Some Blog Enhancements

We love posting in our blog. Most of the time, when we have some news for you, we choose to deliver it to you via a blog post. Why? Because we love your comments. We appreciate the public conversation around the topic of the post and we love your feedback. Sometimes we reply to your comments via another comment, but lately we’ve found this problematic.

First of all, replies where traditionally done using the ‘@’ character, and because comments are ordered chronologically, replies were hard to find and follow. Moreover, there was no way for you to be notified about our replies, other than checking back here for the comments.

Well, we’ve found a better way. We are presenting two nifty features to our blog comment system. First one is threaded replies. You can now reply to a comment, and we can reply to your comments, and everything will stay neatly organized.

The second feature is the ability to be notified via emails on new comments. When you leave a comment, simply check the button that says “Notify me of followup comments via e-mail”, and you’ll be sure to stay in the loop.

52 thoughts on “Some Blog Enhancements

  1. Welcome enhancements. Thanks for the effort. One suggestion I have is to have an option of bigger “Top search phrases.” The current one is good but tells only about my top performing articles. What we need is insight on some of the other articles which are not performing at their best. By getting the keywords, we can do social bookmarking concentrated on those keywords or rework on our article.

  2. Good improvements. Let’s hope they will bring better communication between the users and the Triond staff. Better communication will bring better overall quality to the network. We’ill see how they work in the next blog posts.

  3. That is a good job!

    I have noticed that you have split up our long articles into two or three pages. Why have you done that? That affected my optimization and now views are falling down. I am scared to write long articles now knowing that they will certainly fail. Why do you mess up things like that without announcing, especially on the most important things like articles?
    Everyday I log-in to Triond and find something or the other that makes me feel like quitting and regretting because of this site. It doesn’t have to be like that.
    You may not care about this comment but you should “look at the beautiful site called Bukisa and learn from the Genius called Simon Gelfand.”

    1. how does that at all affect your views? in fact, you should be making more revenue because more pages=more adverts. i think you just need to write better articles πŸ˜‰ be grateful of Triond, and you can always leave and go join Bukisa if you want. no one’s stopping you.

      1. It is no so simple as it appears. If you knew how that affects you wouldn’t fall for the silly improvements.

        I am already on Bukisa and just resumed posting there since yesterday. I miss it so much. But I do care about the past work done here which is sucking now thanks to Triond’s unannounced changes.

      2. haha, okay then. I write so many articles i dont have time to notice how much i earn from each article =P i just earn around $50/month and im happy =)

      3. I can work sometime and fix the issue. But atleast Triond admins should announce these changes (small they may seem but impact the structure of articles) so we can calculate and plan to fix the problems that can arise out of those changes.

  4. However I admit that Triond is one of the “best publishing platforms” on the web. You can go check my latest post on my blog link. However we have glitches here that keep glitching often. They don’t have to, if the admins stop meddling with our articles (pagination), with our earnings (software coding to recalculate with new algorithm), with sucking adverts that don’t earn more than a cent per 10 views but give malware problems, etc.

    It is lot better than redgage, Helium, xomba, sucking digg/stumble-upon, and other such totally sucking sites. It can be still made better. Nowadays Triond is looking similar to Helium in the long term perspective.

    1. Oh.. sorry, Redgage’s advantage is in the valuable backlinks it gives, so it doesn’t really suck. How did I miss that? I must have thought it can change those links like digg/stumble-upon did later. That remains to be seen.

  5. Dear Triond Team,

    Excellent enhancements. Keep up the good work. Also there were email notifications, whenever somebody drops you a note in the inbox, or when somebody adds as friend. These are superb features.

    Keep up the great work in making Triond a Treat To Work With.

    Thanks a lot.
    Warm Regards,
    Raj, the Tora

  6. I have problems posting comments on writer’s articles, -I usually have to try two or three times before it works but often, an attempted post returns an error message like:

    There is a problem on this form. Please correct and resubmit.
    Internal Server Error

    This has been an on-going problem for over 6-months. That, and sign-in issues that often cause me to have to sign-in multiple times. This occurs on several different browsers (Firefox, IE, Safari, etc.) and it happens to other people that have mentioned it to me as well.

  7. Hi, Am not able to login for last 20-30 minuts. There was a 501 server not found and am not able to login. When given password and user id, it says invalid one. When tried to retrieve password by giving my gmail account (with which I signed up in Triond), it is saying “email not in database”.

    Triond Team: Please look into this at the earliest. Thanks

    Warm Regards,

  8. I am actually hoping that this threaded comments system be applied to the rest of the Triond websites.

    As you’ve said, when there are already a lot of comments in an article, its hard to see which comments replies to which.

    I hope you’ll consider this. Thanks!

  9. I make much more per article freelancing than I do for all 50 or more articles I have here on Triond every month. In addition, I am being plagiarized by other so-called writers on eHow and a couple other places. I try my best to write excellent content, yet I get almost no pay, the Triond Team refuses to answer any of my concerns, the Contact Us forum doesn’t work- it’s total crap. I have asked to have my account deleted and my work removed from all Triond sites, but to no avail. I grow increasingly frustrated and angry with this situation, and I wish there was a member of the Triond Team who would care baout article quality, author happiness with the monies received for work done, and conflict resolution. I still want my account cancelled, and I have tried to take my content down on my own, but all I get is an error message. I am NOT happy.

  10. It is a great way to improve the communication. How about doing something as this for communication between friends too. Further, we see many comments on the page we are viewing the article but we do not know, which comment pertains to which article. Wish there is some way to know.

  11. Thank you Triond. I am happy here so far, but now I cannot access to the article submission page, also some sites of friends (more than 2 days).
    (webpage not found, HTTP 404 not found – what’s that?)

    (so I’m taking a short break)

  12. Everyone keep one thing in mind. The three idiots behind Triond do all the talk, blog posting, silly improvements but continue the behind the scenes activities to control our earnings other than Adsense through software coding that showed up as earnings glitches and delete our articles if we reveal how Triond cheats/manipulates our earnings just because they are in their control. They also do some changes without announcing but affect articles performance in a big way. Whereas they announce on silly things like blog reply enhancements, change in the look of websites, change in the links from dashboard, which don’t really matter when you are struggling to keep your earnings at a steady rate.

    Recently more and more users are noticing the high variability in earning rates. Some article earning 1 cent per 2 views and some earning 1 cent per 30 views. Anyone who ever used Google Adsense would understand that advertisers don’t give detailed data as to how each article earned from clicks/views. Given that there are hundreds of thousands of users and two million articles on Triond, one would understand that the earning data for each article is not generated by advertisers but by Triond by writing software codes to use the data from advertisers which is total earnings on a given day out of total number of views and recalculate using their own algorithm that take into account factors that Shahar talks about (demographics, low quality or high quality traffic, topic, country etc.). No advertiser spends computing cost to calculate earnings for each article/page separately when there are more than 2 million articles. Google Adsense allows about 20 channels only. So you know how earnings are controlled and manipulated here.

    I don’t know how many more silly improvements are in store while how many more secret earning rate reductions or behind the scenes, unannounced earning manipulations are in store for Triond users. They just want all Triond users to be losers with respect to earning passive income and money that is worth their efforts. No better site for losers than Triond.

    1. I see that you have more than 1 penny earned throughout September (more than 150 actually πŸ˜‰ ). Is it a specific article you’re inquiring about?

  13. Shahar,

    I can see that you have done a few fixes for the charts and a new chart altogether. But as I suggested earlier, It would be better if you could give us a more comprehensive stats of our own articles not limited to our best performing articles.

    Jaison Mathew

  14. Thanks for the improvement. I just wish though that you would also be able to look into the discrepancy between my dashboard content on published articles: 49, it says there; but the total count actually has already been 64. Kindly look into this, please? Thank you.

  15. This writer likes the new improvements, and has one question, which is NOT a complaint, but just to satisfy my curiosity: Why doesn’t Triond allow affiliate links in the articles, at least on one of your many sites? I know I would use Triond at least twice as often as I now do, and it would satisfy those who write that they are currently dissatisfied with their earnings. I believe you would make a great deal more on your site, as well as attracting more writers and FAR more articles! Could you please either email me when (and if) you comment, or else email me directly?


  16. It is time for Triond to to bolster payments to writers. This will provide a huge incentive to double efforts on the part of writers to increase their output which will, in turn, also benefit Triond tremendously.

  17. Hi triond team:

    If i write a article, about any idea. If people like the idea… and like to know more details about the article… How can I share the idea with any people interested in?.. I thin that any people have to pay individually to your site, in order to know the idea…. it is true?…. I think that given any idea have not to be collective…

    Waiting for your answer


  18. Hi triond team:

    If i write a article, about any idea. If people like the idea… and like to know more details about the article… How can I share the idea with any people interested in?.. I thin that any people have to pay individually to your site, in order to know the idea…. it is true?…. I think that given any idea have not to be collective… because of the bussiness…

    Waiting for your answer


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