Announcing October Special

Our August Special was a true success. Many of you took the opportunity to write more and earn more. Many of you also expressed interest in further specials, and some even suggested making this compensation method a core part of Triond.

Well, we’ve been listening. We’re not permanently integrating it yet, but we’d like to announce the October Special! This time, we’re making things a little more challenging — and the compensation, a little more compensating.

So here’s the new deal: Publish at least 10 articles during October and you will automatically receive a 20% increase in revenues! The only limitation is that articles published on Authspot, Relijournal, Picable, Kleep and Loudio will be excluded. ALL other sites are eligible.

Please note that you will NOT see the additional revenues accumulating during the month of October – the amount will be calculated at the end of the month and will then be added to your payment for October. Please also note that this 20% increase will be an increase of Triond earnings only and will not include AdSense earnings, as we have no control over these earnings.

Oh, and one last thing. Qualify for the October Special, and you’ll get this cool badge:

Qualified for October 2010 Special

161 thoughts on “Announcing October Special

  1. That’s great! I am in for it with all my power.
    But I don’t see it more challenging. You have excluded same five sites as you did before. I thought you would remove writinghood, purpleslinky, which earn lower income.
    ANyway, this time I will write those 10(+) on profitable topics.

  2. But, how do I participate in this competition?
    Your system do not accept my any post for any site except Authspot.
    I complaint many time but no response, they say I spun articles. Now I type all articles in “Article body” but every time they declined with a message of duplicate content. But when I submit at Authspot, they got accepted.
    Kindly solve this problem ASAP, so that I can participate in this competition.

  3. I think that’s a great idea! But I have one question, when does it start? If I post an article today will it count towards my ten, or do I have to wait until October 1, or October 10? Does the bonus count towards our October 10 payment or our November 10 payment? Please follow up and I will be happy to write some more articles.

  4. Why don’t you make it permanent? But if you set a limit of say 10 articles per month every month people will stop publishing after 10 articles per month and save the rest to publish for the next month. The best thing is to layer the bonus in such a way that the users who write 5 articles or more will get 10% bonus, 10 articles or more will get 20% bonus 20 articles will get 30% bonus etc. Also, it will be a good idea to distribute bonus per number of views rather than just number of articles. Ie, a person with 10 articles and 1000 views for those articles will get 25% compared to 20%. Afterall, its views which put cash into your pocket, not just tens of thousands of articles with zero views.

    1. They’d be pretty silly to take this approach, as the 20% bonus is on ALL articles, not just the first 10, so by saving the articles they’d written to publish at a later date, they’d basically be losing a whole month’s income where they could have been up, running and earning.

      I do, however, agree with your suggestion for a tiered approach; which I suggested myself in the August Special thread.

      There’s no need for the bonuses to be so high, as it would even out if it were implemented every month, but even 5% bonus would make a difference to all of our incomes. I plan to publish as much as I can during the month of October in order to qualify for the bonus and to reap as many benefits from it as I can. Thank you Triond!

      1. @Silent Writer. I see your point. However I am doubtful that they will be losing a whole month’s income as you mentioned (unless they decide to publish all the article on the 1st of the month 🙂 )

        But if there is bonus offered every month, I would personally follow hold and publish approach because I have very limited time to write. If I could only write 14 articles this month, then I will publish only 10 articles for this month and keep the rest of 4 articles for next month. In this case I will have to write only 6 more articles for qualifying for next months bonus. Why? because bonus is sure shot thing. Success of an article is not guaranteed. There is no guarantee that the extra 4 articles which I publish this month will fetch me more money than the bonus they are offering next month. Also I will get 4-12 hours freed up for next month which I can very well put to good use. The above logic is not applicable to people who have lots of time to write and who usually write 30-40 articles per month.

        I totally agree with you on the tiered bonus approach. But in case of tiered bonus approach, there is extra bonus if you publish more. That is why I personally feel that Triond should go for that tiered bonus approach.

    2. We think that a views-oriented bonus is less effective since views are self-compensating by their nature — usually the more views you have the more income you generate anyway. We also think you (the users) have much more control over your number of articles than your number of views, and we wanted to grant the bonus on something that is in your hands.

      1. Fair enough. I agree and I am happy with that as there is less work involved from my side. But on the long run Triond will be degrading the quality focusing on quantity.

      2. Also I am not suggesting to give bonus only based on views. My suggestion was if a user gets more views, it is evident that it is either due to his marketing skills or superior writing skills. Triond should try to find out those writers and encourage them. An extra 5% in addition to regular bonus for new articles generating higher views will go a long way and send out the message to the writing community that better writers are encouraged in Triond. That will inturn attract more “better” writers to Triond. Just a thought.

      3. HI! I m a triond user but i smtimes like to publish articles on my countryIndia n my city Delhi but most of my articles get declined they get accepted only on authspot..please help..i recently tried to Publish an article on the Commonwealth games taking place in delhi but it also got declined..pleasse solve this problem..
        I shall be grateful to you.
        Thank you

  5. This is fantastic news. While i would like to see it a permanent thing, it certainly makes it more interesting and exciting when you do the months where it is a bonus month. I am also glad that you have made it slightly more challenging to some. My only concern is that i hope there are no glitches this time! But i have faith. 🙂


  6. Hi again.
    I know this doesn’t relate to this article but I am supposed to have my 2000 view badge. It says I am -21 views away from it, which means I should have it. How come it is not showing?

      1. Right. The views badge is calculated daily. There’s a short window of time in which you can see a negative number as the views missing for the next badge. It means you’re gonna get the badge on that same day… we’re going to fix that.

  7. Thank Triond, August Special was indeed really good and this will be cool too!

    And one more thing, since I find this blog the easiest way to contact you:
    I’m supposed to have 8 comments, or at least that is what my dashboard says. However I cannot see any of them, neither in the comments section nor at the end of my articles. What could be the problem?
    Thank you.

    1. This is something I also raised in the previous posts. But still no resolution. I am also still having this issue.

      @Shahar. I know this is not a top severity bug, but still It would be nice if you could fix it.

      1. It seems that comments that are marked as spam by our auto engine are counted on your dashboards even though they don’t really show up on your articles. We’ll fix that.

      2. @Shahar, Please also look at why they are marked as spam. Users have the power to delete unwanted comments. Just because they gave their website URL in the Website field does not make it spam. I think the spam filter which Triond has is highly flawed. I had first hand experience with this and I have talked to you in the past with all the details. The funniest thing is that when I gave a webupon URL, the comment was marked as spam. It is like Triond yelling out loud “We mass produce spam” :). How would you like that?

  8. Whoa great..Im new to triond,was thinking when will i get the special badges..its a great opportunity for me..Im ready for October specials..Will surely get the badge and its benefits..Good luck to more day…

  9. The deal is great i think, but it should not be a steady monthly thing. It might wear people out writing so much at one time every month. Just my thoughts. Every now and then is great.

  10. Wow! that is fantastic news. After August special which was a stupendous success. The Aug badge is already there and looking forward to this new achievement feels good. This is again a good news for all the users of Triond, must say it is the best ever and would add to the income in a big way. However my suggestion is, why not make it a regular feature.
    Must say team Triond is doing great job, thanks

  11. That’s nice to know. Kindly let me know too if my Dashboard info on published articles is accurate. 15 more of my published aarticles should be added to the Dashboard figure. Kindly check, please…
    Thank you.

  12. Excellent News! Thank you so much Triond team for listening to our requests. Will contribute more than ever towards our revenues (Triond and I) 🙂

    Regards, Raj

  13. This is great… Really what we here as the members f triond needed. The Boost is more than that of august…

    There are prolific writers who will be very happy even if you say that they will get 50% more of the revenue earned when we publish 50 articles in a month.

    May this gesture and gratitude continue for ever…

  14. That’s good news, but I just hope the publishing can be faster, also my jokes articles can land in Purpleslinky instead of Authspot.

  15. It would be even better to have specials including:

    10% for 10 articles
    20% for 20 articles

    all the way to 100 articles for 100% revenues!!! This would be awesome!!


  16. Thank you for another special. It would be great to see some sort of incentive that would challenge writers to produce quality work – work that is of interest to readers and well written. But I know that this would be more difficult to judge quality than quantity.

    On another topic, are there any plans to fix the hot user list any time soon?

    1. You will never stop asking for fixes.
      When the hot list was first made, everyone liked. Once few found themselves consistently getting there and others couldn’t, now they start asking for a fix.
      Let us say Triond changes it again to some other way of getting the list. Then what?? You will again fail because there are hundreds of Triond users in the line ahead of you trying to get on the list if you just do one small mistakes. Then you will again ask for another change.

      Now I don’t think Triond will keep fixing their hot content list algorithms everytime you fail to get there because some smart users learned the tricks.

      1. @Rajun: The very fact that there has been users on the Hot Users list who have NOTHING published would imply it wasn’t a fair system. How can a user be hot if they have nothing published. lol 😉

      2. I was thinking about hot content list.
        In the case of hot user list that you are talking about, may be the hot users are on fire 🙂
        I am glad I don’t check that list. I think many won’t go there to check them again once they notice the idiocy in it 2 or 3 times.

      3. The criteria for the hot content changed a while back as well as the criteria for the hot users list.

        The hot content list at the moment seems to reflect the ‘most popular articles per sub-site of Triond (1 each) with the exception of Authspot it would seem.

        As for the Hot Users list, it changed about just over a year ago now. To me it doesn’t seem to be a ‘fair’ list.

        I wrote something about it on Triond back then (hope they don’t mind the link)
        That was just my take on it then. 🙂

  17. Yesterday and today, I just couldn’t share my articles on Facebook: everytime I tried, it was the Triond advertisement that appeared, and not my article. Could you please check into this? Thank you.

  18. This is a great news indeed, especially for someone like me who is motivated to be active in Triond after being a quiet member for sometime now. 🙂

  19. The choice of the site is not yours; nor u know on what basis your contribution is taken to! Even if I send 100 and all of them are approved for publication in Authspot , it makes no meaning as for as the offer is concerned! U have to be happy with the No. of Views and the badges u get. Writing and getting published and hopefully viewed over the world is the REAL EARNING! So let us not be so overjoyed with the October offer and the offers to e followed.

  20. Thank you Triond. It gives writers something more to look forward too. I’m starting to feel like Triond will be my future work at home job one day. I hope that happens. I’m thankful for your opportunities right now.

  21. Triond are doing this for themselves, it appears. I urge all writers to take note of their earnings each month based on their average hits. Then look closely at their total monthly earnings when a “bonus special” is introduced. It drops severely.
    Come on, Triond. The bonus sounds great…but not at the expense of everyone’s earnings dropping significantly everytime you introduce this.

    1. The variable earnings are crappy. May be you and I are the only ones facing this problem. It appears everybody else is happy. But that is the price we are supposedly paying for the freedom of topics.

      Someone wrote an article on writinghood about the earning rate vs. number of views. It is dynamic. I even appreciated and commented but lost track of the article. Now I notice that everywhere.

      The crux of the matter is that the more views you get in a short period of time the lesser earning rate you get. Earnings rate also varies depending on the topics being commercial oriented or just entertainment oriented. I am subscribing to this view of Shahar, after thinking about it for a while and studying how Google also displays the type of ads on various topics. There are many articles on the internet talking about variable pay per click prices depending on topics. Some are too high and some are too low. After studying Google ads (and also getting some answers from Shahar), I am convinced it is the new advertiser adMarketplace that is causing all the problems related to low earnings and not Triond itself.

      If the bonus affects our overall earnings for the month that is a bad thing. But we have a month to wait and see. We only had one bonus and only three months since advertisers changed. Triond too must have had tough time changing their algorithms to adopt to the new advertiser’s model. So taking conclusions from this will be inaccurate, although it felt bad during these times. Even many users felt the low earnings problem. But we need to learn our lesson from it and optimize the time & effort, activities spent on our writing on different topics.

      I feel it is rather better to live with the variable earning rate model than to get frustrated from it. It is ultimately closer to reality. We just need to learn another step to improve our success rate. After that life becomes easy at Triond!

    2. Now I found a serious problem. It could be either be a bug with Triond or advertiser. Or may be it is done intentionally.

      I noticed that the ads by adMarketplace (the new advertiser after Yahoo for in-text ads) are not shown all of the time. It is either random or controlled. When a page is loaded the ads try to load, but after two seconds they disappear. That could be the reason why our views are not getting proportionate money. I believe that Triond counts views separately and views that earn separately. Currently it shows total views. I had particularly noticed the hidden behind the scene action that resulted in change in view count in the month of June. If your monthly views are almost constant, you would have noticed the same number of views in May and July and afterwards, but lesser views suddenly for the month of June.

      This jumping down and up of views from May to June and then back from June to July has what caused me enormous amount of suspicions on the part of Triond. To add to that, just in the second month after view count gaming, they announced August bonus which I famously referred to as “bogus bonus”. Though views remained same for the month of August, I noticed earnings rate drop in that month. In september my total views dropped down gradually but I couldn’t conclude earning rate dropping in this month because of various other things that changed (I added another 100 articles).

      Now it is three months since advertiser change and felt that advertiser is the cause for all the problems and Triond tried to adopt to them which might have caused earnings glitches.

      However yesterday I notice this potentially ridiculous and dangerous problem in displaying ads. There are already no in-text ads displayed on,, and yesterday I had noticed bizcovering also in the same list. Forget about authspot, etc. those 5 useless sites. The site kleep won’t earn you a cent for thousands of views. Losers post their videos on kleep instead of Youtube from where they can divert little percentage of traffic to article sites like socyberty/gomestic etc.

      In the sites so far I checked, the ads are not displayed consistently on all articles that you load. That means the view might get counted but money will not be credited for that. Only money if any would come because of the annoying banner ads on the top, right sides whose earning rates are always low.

      Now the potential problem facing Triond users in the face is the mystery of displaying ads randomly at different times for different audiences, or intentionally done by some other algorithm for what reasons we don’t know of. That is why I wouldn’t even even believe if they would care to fix it.

      The second problem faced by the Triond users is the unreasonably long page loading time. Google considers the page loading time as one of the key factors to influence search results. So do I consider when searching the web. I won’t bother waiting for pages that load after a minute since I clicked them even if they have quality content. By that time I would have found the information I needed by looking at faster loading pages.

      Also I found that the pages on writinghood don’t look proper in internet explorer. Pagedown does not work quickly. It feels like hell to browse Triond articles on writinghood, healthmad, socyberty etc. Socyberty is faster with firefox browsers.

      These two are biggest problems here and are very serious as they are affecting both user/audience experience as well as our earnings from our valuable time spent on this site.

      I can’t take it anymore. I don’t want to find some problem every time I login to Triond and regret why I wasted time in the past as well why I am repeating again. The low and variable earnings here may be real. But they are not worth my time right now. There are better places to achieve some goals first before we can afford to waste our time on a losing site.

      Considering these Triond is only good as an adsense ad space and not even a publishing platform. Adsense earnings are better on Triond than my blog though my blog is better in terms of getting traffic for the effort spent. Triond is no longer the site that had dreamed about, that is a passive income based publishing platform without the hassles of adsense and things outside our control.

      To add to the load of problems Google Adsense is sucking Indian users, by asking to enter PIN which they never seem to send it by post. Adsense account gets disabled for reasons beyond our control. I will consider dumping some articles for the sake of bonus once I find some time that can be wasted.

      1. I just felt like saying that. However I will write for this month as per my planning. After all Triond has been showing good intentions towards its users and I appreciate that. Advertisers are becoming very gruesome these days.

      2. Adsense asked me to enter a PIN too and I’m Asian. Not only that but i DID receive the PIN although it took 3 weeks to arrive.

  22. I still have a few questions:
    1) Will this bonus be for just October, or will it always be added to my earnings?
    2) Does this mean that if I did the August Specail, I will get 30% additional to my earnings if I had no bonus before August?

    1. NOT THROUGH “AUTHSPOT”. You ensure that none of your creative writings reach the AUTH SPOT which is not considered as publication at all by TRIOND for the purpose!!!!

  23. I think this is great information. I have been setting gaols but not making my deadlines. This kind of promotions will get me off my lazy butt and make it more rewarding to work a little harder. Thanks.

  24. Hello Triond,
    I wanted to contact you regarding an issue I have with the money on your website, and I’m not sure how to contact you other than here. Here is my problem, on the dashboard it says that I have made $0.51 which is accurate, but since the beginning of the month it hasn’t been accumulating in the box where it says my next payment is. It should be $4.12, but it only shows $3.61? Is there a glitch or am I confused? Please help me out. Thanks,

  25. Is it just me or is anyone else noticing a smaller rate of pay per article when compared to last month? I suspect Triond is playing the old merchant’s trick of decreasing the rate per click and showcasing it as bonus. I saw this for August bonus also. Something is not right here.

    1. You’re not entirely wrong. We’re currently (beginning of October) generating lower earnings-per-view than late September. This is however true in our business (online advertising) for every two coupled months and has nothing to do with October Special nor August Special.

      Advertisers tend to spend less in the beginning of each month and more towards the end of the month. Let alone the fact that October is the beginning of Q4 (4th quarter of the year). Advertisers that plan their spend based on quarters, spend less in the beginning of the quarter and more towards the end of the quarter.

      Therefore, earnings should be higher than now towards the end of the month, and December should perform better than October quarter wise.

      1. @Shahar, Thanks for the reply. That explains a lot. I appreciate you taking the time to explain the anomalies. I feel much comfortable working here after knowing what is going around me.

  26. The badges are cool and the specials are a motivator. But please fix my google adsense. I have already been approved by google. Ieas told by you guys at Triond that I did not have to paste code and that it would be automatic. Google adsense earnings ar not showing on my page. I’ve been waiting weeks to get your help. Helping me with this one would be a better motivator. Thank you!

  27. hey, sorry, just wondering– how to you get articles to post in places that arent the five listed? i’ve not used this site much and hence i dont really know how the system works…

    1. For that matter none knows other than the TRIOND!Site like AUTHSPOT where my 34 writings have been published do not merit for anything!!! In particular for the bonus and regular earnings, this site is a persona-non-Grata!

    2. Just make sure you don’t write anything that would be put in those 5 sites. No fiction or poetry, pictures. religion, video and audio.

  28. Gosh, when I last looked at this there were a few comments only! This page makes interesting reading. I do enjoy a challenge to get me writing, but not every month. We need to learn to write because we want to or have something to say. Some like me just can’t be shut up and don’t need too much encouraging. I’ve just written an article encouraging writers to get going before the end of the month! Next, how about some sort of Christmas challenge, a bonus paud on Christmas articles or something. Cheers from NZ. val

  29. Do you get the badge at the end of the month? I already published my 10 articles, but no badge. This is what I am assuming at the moment.

  30. When is the last day for publishing articles that will count towards out ten, is it October 31 or November 10. Please let me know when you can so I know whether the articles I am writing from now on count towards the ten or not.

  31. I’m very eager to see my badge next to my profile. Its already November, but where is it now? I write 40 articles for October.

  32. Great news 🙂 but I am feeling bad because all my articles I have been trying to submit are being declined by the time I even try to fix. I have not been writing from September 26 and when i tried to submit on october 26th, I have been facing this problem. Can someone please help me fix this?

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