New Traffic Geo Distribution Graph

We’ve just added a new interesting and informative graph to your dashboard – the Traffic Geo Distribution pie, which is located just under the Top Referring Sites graph. This pie shows the geographical distribution of your readers, or in other words, where in the world your readers come from.

And what is so interesting about that? Well, first of all, you must be curious regarding the whereabouts of your readers and who your content attracts, aren’t you? However, there’s another thing you can learn from this graph and that’s a general clue about the quality of your traffic monetization-wise, and the effect that has on your earnings.

In general, if your audience is coming from countries with high GDP per Capita where English is the main language (i.e. USA,  Australia, Canada, UK) then your average earning per page view should be higher than if your audience mainly comes from countries with lower GDP per Capita where English is not the main language (India, China, Russia etc.). The reason is simple: your earnings are generated from selling advertisements on your English articles, and advertising is sold in more quantity and in higher prices to advertisers from countries with higher GDPs where English is the main language.

What can you do with this information? You can try and attract more audience from English speaking high GDP countries. How? Write content that caters to them, write about subjects they are interested in. If you take an active part in promoting your content, invest your time in promoting to this audience rather than to audiences from lower GDP countries.

Hope you find the new graph helpful, and as always — happy publishing!

77 thoughts on “New Traffic Geo Distribution Graph

  1. Awesome feature! It’s really great to see where my visitors came from. But why there’s no “other countries” listed on the graph? Is it because there are just too few of them visited my articles or simply it’s because there are absolutely no visitor from other countries (which is really impossible).

    1. I think it’s because it list all the views from different countries. For example, if you didn’t have a view from, say, Mexico, and today you got a view from someone in Mexico, it would show up as another (thin) slice, not an “Other countries” slice.

  2. Cool new report. Thanks for it. The geo-targeting is very useful. If your audience is mostly from non-english speaking that shall mean your readers are more educated, know english and read articles written in foreign languages in order to know more about the topic they are interested.

    1. What you’re seeing is data from the last 30 days. Well — we’re only collecting the geo data for about a week now, so right now you’re seeing data from the last several days, however once we have more than 30 days tracked you’ll see only the last 30 days in order to keep it relevant.

      1. VangelV, it seems, you’ve been duped into believing the Fed solhud be blamed, or is equally responsible, for economic problems caused by lawyers in Washington.Monetary policy has been offsetting failed fiscal policy.Obviously, monetary policy is not accommodative enough without the quantitative easing (you may want to see the Keynesian Liquidity Trap).Also, the U.S., with all its problems, is in a much better economic position than any other major economy (including China).

    1. For whatever ronesas, money is like blood to a modern economy, and they need more money and moderate inflation to thrive, Japan is an example of tight money, It fails.A 20-year experiment with tight money has produced pessimism, and childlessness. Korea is stolen the thunder. China too. Both print money, running about 10 percent growth a year. Both have growing economies. Define what you mean by ‘tight’. With government borrowing to stimulate the economy and interest rates at zero I see no way for a rational individual to reach the same conclusion as you have. Of course, I have never accused you of being rational but let me give you the benefit of doubt and ask what you consider to be a tight money policy.

  3. Comes as not a surprise to see that USA and Canada comprise my largest visitors. Useful feature. Interesting what user N.Sun noted re: Kazakhstan. On another site I noted a curiously higher than expected visitor trend from Kazakhstan also..

  4. Surely this is very helpful and a great addition to the tools we already have. I was expecting this from you guys. Thank you.

    1. you appear to not know the baicss about japan and their monetary policy. It has been extremely tight for a generation. What kind of idiot are you? Interest rates hit zero in 1995 and have stayed near that low since. The fact that you consider zero percent tight shows that you have no idea what you are talking about.Without looking at the unfunded liabilities, That is not caused by a tight monetary policy but by a loose one. The fact that you don’t shows just how dense you really are. For the record, I still think that you are just trying to get responses because you can’t be as stupid as you would have us believe. The main reason why I respond is because there are others on this site that have similar, if not as extreme, views and your posting allow for a proper response.The yen has appreciated dramatically.As it should against the USD. Japan owes money to itself and runs a large trade surplus. It needs a strong yen to be able to afford to rebuild from the damage caused by earthquakes. Asset values have fallen by 75 percent in 20 years, and wages have been falling. The contraction is ongoing. Real wages in Japan have not fallen. Housing, which is the biggest cost for Japanese, has fallen as it should have because it was in a bubble. And yes, the contraction is continuing as it should because what you have is a

  5. This is real bullshit!

    English is main language for India. India is not like Russia or China. India’s GDP will be higher if calculated from only people who use the internet. Many indian websites are in English and all official websites are in English. Our official language is English. We inherited it from the British, the so-called United Kingdom that you had put in the high GDP list.

    You have insulted our country, the world’s largest democracy and diverse country in all aspects including economy and internet usage. If you didn’t want to pay as much amount as in the case of US audience, you do not necessarily have to back it up with languages and GDPs.

    All these days I had been thinking Indian finance ministry wasn’t friendly to Indian freelancers. Now even Triond and may be foreign advertisers too aren’t friendly to us. That deeply saddens me.

    1. I found that statement about GDP somewhat offensive as well. I am very proud that people from all over the world read and enjoy my articles. If we only cater to a US audience, we develop tunnel vision and start thinking that only the issues affecting us directly matter. The world is very large and we all depend on one another.

      There is not a single product anywhere that does not come from multiple places in the world. The raw materials come from one country, it is shipped to another, smelted, refined or processed, shipped again to be made into specific products, then shipped again.

      Triond should apologize for alienating the non-US authors and readers with such a narrow view of the world.

      1. Triond users from all over the world are welcome to write about anything they like to write about and their published articles are available anywhere in the world for reading. We are proud to enable that.

        We’re also not asking you to only cater to US audience. You are free to write articles about anything, be it Baseball or Cricket, Christianity or Jainism, Automotive Sports or Camel Racing. Anything.

        With the new traffic geo distribution graph we’re simply increasing our transparency and providing you information that can help you understand your earnings better — and can also help you optimize them if you like. The choice is yours.

    2. India is indeed not like Russia or China. India has far more poor people than Russia or China.

      What’s that Hindi saying again? If someone is starving you can be certain someone else stole his roti?

  6. Separating India and Indian internet users’ as low quality traffic hurted me badly.

    I guess it might not be your idea. If this is really not your idea but the advertiser’s (now adMarketplace), I would request you to kindly be on lookout for a better online advertiser.

    Meanwhile I will focus on USA, Australia, UK, Canada etc. and also write about Johnny Depp and his friends!

  7. Good stuff.

    However, it doesn’t show on the computer I am currently using (neither does the graphs for Visit Trends or Top Reffering Sites)
    They show on a different computer using the same Internet connection – both use IE7 so I reckon it must be some setting here.
    Any thoughts are welcome.

  8. Thanks for this update, anyway, it isn’t a surprise though as we know whom we are targeting. Now we can work on diversifying our target audience to reduce the risk of changing advertisers. This graph helps to know precisely whether we have diversified enough.

    Funny for me, I get less rate per view when I write about Indian products, and more per view when I write about American stocks. These are really weird things. Hope someday US GDP falls down (because of all the bubbles) and Indian GDP rises to make my day.

  9. Great feature. I also noticed that we now have a bigger version of top contributing keywords. Thanks for listening to our suggestions. Here is the GDP list if anyone is interested. The language and GDP percapita does not have any relation. If you look at the wikipedia list, you will see China and Japan on top even above UK. It is quite possible that China will surpass US in GDP in the near future and India is also catching up. So, plan to learn Hindi and Chinese. :). Just kidding. Thanks Triond for the addition

    1. You do realize that Hindi isn’t the only language in India, right? There’s Gujrati, Punjabi, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Marathi, Bengali, Oriya….

      1. Do you realize that Hindi is the national language and spoken by more people when compared to any other language. :). Of course it has 15 major languages and about 844 different dialects.

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  10. that is very nice interesting feature added to the site, must say it Geo distribution graphs are informative on visitors!

  11. useless for me.

    Nothing else seems to load on that side of my dashboard since you added the chart for where other writers get their views from on search engines.

    Please make these add ons optional.

  12. Great stuff Shahar, more and more great updates are coming and I am very impressed.

    I am sure you know as much as I that small things like this keep a tight knit community. The badges might seem trivial however that is always a big thumbs up that all online writers seem to miss if they do leave Triond.

    I love Triond for their hard work, and I commend you guys. You guys are doing a terrific job, and I hope to see the great work continue.

    Hope to see more updates soon. 😀

    And as always — happy publishing!

    Ohh wait…??? $%^&

    *realizes he has read too much from the Triond Blog*

  13. My graph: 1) USA, 2) Canada, 3) UK, 4) Australia, 5) India, 6) Germany, 7) Sweden. Very interesting. Just published a new article. I wonder why it doesn’t show on my dashboard yet?

  14. Triond is always doing something to improve things. And Shahar, I don’t think he ever sleeps. It’s really great to see where visitors come from. This site is so unique. I’m pretty sure Triond is here to stay.When we had the Malware problem seems like Triond caught it before anyone could take their next breath.

  15. The badges are just plain cute and inspiring. When my impression counter wasn’t working I was in a tizzy but it did get fixed fast. It’s like gold stars, everyone loves a goled star, like the ones we got in school. Even if they don’t admit it.

  16. How do we get to know which country is going to view your post and is it possible to direct your article to your targeted area with high GDP

    1. I am sorry but there is no way to spin more consumer snpeding by a bankrupt nation and a large inventory build by manufacturers that have a hard time moving product at a profit as good news. The US economy is in big trouble and is depending of the Fed’s quantitative easing program for some life. The problem is that any benefit is likely to be short lived as the damage done to the currency and the bond market offsets the lifeline that the Fed is throwing to companies and consumers that deserve liquidation instead.

  17. I have 28% readers from USA and 25% from China. I never thought that i will get so many readers from China. I have few Chinese friends here Triond. Majority of my friends here are Indians and Filipinos.

  18. Hey, this is an amazing feature. However, I guess, this chart is missing on the African Nations (at least in my chart it is not showing, though I have friends from there.) Thanks for improving out experience, by the day Triond. Congratulations.

    Warm Regards,

  19. I love the traffic Geo Dist feature but I don’t understand why I am not getting more U.S. and Canadian traffic? I write articles that, to me, are amer-centric.

  20. I really like this addition thank you.

    I have some questions though…

    I have two articles thar are not calculating properly.
    PAIN is only showing 1 comment when there are 4!
    OCTOBER Is Breast Cancer Awareness Month is only showing 3 comments when there are 4!

    Why is this?

    Also my Impressions badge has been stuck at saying I need 20 more to reach 2000 for the past 24 or more hours and I have had well over 200 hits.

    I hope someone can look into this for me.
    Thank you

    1. Van, I would agree with this statement. However, eornyvee else is just as reckless, just perhaps in different ways.It is obvious that our world is dominated by social democratic systems in which politicians meddle with the economy to benefit their patrons and their friends. We already know that such meddling leads to misallocations of resources that require serious corrections. By not permitting those corrections to happen the politicians and central banks are making the problem worse.I think politicians and central bankers have gotten too smart for their own good.I disagree. They clearly do what they must to further their own interests and cling on to the power that they have. But that way ends in crisis, misery, and collapse. By taking it, the politicians and central bankers have shown that they are not very smart.The US may only become the tallest midget after the dust clears.I doubt that. There is too much debt and too much malinvestment in the US for it to be anything but a middling economic power once the dust clears. There are too many old voters looking for breaks and handouts and too many angry young voters that are economic illiterates. The environment is changing and voters are looking for someone to promise a free lunch and state driven solutions to their problems. Look for the idiots in the Republican Party to destroy the GOP by giving in to Obama’s attack on ‘the rich’ as they compromise and increase taxes on those earning $500K to $1 million and to extend the huge spending programs that are already threatening the financial stability of the country. Look for a QE3 to take up the slack once the current program of monetizing government debt ends. And look for the GOP to select another unprincipled clown to oppose Barrack and do its best to hand him a victory. A promising development would have a third party candidate take on both the GOP nominee and Obama and to put forth an alternative vision based on the principles on which the country was founded. The best development would be to have independents rally to such a candidate and win. But that is very unlikely to happen and if it does not, the US is doomed.

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