Announcing May 2011 Quality Challenge

This month’s special is totally unprecedented in Triond history. Many of you have suggested that we focus on quality rather than quantity, so we’ve decided to do just that by specifically rewarding high-quality content.

How will we define high quality content? The answer is simple: Your own readers will define it by reading your articles thoroughly and this is measured by the average time that a reader spends on a page. Only articles that were published on May are participating.

So here’s the drill: we will give away $5 for each article of the top 100 that will generate the highest average viewing time. Yes, it’s that simple! Also, be aware that we will only take into consideration articles that have a reasonable amount of organic traffic.

A few tips: (1) to increase your chances, focus on writing articles that are thoroughly researched and interesting enough to keep your readers hooked and (2) try to engage your readers by encouraging them to leave comments.

To help you out, we will be adding a new section on the Dashboard that is called “Top Content” which will show the top 10 articles leading in the average viewing time criteria. You will be able to see the full list here. Notice that this list will always present data that is updated to three days back, hence it will start showing only on the 4th of the month. This also means that the final results of this challenge will be concluded on June 4th.

This is a very exciting opportunity for many of you to increase your revenues significantly.  So why waste your time on this page? Go and submit your interesting articles now!

181 thoughts on “Announcing May 2011 Quality Challenge

      1. Organic= Search Engine Visitors
        Thanks, that helps a lot.
        If anyone doesn’t know about relevant traffic’ it’s me.
        But it seems some of us could write the Bible and not get ‘relevant traffic’, that’s why I decided to pass on this ‘incentive’.

      2. I thought the same thing. Then I wrote a post about playing Shaco in League of Legends. It brings in about 1/3 of all the visitors on my site.

        Just google “How to Play Shaco” it’s on the first page.

        You can do the same thing. You just need to write something that *you* would read and others will read it. Don’t get all technical. Just write something helpful and the people will come.

        Also, don’t drag out your post as long as you can. Make it quick, you have this long (no time at all) to catch someone’s attention. Use it well. Quick, well written paragraphs with good grammar and no misspellings will go a long way.

  1. Hello,
    The Challenge seems great and daring! Nice one!

    Just got one question:
    Since you haven’t mentioned it
    I’m guessing it applies to all content we already have published right?
    Or is it just for new published content among this period?
    If you’re open to suggestions I would say Do it to all content users have published

    Kind regards to you Udi Oz!!

  2. This sounds really great. I can’t wait to start the challenge.

    However, I’m still wondering if number of views will also affects the overall score.

    For example, will an article with 100 views and 5 minutes average time spent beats the one with 100,000 views but 3 minutes average time spent? Or would it be the other way instead?

    Thank you and keep up the great work!

    1. I believe organic traffic means that it will mainly counts those who came from outside Triond community. This will make it hard (if not impossible) for people to team up and raise their own average viewing time.

    1. I can’t say for sure “what is menat by Quality”?
      I openion that every writer has a message to deliver to the viewer and he does it in his own manner but yet if a reader is not attracted towards the published article is it that the writer is at fault?

      I think the publishing web needs to do some more efforts to promote an article so that both sides enjoy the benefit. PLease consider it favorably?

  3. Is there a minimum amount of views to qualify? Similar to sport statistics in baseball (i.e. minimum at bats or minimum innings pitched).

    Lets say you write a short story that ends up being 10 pages and only generates 5 external viewers. If they each take 10 minutes to read it, you will have an average of 10 minutes but only have generated 5 views. That type of work shouldn’t be eligible since you could tell family members to read it by finding it through a Google search. Thus, you have artificially, but legally by the sites rules, inflated your viewing time. There should be a 100 view minimum or something along those lines.

  4. I like the idea of rewarding quality. I’m just wondering if any others have similar habits to mine – I will occasionally start reading someone’s article, and then distracted – happens to moms all the time – and then half an hour later I will get back to the computer and it is still open to the article I was reading. Is this sort of thing accounted for when you compute the average length of time spent by readers?

    Are you considering any sort of rating scale by readers?

    1. I thought about that too Karen. I always leave articles open after commenting and as for the Top 10. Even after checking the top 10 contents now. It’s the same people that have been there for months. The names hardly change.

      I think this Challenge will just be won by Luck.

      1. I think you’re thinking of the Hot Content. The Top Content is below that and I think it going to show only YOUR CONTENT and not anyone else.

      2. ok I was wrong, the top content is for everyone. That sucks, only 100 people with all the people writing on this site……….

      3. Actually it’s only 100 articles. Some people could be in the top 100 more than one time.

    2. I am the same Karen & Elena. I often leave articles open, either to see a rsepons to mine or others comments or because, like yourself, I get distracted.
      I guess I won’t be letting that happen this month.

  5. Sounds very challenging..
    Does this include those articles in Authspot, for poems, thoughts, lessons or short stories?
    Good for most writers, if I cannot make it, at least my friends can, so that’s great.

  6. Very interesting this will be a challenge to many, but it will motiviate many to do thier very best.

    Good luck to us all.

    1. This will inspire and motivate the writers to write quality content. Triond will gain in prestige.

  7. This is a good challenge for the Triond writers. I have been writing many articles about the importance of organic traffic. I am happy about this change. This is the real challenge, I welcome it, thanks.

  8. This is a not only a great challenge, it is also nice to see in a long time. Even if we don’t win the challenge, it helps learn on improving quality or reading time of our articles. Atleast we will try seriously and may improve in next months if not in May.

  9. Hmmmm….. quite interesting this will only just make me devote more time like i have always wish too.

    How long will it take to read a 600 word article, it still doesn’t take fast reader such as me more than a minute so i guess this contest should be totally difficult because it will take more than one article to get a lot of time or a very long article to get you a minimum of 2 minutes per article.

    Hmmm, i think i could do a lot of 1000 words articles.

    1. Quality articles should not be judged by viewers that appear to help one another, even when an article merits no consideration whatsoever as far as topic and grammarr are concerned. Triond should be aware that there is no guarantee that a real. good article will be sincerely judged by viewers; hence, I am not sure if viewers, particularly those that seem to favor one another would show no bias whatsoever.

      1. It is not an easy task to judge the merits of an article. Ben Jonson was quite wrong as he commented: “Shakespeare wrote no language”.

  10. I think it is very interesting, but I don’t think I’m going to do this one. It’s tough enough to just come up with an idea for a regular article, much less one of high standards. Thanks

  11. OK, so what is to stop someone from asking people to stay on their articles? I mean, fair enough that you have to get organic views, but I reckon this is easily exploitable and I also think the results will show as much – if Triond publicizes them.

  12. There’s one flaw with how you are defining quality. Perhaps someone stays a long time on a single article because it takes them a long time to figure out what the writer is trying to say.

    When people refer to quality I think they are usually referring to legibility, i.e. no spelling mistakes, correct use of grammar and punctuation. Before now, I’ve spent many minutes on one article trying to figure out what exactly the writer was talking about because their sentences were incoherent.

    Yet according to this system these will now be ranked as being high quality!!!

    This won’t be impressing the new Google algorithm any time soon that’s for sure.

    1. , I don’t think having a woohskrp like we had last week is a “horrible idea”. But this woohskrp was nothing of the kind you have described: “a meeting specifically highlighting women’s accomplishments in a field of mathematics”. The purpose was to give an introduction to the main topics of the forthcoming long-term program. In such lectures nobody ever talks about accomplishments of specific people, just tries to give a comprehensive picture of a mathematical field in question, highlighting main concepts and results. If some of the lecturers would instead start “specifically highlighting women’s accomplishments in a field of mathematics”, this would beat the whole purpose of the woohskrp and so be totally inappropriate, but thank God, it has not happened before (including last week) and hopefully will not happen at meetings like this.

  13. Everybody!! Perhaps this is Much Ado about nothing?!?

    This seems to me as a very interesting challenge!!
    I’m not quite getting what’s the fuss about quality?

    You just have to focus on creating articles with new, appealing and creative ideas and put it (or try to) put it in simple words so that people who view your content don’t feel the need to run away in the first or second minute after reaching your articles!

    Even if you have to run to your toilette and don’t have a chance to close the page on the article you’re reading, how many times can you do it? One hundred? One thousand?
    Come on guys and ladies…

    To you all..
    ..the best and inspiring dreams… good writings!!

  14. The quality content challenge is a good idea, aiming to write quality content as a writer is very motivating as well, thank you for this opportunity.

  15. I’m new to triond but what I read sounds pretty interesting and the members of this community always seem to help each other out. Thank you for offering this and I wish everyone good writing.

  16. If I understand correctly, you are using viewing time and organic traffic as criteria for judging high quality content. So what happens to correctness of grammar and spelling, conciseness, relevance of topic, reader impact etc. which we all know form part of the criteria for judging good writes? And what about the variables that could affect viewing time like speed of reading, length of article, and other environmental distractions? I see loopholes here. Whoever makes it to the Top 100 could cast doubts as to their being there. It would have been more acceptable to me if you didn’t use high quality content but longest read and most viewed content to identify the Top 100.

    Just voicing my opinion. But I commend you for always making Triond an interesting site for writers.

    1. I agree Likha, this has nothing to do with quality. This is a quantity competiton… who can get the most views and view time… that has nothing to do with quality.
      Much of the things searched online are junk not good quality information.

      I always strive to have good quality articles but highly doubt I will make the top 100 anyway.

      Well good luck to all of us but that is all this is.. LUCK! I would rather have a real competition in our hands. I hope this doesn’t set a precedent. I would much rather have the old competitions than this one.. but that’s just my opinion.

  17. just like so many other things you do to keep people hooked! I think this one’s going to work!! 5 cents, eh?! Sounds better than one and I am contending,though I can’t honestly understand why? You know, with the amount of time and effort that I spend here on Triond, I think I would have surely made more money doing other things…but you have me in your grip, for now, at least!

  18. “So here’s the drill: we will give away $5 for each article of the top 100 that will generate the highest average viewing time. Yes, it’s that simple! Also, be aware that we will only take into consideration articles that have a reasonable amount of organic traffic.”

    I love it!!!

  19. This challenge is ridiculous. If you are going to judge the article on the basis of quality, then viewership should not be a factor. Most readers are drawn to yellow journalism and trashy catch-phrases, while quality writing often goes unread.
    If Triond was concerned with quality, then they would be judging on grammar, syntax, research, and artistic style…not readership. Some of the bloggers in this network cannot even write a sentence in English, yet they get readership because they have pictures of scantily clad women, free give-aways, or suggestive headlines leading to fluff.
    If the contest is concerned with readership, then it should not be called a “quality” contest.

    1. I totally agree with you. Triond is such Bullshit. The ‘Hot Content’ consists of the shittiest articles on the Net, and the highest hits are for stuff you’d be ashamed to show your 7th grade English teacher.

      There are a lot of people who publish really good stuff on Triond, and after getting 10 or 20 readers world wide publish it elsewhere. Quality would mean that a sentient being with the capacity to read and judge would actually be looking at your articles. All one has to do is have ten friends click on one of the shit pieces here, go to the bathroom, then come back to ‘win’.

      I’m expecting the ‘winners’ to look like the usual ‘hot content’ crud.

      And who said Triond wasn’t a Content Farm?

  20. Finally, a challenge that is different. It’s hard to get viewers reading the whole article and then leaving a comment. View for view won’t work this time. Neither short articles. Good luck to all the participants.

  21. Search engines take time to index, and send traffic. It is extremely hard to write an article, and attract mostly organic traffic in less than a month’s time.

    1. I like this painting but hanvig visited the Terry Rodgers Site I have to say I found the rest of his paintings, the ones on show there anyway, technically excellent but otherwise distasteful.

  22. WooHoo… well done Triond. This is what most of us have been waiting for… a chance to sparkle. There are so many great writers on Triond who will get some reward now for their hard work. Quality is much to writer than Quantity and should be rewarded 🙂

  23. “we will give away $5 for each article of the top 100 that will generate the highest average viewing time. ”

    So only $500 on the table for all of us to compete for?

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      1. Wow! im moved by this article! I felt something in my heart! This is a winning article right here! give the guy $5!

  25. You didn’t mention any badge. I only join challenges coz of badges. If there isn’t any. I’m sitting this one out. Good luck guys 🙂

  26. Since we are talking about readership here, I assume a Filipino language article (which Triond permits) with loads of bekimon and jejemon street language and spelling discussing Triond’s May challenge can make it to the Top 100 so long as it leads in average viewing time and has a good amount of organic traffic.


    “Ayusin ang jupuan at joptop. Trippings to ng mga ume-alien na tao. Bale tao ka, sulat alien lang. Tawagin ang mga kyoto. Wag ikyosok sa kyoob. Ipabasa itich para ma-win ka sa challenge gaya neto! QamuxZta naman,? Jejejeje… Di ba kalurky itich?!”

    Jejemon and Bekimon languages are emerging popular urban languages in Filipino culture and thus get a good amount of organic traffic from Filipino readers who comprise a large population on Triond and the net in general. Apparently, their outlandish spellings take a longer time to read and decipher their meanings– a likely candidate for “high quality content” as far as the May challenge goes.

    I hope Triond clears these things up before more of us begin to lose faith on this idea and this site as a whole. Thanks.

    1. I agree with Likha, please do clear things up for there are a lot of loopholes here, thanks 🙂

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  28. Why not just say the challenge is based off of Search Engine Visitors? You cant say quality because there is not one way to really define quality.

  29. I totally agree with Likha, there are so many loopholes in this! Quality means good grammar and vocabulary, interesting topics too. I think your challenge is not really fair. I personally feel you could increase our revenue, Triond is now well known and we have done the reputation of the site. We all worked hard for that, we expect a reward. It would be justice. What do you think?

  30. Guys – if you write well and you are sure of your perfect English – The search engine will trace you. Triond knows what they want and why they prefer doing it that way. Just go for it or leave it.

  31. @max

    Not necessarily. Search engines can, and have been known to, block sites. for example, Google’s deciding to block content farms.

    Hence the question: “Is Triond a content farm?” If Triond regards high traffic and length of time on a site as being an indicator of quality, then yes, it is.

  32. This is an interesting challenge but very difficult to monitor, for us anyway. I have no idea how long people spend on my articles.

  33. As I replied above, this chanllenge has nothing at all to do with quality. This is a quantity competiton… who can get the most views and view time… that has nothing to do with quality.
    Much of the things searched online are junk not good quality information.

    I always strive to have good quality articles but highly doubt I will make the top 100 anyway.

    Well good luck to all of us but that is all this is.. LUCK! I would rather have a real competition in our hands. I hope this doesn’t set a precedent. I would much rather have the old competitions than this one.. but that’s just my opinion.

    Not happy with this one!

  34. Interesting challenge, albeit, extremely flawed.
    How long an article is open has nada to do with how good the article is. Perhaps someone got distracted (I’m guilty of this all the time). Or maybe someone wants one bit of info and leaves it open (I do this). Or maybe they open a bunch at once and then go through them one by one (happens all the time). Maybe the reader is slow. Or maybe the reader is fast and got great info and moved on. Etc, etc, etc. There are many reasons a bad article could be left open and a good article could be breezed through.
    Then there is the organic traffic issue. Um, Triond is high on ads, not very user friendly (another reason lots of articles get closed quickly, even if top-notch, especially by organic traffic). Many search engines don’t like that either. Keeps you low—not always, but a lot of times. Plus, it takes a couple of months to get decent long-term pull into search engine ranking. Yes, new things get thrown up, but real long term rankings (the ones that count), take awhile to build. Backlinks, for example, don’t happen overnight. I would question the validity of any article that can pull in a lot of views, with decent viewing time, from organic sources.
    It’s interesting. A step in the right direction. But does NOT prove quality in any way. A judging panel would make more sense. Check for proper grammar, lack of misspelling, original content, minimum word count, viable content, evergreen topics, etc. Oh well.

  35. First, thanks to Triond for the continued effort to improve Triond site. The May challenge may motivate writers to write more quality content, but I also believe that that quality do not only depend on the quantity of readers (as indicated organic traffic) and the time spent on the page.
    I agree with Andrew, Likha, and TJ Marcott about the points they raised above.

    If the main purpose is to improve the quality of articles here in Triond, I think that it should begin in the approval process. Editors should improve their approving process and standards. There will be no trash posts if they have not been approved it beforehand.

    Just like other content websites, they are trying to establish standards that atleast reduce off quality articles that can lead them to be a content farm sites.

    An important matter that I hope be addressed by Triond is the wrong posting of “related links” in our articles oftenly with sex related articles which is too way related to the article. This has been raised repeatedly in satisfaction forum site. This issue affects the reputation of Triond,the article, and the author.

    How can writers can actively promote their articles if there will be problems like this. By the way, I am not against these kind of articles, but I hope they should be properly categorized.

    Thanks, 😀 Cheers everyone.

  36. I am new to this Website can you guys please check out my articles as i’m not getting any views plus you can get to know how i write etc . Thanks

  37. Indeed this is a good opportunity for each of us to concentrate more on quality articles this time. I would say it is a training to all the writers given by Triond to bring out those hidden written skills within us.

  38. guys, why are you complaining so much?

    better you start writing good articles that will get to the top content list.

    talking will get you nowhere.

    good job Triond!!!

  39. Triond must have done their homework before launching this challenge. This is basically not just about quality but to regain lost rankings on search engines (esp. Google after its Panda update). Read this article for details:

    The challenge is now to improve the bounce rate that is the readers should spend more time on or within Triond sites without going back to search engine results. That’s why organic traffic is included for the challenge.

    This may not be exactly about quality which is rather a controversial topic. It is about regaining lost trust from Google.

    I am an online writer that doesn’t spend time on networking or other marketing aspects without involving search engines but only targets search engine traffic. So I vote for this challenge! I will continue that even after the challenge because it is the challenge from Google!!

    It is not the right challenge for other writers who don’t have anything to do with search engine traffic. If you are one such writer, wait for your turn.

  40. Nice to see my point proven so perfectly.

    Look at the junk articles that have made it so far…

    Top Content (last updated May 02)
    Bin Laden Was Killed Whilst Using Toilet
    , May 2, 2011 00:14:03

    Osama Bin Laden Died of Kidney Cancer
    , May 2, 2011 00:07:57

    President Obama is Lying Over Osama Bin Laden’s Death
    , May 1, 2011 00:04:42

    White House Insider: Donald Trump Has Been Saying He Will Run for President as a Republican, Which is Surprising, Since I Just Assumed He Was Running as a Joke!
    , May 1, 2011 00:03:38

    Osama Bin Laden Dead? Is That an Hoax to Fool The World or an Open Door to More Terrorism?
    , May 2, 2011 00:03:31

    Osama Bin Laden Died, and The U.s. Has His Body
    , May 2, 2011 00:02:58

    CNN: Osama Bin Laden’s Corpse Was Thrown Into The Sea
    , May 2, 2011 00:02:22

    Dead Bin Laden Picture is a Fake Amateur Photoshop Job
    , May 2, 2011 00:01:30

    I have top quality articles, including my article which has had a lot of search hits.

    There is little we can do. This is a ridiculous ‘challenge’.

  41. Are you serious? You define QUALITY CONTENT as the time a reader spends on the article? WOW, that’s a first! If my English teacher only had the same idea of quality I would have aced the subject.

    You can just ask friends to leave the page on for hours. They can even leave useless comments just for the fun of it. Oh well, anything for $5 right?

  42. @jpcarlos

    you see that already is the case when you look at the leading article … 3 hours something? I read faster in Brail having to use a handbook for every single sign …

    good idea gone wrong … that leaves always room for improvement, though 🙂

  43. Gee …I’ve been looking for an excuse to do ‘an RJ Evans’ and get the hell off of this crap-ass site and THIS contest just might do it for me! :-

    1. Stick, how the heck are you? I actually submitted two articles, my first in over a year, just to see if they land on this list. Why? The articles present on Hot Content have been there for over 6 months and I have to say, most of them are complete nonsense. I can’t even make it through the titles. The grammar and spelling is ridiculous. I can’t understand what’s happened on this site and I can see now why I left.

  44. This has nothing to do with QUALITY. This contest is a total crap, bring back the old ones, it’s way more quality in quantity.

  45. some people feel they are better than those in the Top Content. leave them alone. you would not be this noisy had you made it there as well. Focus on your own instead of bragging how you qualified better. maybe May is not for you. everyone has his own time.

    1. I agree with lurker. Please stop complaining about others writing low quality articles. When others’ work entered the hot content, stop making noise also, don’t blame the writers, blame those who click on them. Also, because of so much complaints about quality quality quality, Triond now think of something different, which to people like me, it’s too complicated, I will give this a pass too and just write my own style. I still prefer the bonus and the badges, because of the complain on quality, I have no more nice badges for display so I will have to make use of Picable to decorate my site, hahaha.
      Anyway, no challenge for me, I am stress free, just write when I feel like it.

  46. In my opinion, this is the most ridiculous challenge ever. Can people cheat in this? Oh sure they can. Does that make it fair? HELL NO.

    So us who are too ‘naive’ as to find loopholes will suffer. So basically this challenge is for those ‘brainees’ that have a lot of time on their hands.

    I am going to keep publishing articles, but I am in no way publishing them to participate is this so called competition.

    Triond, you should treat your long-time, trusted members who worked hard to make this site what it is today much better!

  47. hi..i’m new..i just want to ask why triond keeps on rejecting my articles. i really want to write for this site

  48. I have written many articles and Triond says they are repeated or holy content, I say no one can say that the content of an article is good or bad, or even be rejected because although they are articles, how bad it is bring a teaching Lords look Triond since written many articles, do not understand why they are rejected and it disappeared the Spanish Triond website as we are more Spanish speakers than English speakers are a total of 1,500,000,000 of preson and that population is being lost , as in Triond articles I reject the same articles I’m publishing in Spanish-speaking another page.

    Know what we have to do that we have little or no English use the Google translator to translate the language and you lose the sense of what the author wants to say, I’m keeping track of the pages written in English and not even appear in the 100 pages of google search or other search engines even give us to understand that no one reads in English but in Spanish if those pages have been monitored and are on the front page in the first row of Google and other, so the majority are Spanish speaking.

    Thank you very much for all you please respond to this statement because I have never been answered.

  49. It is interesting that you make that selection of the 100 best in quality and that’s good for Triond therefore gives more tuning in the search engines page.

    My desire is to continue writing to teach many that life is not just let it go but do something important in our exixtencia to become better every day PARF SWER a winner with success, success is measured by their skillful, intelligence and tenacity.
    We must continue looking for other alternatives to get to the chasm and mantain a writer, giving information presise, concise and watch for it to be read by many readers who are eager for wisdom and knowledge regarding the existence of being as such To reach the pit and stay there to achieve the targets set for each of us.


  50. @Jen, try submitting a ticket and the admin of Triond will look into your article manually and let you know if your article will need some more corrections, they will be glad to put you through, they are very nice.

    @Udi Oz, I published one article earlier yesterday, I didn’t submit it via the hot content link but I feel that article will do well and I’ll like to use it as my hot content, if it’s possible anyway.


  51. Wow, i love how this is released right after bin ladens death, so it wont surprise me if that is all these articles are about now

  52. i am new to this webste.can anyone guide me what actually i have to do to gain recognition and attention.
    i have been writing poems for years and now wish to publish them up here.
    please, help if anyone can. would be really grateful.
    thank you.
    Mr. UDI
    you have mails in your inbox to reply back.kindly, reply me please.
    i’m expecting a reply as soon as possible.:):)
    thank you sir.

  53. Hey i’m King 112233 i have posted many articles but still my views won’t go up ! Help me out , in my opinion i’m not that bad of a writer been writing for 25 years now .

  54. What does the quality of the article have to do with how much time it takes someone to read it? I happen to be able to read and fully comprehend 440 words a minute. Does that mean that all the articles I read are of poor content? On the other hand someone may take ten minutes to read a single paragraph of an article. Does, that mean the article is high quality?

    I really think you all missed the boat on deciding what makes a quality article.

    1. lol… I’ve seen it. ‘I feel your pain’and two pages lol.. I think that one’s suppose to be in authspot he he

  55. hi RAJUN, it’s not polite of you to post the link to that article you call “bad”. you might not like it but you should not do that to whoever the owner of the article is. just saying,.perhaps that’s the reason why you’re not getting more views. we may not like the articles of some, or we may judge them as having poor quality, but still, it’s not appropriate to do that.

    focus on your own articles. =)

    1. I wouldn’t just post any link that I call “bad”. This one isn’t good or bad. It is a joke. Someone must have tested to see how easy it is to pass through editors.

      Btw, I didn’t say I am not getting more views. I found this garbage dump while focusing on my articles.

      1. Facebook ပၚမ သ အ တ မ ပ Blog မ သ ပ မ တ ဖစ ႀကတ က ယ က ယ က ယ ရ စ ရ ဖၚ မ င မ တ က ပ ဒ ပ စ မ ပန ရ တ လ က လ အရမ ပ နတယ … က ဇ အႀက ႀက တင ပ တယ န … You all make my day brighter…!! ❤ ❤ ❤

  56. I agree with Rajun, the link was posted in Heathmad with only three words “I Feel you pain” and just repeated many times. I also do feel that it was not on the right category. We are not here to criticize the writer, but the editorial process of Triond which approves obvious unlikely postings.

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  58. I think if you just write what you write that’s good enough. If you are rewarded then, besides the small cash award, there is a certain recognition that might just help inspire you to write more or more often.

    I wouldn’t get too hung up on this if you don’t see your articles in the top 10, but if you do then, ya, get hung up on it :D…

  59. Time spent on articles….

    I keep trying to explain to content farm writers, it is all about the ads and advertisers. The longer your quality writing can hold a non-Triond viewer (organic traffic), the better chance of attracting higher paying ads. More revenue to share, get it???

  60. Triond HELP!!!

    What’s going on?

    I was on the list this whole time and now I’m not!

    My article was 3:17 and the last one is just over 1 minute.. I should still be there!!

    I copied this just yesterday…

    55) Osama Bin Laden is Dead! Confirmed!
    By Nina Mason on Newsflavor, May 1, 2011 00:03:17

    Please figure this out for me!
    Thank you!
    Nina Mason

  61. Yes, this is a challenge alright. I have some quality short stories and articles, but strangely my May quality content is not really read by other people. Scary. And what is really strange,is that I’m getting about a thousand hits on articles, songs and short stories dated from May, 2010-April 2011. My May quality content is almost completely being ignored. This makes me very upset.

  62. ok, so how do I submit articles for this top content thing? Or is it something Triond does by itself by just counting how long people spend on articles?

    1. I feel like you can just submit it just like you would any other article. then triond might over look it and see if your article qualifies. I guess by the quality your article appeared to have… but thats just me talking.

    1. yeah, it isn’t showing in my pay for next month either. i’m wondering if they’ll send the payment out separately. they’ll probably write a post about it and give us badges or something, and they’re just taking some time to do that. but yeah, i haven’t received the 5 per article either

  63. If you had your articles on top 100 but they dropped off the list during May they didn’t get $5 but if they went into it in the last days they did get $5. So totally unfair for people who published during the first half of the month. If there was ANY fairness all articles to make top 100 would have made $5 each.

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