Announcing February Special

Our recent specials have generated lots of excitement in the Triond community and allowed many of you to earn more money. Because so many of you have asked for more specials, we have decided to offer our biggest monthly special yet.

This time, we are adding an exciting new bonus level beyond what we offered in the past — if you publish 20 articles to participating sites in February, you will receive a 30% bonus.  To sum it all up, here are the details:

  • Publish 5 articles and get a 10% bonus
  • Publish 10 articles and get a 20% bonus
  • Publish 20 articles and get a 30% bonus

Here’s a reminder for the participating sites:

  • Healthmad
  • Gomestic
  • Newsflavor
  • Socyberty
  • Bizcovering
  • Scienceray
  • Sportales
  • TheRealOwner
  • Purpleslinky
  • Webupon
  • Computersight

February is a short month, so get started publishing today and earn your biggest bonus yet!

One last thing before we forget: participate in our February Special and you’ll also receive this badge:

Qualified for December 2010 Special

169 thoughts on “Announcing February Special

      1. You should have some confidence, hun! You write many cool poems and haikus, I believe you canw rite great articles too


      1. Creative writing does not attract much advertisement revenue, leaving very little to share in terms of a bonus. Furthermore, if Authspot was included, I wouldn’t find it had to come up with some ten Haiku in a sitting and neither would anybody making it less of a challenge.

      2. okay for me, since I’m not here full time, I’m just curious.
        Authspot writers, don’t be discouraged, write happily as usual.

  1. Ahh!
    This will be the best 16th b-day prezzie ever!
    Can’t wait, I’m gonna write a few articles early, so I’m ready to put them on!
    Good luck everybody!

  2. This sounds fantastic! but i’m afraid I wont be participating in this months special as these sites are not my area of expertise. ( No matter how much I want the pretty purple thing …)

    Alas, good luck everyone!

  3. I have the two other badges and will take a shot at this one. I have some articles I am working on and just need to finish them up….

  4. I am excited about this! I joined Triond over halfway through January and was wondering what the specials were all about. I will be doing my best to qualify for this month!

  5. I did the December special and had fun doing that. I’m excited for this one. Got most of my articles planned out. Should be a very productive month. Time for a writing marathon lol 😀

    1. hello, I am Jerin from India(Kerala). Is triond really pays you? Is it a scam or not? I am cheated very much in internet. can u pls help me? pls send a mail to me with your experience with triond.

      1. jerin, I have no idea. So far I have not seen any money. For this month (when I finally came close to getting that magic check, or so I hoped) my earnings have been frozen. I get views, but not a cent added to my ‘earnings’.
        After this month, I will stop writing for Triond, unless I get paid. That should tell you.

      2. Yes Jerin Triond is a legitimate site and you DO get paid. I have received my money every month for almost two years.

        You should work on your english though, no offense intended.

  6. I really like how you are setting these specials up every other month. Some think it would be better to have them every month, not me though. It would just be a regular month if they were on every month; but, having them every other month really does get me excited for the challenge and in the writing mood 😀

    Thanks! This one will be hard for me, but, definitely worth it 😀

    1. Lucky you .. I have never had anything more than a dollar.. I wonder what am doing wrong.. it discourages me from writing especially because I can’t even withdraw from Paypal.. My country, Kenya isn’t allowed to do so.

      I would however like to earn some figures. I am beginning to think the earning thing doesn’t work at all since I don’t get anything even from the google side. It is so annoying. Would you like to help on the topic of how you are able to earn. I mean more than just the issue of write, write, write???

  7. that was cool..highly appreciated..thanks Triond Team..honestly, I’m able to write, max 30 articles/, I think another last offer will coming soon..probably on April 2011!

  8. Wow, that’s nice news indeed, although I’m currently suffering from the ridiculous writer’s block thing and none of the subjects listed really caught my attention, I’ll try writing :). Happy writing everyone :).

  9. Hey! This February offer is cool! Infact I was waiting for this offer. Now I am going to write everyday…watch out friends! Read and offer comments…………

  10. Do you get the bonus on all your earnings for the month (including previous months articles) or just the articles that you publish in the month that falls under these categories

  11. oh i was challenged with this offering…i am going to try writing more than 30 articles…i hope that for the next month offering, 40 articles=40% will be included by triond…

  12. Yesterday I only made 5 cents and today I did not make any money. Is the a reason for this because those numbers are out if the ordinary.

  13. In order to get the badge and the bonuses, must all the articles appear on same site or on any of the 11 sites? I have one already on healthmad

    1. me also posted and published 21 articles on 2-3 sites including in the special bonus for February but till now not yet received the badge – do I have done wrong?

  14. Hi, I know this is the wrong place, but HELP!

    I just had an article disappear. It says it is published (1 for today), but it is not in the published list, not pending, not declined, no longer saved anywhere, so where did it go?

    The title is “Animal shelters: The Good and the Bad”

    Please help me find it.

  15. Is there any way that Triond can provide users with the ability to use our own Google Analytics to go with our adsense?

    Infobarrel and bukisa both have it and my earnings are much higher there than here at Triond since I am able to analyze my stats.

    I need more than the “last 30 days” to understand how my readers are acting here. Like how long are they staying on the page? Where are they coming from, etc.?

    Between Infobarrel and Bukisa I am making about $1k-2k per month. With Triond I am making less than $20 per month with adsense.

    1. AMAZING images Nic . you have done a FAB job genittg this far as many have already stopped I’m sure .. everyday things are the best, I see beauty in so many little things as you have here .. Keep going x

  16. Why do you ignore AUTHSPOT ???
    every time i post an article for ur other sites
    as per u
    they get rejected
    So i thought as i am only acceptable for poetry wise and all my earnings will go to CANCER SOCIETY
    you may like to reconsider
    AUTHSPOT guys ‘gals women and men as well thanks .

    some one asked me to bring to ur notice
    the corruption of an apostrophe
    please look into it. thanks

    i’m =i @%20; Something like that happens ……….. it should be

  17. I already received a badge in one of your month bonuses. But how can I determine how much I did earn from these bonuses from our regular earnings? I don’t feel that I did earn. tks

  18. Fantastic! I didn’t manage to get the December Bonus badge, so I will be sure to get this one! 🙂 Best start writing, I suppose!

  19. Yet another call for help: My earnings have been frozen since the beginning of the month. I get more views, but not one penny more!
    Seriously, at this point I don’t care about bonuses, but I would like to get what I have earned added.

    If Triond has difficulties, please let us know that they are working on it.

    In the past Triond has always been more than fair fixing mistakes, but this time, are they aware of it? Are they working on it?

    First the mysterious disappearing article, now the money goes to the limbo place… where do electrons go when they do that?

  20. I just published an article on largest horses and how they make great pets and your automated software stuck the article on Sportales. The article has nothing to do with sports and should be on The RealOwner. Why bother using Triond when this stuff happens?

  21. So have I understood the comments right that I’m seeing that if I’ve been writing and my writings have gone to Authspot, they aren’t counting for the contest? I agree with all of those who have mentioned above that we, as poets, need a contest too.

  22. I’m new to Triond, how do i make sure that my articles get posted specifically to these websites!?

    I’m very excited to write a bunch of articles, i just want to make sure I am taking advantage of this opportunity!

    1. Accept reality.

      You get paid for the views, not the articles.

      Triond prefers quantity over quality. The writing and content of an article is secondary, you have to have the right keywords, to get views. You can have written a masterpiece and not get a single cent for it, because nobody can find it, nobody clicks on the page.

      What happens during these specials is that there is a veritable avalanche of crap that gets published, because people want the badges and the bonuses, which turns off repeat readers. Nobody in their right mind actually reads any of the above mentioned blogs on a regular basis, because they have “such quality articles” – they sure don’t. Half of them are not even in English (probably translated by a free site on the internet, they are incomprehensible) and most of the other half is simply obvious rehashing of a topic that might get views (sex or politics).

      If you are lucky enough to have an article come up on the first page of a Google search for your topic, you can get enough views to get paid, over time – several months. But it seems like a very difficult way to make $50.

      1. Calare, have you ever heard the phrase “If you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all?”

        While on a very small scale you are correct about a lot of trash going out during the bonus months and some do use those terrible translators that make no sense, there are some of us that actually do put out quality, time-taking articles.

        I rarely submit an article that takes me less than one hour to research, as the three I have submitted since 4am today.

        So do not paint us all with one paint brush. Thank you very much!

      2. Nina,
        if everyone subscribed to that philosophy, the world would be a far worse place than it is.
        Lucky for me, I was raised to speak up, if I expected improvement. Nothing comes from nothing, and nothing gets better when you don’t put something into it.

        And it is exactly because there are some writers who work hard and produce fine articles that I think Triond is doing a disservice by choosing volume over content. And just like Emem, I haven’t seen any money yet.

  23. Is anyone else having major issues with Triond timing out all the time?
    This has been happening all week. I imagine it’s extra busy with the bonus but 24/7? This is frustrating!

    3 more articles and I have 20 sent.. if I can get them through in time.

    1. Nina, I had more trouble with Triond this month than before… probably a volume thing.

      I had my earnings frozen, then they worked again, I had articles disappear, then reappear, I had articles saved as drafts, when I hit ‘submit’… and it would bounce back into the draft folder three times.

      1. Thanks Calare. I haven’t had those sort of issues, mostly technical.
        I hope your issues get resolved.

        I’m hoping to hear from the Triond staff about this as it would be nice to have some feedback from them.

  24. Quisiera saber porque mis artículos me son devueltos se dice que son parecidos siempre me parece en mi pagina es contenido santo pues, esa es mi profesión.
    y para lo único que se e hablar de prosperidad, abundancia, riquezas y secretos en todo lo referente a tener una calidad de vida excelente, todos mis artículos son enseñanzas.
    Ademas de eso todos mis articulo me toca pagarlos al traductor de google porque se algunas palabras de ingles y luego debo de copiar y pegar en World, para copiar y pegar en la pagina de triond.
    Según estadísticas somos 1.500.000.000 latinos en el mundo, desde que ustedes quitaron la pagina en español se ha bajado el ranquin de personas que leen mis artículos.
    Será ese el motivo que triond no me acepta los artículos?

    I wonder because my items are returned to me are said I always feel like my holy site is content then, this is my profession.
    and all that is and talk about prosperity, wealth, riches and secrets on everything related to having a great quality of life, all my items are teaching.
    Besides that all I have to pay my article to google translator because some words in English and then I copy and paste in the World, to copy and paste into the Triond website.
    According to statistics Latinos are 1,500,000,000 in the world, since you removed the page in Spanish has lowered the ranquin of people who read my articles.
    Is that the reason I accepted Triond articles?

  25. I wonder because my items are returned to me are said I always feel like my holy site is content then, this is my profession.
    and all that is and talk about prosperity, wealth, riches and secrets on everything related to having a great quality of life, all my items are teaching.
    Besides that all I have to pay my article to google translator because some words in English and then I copy and paste in the World, to copy and paste into the Triond website.
    According to statistics Latinos are 1,500,000,000 in the world, since you removed the page in Spanish has lowered the ranquin of people who read my articles.
    Is that the reason I accepted Triond articles?

    1. It sure has Fornis and my head is pounding! lol

      I need ONE more article AAAHHHHH!!!! I just can’t get my brain to work anymore. I’ve been sick all month.. can’t believe I’ve gotten this many… but I can’t let myself miss out on 20% by just one!

  26. In February I written 230 articles.
    30 articles = 30% bonus
    30 articles = 30% bonus
    30 articles = 30% bonus
    30 articles = 30% bonus
    30 articles = 30% bonus
    30 articles = 30% bonus
    30 articles = 30% bonus
    20 articles = 20% bonus
    230 articles = 200% bonus

    HA HA HA


  27. submitted 20 articles against to those participating sites but not yet received the promised badges for February, when I received it

  28. To make the most out of the next bonus, we need to write a lot now in this month which earn money in next month and get added bonus. That is the real idea behind these bonuses.

    How long will you take small bonuses and regret not utilizing previous the month? The time is now!

  29. Hi,
    I did 34 articles and did not received the promised badge.I hope to get it soon.I wrote 24 articlesto the said sites.

  30. Sir I got achieve my target and total my 50 articles are published in the Feb month mostly in so tell me how can check my 10% payment

  31. Well, I’m kind of puzzled…. I posted 5 qualified articles in February, but there is still not badge on my page, and I don’t see 10% bonus on my February earnings. What should I do? Whom should I ask about this?

  32. Fantastic beat ! I would like to apprentice whilst you amend
    your website, how could i subscribe for a blog web site?

    The account helped me a appropriate deal. I were tiny bit familiar of this your broadcast provided vibrant transparent concept

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