact I am sure such attractions would be plenty in the times to come. Its nice to see the Triond team working wholeheartedly for the betterment of the site.
    Thanks Triond Team

  15. I can attest to the fact that different topics pull in different revenue. As a new writer at Triond in 2007 I divided my earnings by reads per article and found a large variation. At that time my two spice articles made more per read. I wondered if that was because there was correlation between the articles and marketable products?

    I appreciate your effort to give us more incentive to submit more. I will write regardless, but would prefer to write where there is revenue. 🙂

  16. I am not a good writer as others may claim nor focuses mainly on my income in Triond. It’s just that I can not get the point why I got only $0.01 increase over the past 2 days. In fact I compared my earnings in Triond to that of my abandoned and in-active website. For 3 days my 10 articles published in Triond gained $0.03 while my Dead Sub-Domain Website earned $1.02. Does it mean that Triond is apt to something?

    Just an inquiry, after all its all up to you guys to address our concerns or not.

  17. @circlesman

    What constitutes quality of traffic is a very complex issue. I’ll try to simplify it by pointing out three major variables: Geographic, Demographic and Intent.

    You see, as an advertiser, it is much more likely that you’d like to communicate your message to a 26 years old female from Beverly Hills, CA who has just searched for your product category, than to a 12 years old boy from a village in Albania who just happened to stumble upon an article related to your category.

    Now, there’s not really a science to attract high quality traffic. Even best earning articles attract both high-quality and low-quality traffic. However, you can somewhat avoid high volumes of low-quality traffic. If you write about topics that cater to geographic locations and demographics that are not attractive to advertisers (i.e an article covering the Junior Albanian Swimming League), it is more likely that the portion of the low-quality traffic will be higher.

    One last thing specific to your articles. I see that your first publication is as late as August 21st. This means your oldest article is not even two weeks old. I bet it didn’t yet start to get high volume of search traffic (characterized by Intent) which will probably come along later on. In this case most of what you need is simply patience 😉

  18. Thanks, Triond! The August special will give me about an extra dollar, as I only published ~8 articles this month, and didn’t focus very much on promotion. Probably should have done, really.

    I think it’s an excellent idea to reward the active members. You should do something like this every month!

    If you split the earnings with us 50/50, you could give an extra 10% to those who publish 5 articles, 20% for those who publish 10, and then maybe 30% for those who publish 20 (or whatever figure you see fit). You would earn more from everyone posting more content than you would lose from the bonuses- particularly as you continue to earn from whatever we publish practically forever- and still earn from the content posted by inactive members who only earn a couple of cents per month and will never reach payout- surely there must be thousands of dollars per month from such members, it must add up!

    So come on, Triond, reward your active members further!

  19. I hope there will be more campaigns in the future. Probably can have something like this:
    Publish 10 articles to get 5% more
    20 articles to get 10% more
    30 articles to get 15% more, up to 100 articles. That will serve as a great incentive.

  20. I know this is not a place to inform my problems, bum I got frustrated because I posted my problem several times on Getsatisfaction but not get a response.

    ” I can publish my articles only at, when I try to publish my articles in some other category, it got declined suddenly with a message of duplicate content. Once your representative said that I am using some spun tools to regenerate my articles but its not true, yes I collect information from various online websites but never it means that I am generating duplicate content and if my content is duplicate then why it got publish on every time.”

    Kindly solve this issue, even now I am writing 100% self generating wordings in my articles.

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    poor ones like me

    poetry should be meritted

    over 3000 poems

    and only thirty dollars

    what a contribution


    CAN TRIOND SEE!!!!!!!!!!!1

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