We Hear You

We read the comments on the last post and we understand that many of you are against this challenge. We are inclined to listen to you and, as a result of your strong resistance to this challenge, we have decided to cancel it and come up with a new one for next month.

We have some other interesting ideas about what kind of challenges can come next but we would also like to hear from. We are inviting you to comment on this post with any new challenge ideas that you may have in mind. We will happily adopt those ideas that on the whole we find attractive. Please take into account that we will not take just any idea so no offense.

UPDATE: Due to recent changes in the search world we are currently refraining from doing the 5% 10% 20% bonus. This kind of bonus caused many extremely low quality submissions that hurt the overhaul rankings. We do want to encourage massive submissions only that the quality should be also in a sufficient level.

We look forward to hearing from you. Happy commenting!

208 thoughts on “We Hear You

  1. That is great news to hear. When Triond mentioned about a quality challenge, writers expect quality articles to be rewarded. Unfortunately offensive and repetitive articles are at the top. Many good writers are running away from Triond. Bring back the old challenge. It was fun and challenging at the same time back then.

  2. I’m writing in response of the cancellation of the July Quality Challenge from Triond. I am absolutely okay with the cancellation and in fact, I feel somehow happy upon hearing from you that there will be other form of challenge next month. My idea is to divide the criteria of that challenge in many levels (e.g Beginner, Intermediate and Advance) so that the upcoming challenge is expected to be a fair one as they are level based.

    The levels I mention here refers to one which depends on how long someone has joined Triond before. For an instance, someone who is still new to Triond (less than 2 months of submission) will be categorized on the beginner level, and the same applies for the level beyond. That way, I think the competition will be fairer and it can also encourage both new and skilled writer to submit articles based on their level of competence. Thanks.


    Taufiq Bashori

    1. I agree with your suggestions because its not only encouraging for the old and established writers but the newbies as well. New comer will work hard from there beginning on triond which will give boost to them and also will encouraging for quality as well. So in the end you will get more and more good writers instead of visiting writers who just come and go with the wind.

      1. You are wrong, if i have 2 months here that does not mean that i am a newbie. I write in other places since a long time ago and after 2 years of writing on helium coming here and having an account since two months ago and being called a beginner or newbie is not right. So that kind of challenge sucks.

      2. I agree that this will not work! I know so called newbies who are better writers overall than ones that have been with Triond a year or more. The length of time a writer has been on here does not tell whether a good writer or not.

      3. i got an email which says that my account is in banned status…i want the solution of this problem,any one know how to get out of this problem

    2. Yes, this is a great idea. It enables everyone to become winners. The problem is how can Triond categorize writers?

      perhaps this scheme?
      0-1 Years at Triond = Beginners
      1-3 Years = Intermediary Writers
      3-5 Years = Advanced
      5+ = Senior

      Or this scheme?
      <75 articles = beginners
      75 to <150 articles = Intermediary
      150 to 200 = Advanced
      200+ = senior writers?

      1. That wouldn’t work Ebey because there are some people here who churn out nonsensical articles by using software rewrites of existing articles by others.

      2. @Ebey I am afraid that your second scheme would not work and would only prove to be unfair. I personally know people who do not write on a daily basis, this i am guilty of myself, because we do write on other sites so we do miss the opportunity to write on Triond besides I persoanlly no matter how much I write i could never turn out 75 or more articles a week, for me that would be impossible. And yes, I am a newbie and I am doing my best to learn the art of writing. Proud of it whether or not it meets anyone elses idea of QUALITY!!!! Have a nice day!!!

      3. Some of my articles are nonsensical but aren’t writers supposed to write whatever is on their mind?? Someone told me that’s how one hones his/her writing skills. As for rewrites, I am only guilty of re writing some of my very old articles from years ago, but its only once in awhile I will resort to such tactics.

    3. This is a fine idea, while quality is important marketing and article promotion is just as important as the articles themselves. Perhaps a way to encourage people to promote their work through various means and build a dedicated audience will help in combination with a “refined quality challenge”?

    4. I too like the idea of different levels for the challenges – but I disagree with it being based on time here at Triond. I’ve been with Triond since 2008 and am still very much a novice writer. Perhaps an algorithm taking # of submissions, # of types of submissions (eg news, poetry, short stories etc.) and # of unique views into account might be more fair.

      1. I agree also, it will give the poets a chance to come in and maybe submit. I think any poet wouldn’t have a chance. Cause poems are short. Not considered an article but a little story with a riddle that needs to be figured out.

  3. Thanks for listening to our voice. Since , the July challenge had been canceled, why not devote more dealing with our other requests. Clean the house down of those porn stuff. Return the 5% and 10% and 20% bonus challenge.

    1. Yes, Please get rid of content that borders on porn and remove the porn videos on Kleep. I noticed some publishers are sneaking past the safeguards and are getting really pornographic articles and videos into Triond. It is in violation of TOS i believe, remove such content. We need to clean house.

      1. I agree, ban erotic and pornographic content because it blocks the trafffic to all Triond related sites.

      2. The nude photos, videos, porn titles, and content do indeed detract from the professionalism of our site. I strongly object to being subjected to this low quality and degrading material. It is not like we have a choice. It is put right under our noses, at the bottom of our content, in fact.

      3. I agree with this comment. It makes us look less professional and cheapens the experience of those looking for useful or entertaining content.

      4. I also agree, we are professionals and we should keep it clean you don’t see porn on news sites or other related content. It has no place on a site that promotes writing.

    2. Papaleng, I was sifting through comments to see if anyone would mention this before I posted. I agree with your…a good housecleaning is in order. I was away from Triond for a while and can’t believe the state it is in now. I pulled a couple of my articles because I found porn articles attached to them. When I asked that they be removed, Support never even had the courtesy to answer my email so, after waiting on them for 5 weeks, I took them down.

      Thanks for speaking up!

  4. I will prefer a challenge in the lines of what Helium does. It is very attractive. The ratings and the opportunity to win cash. Moreover, they have more than one challenge running simultaneously. I know that will be difficult, because then comments of the members are taken into account, and that will mean the whole new design of the site. But if not exactly like that, it should be something very similar to it, may be a weekly contest, and more than one contest, on separate categories for the week. It ignites more competition. I would also like to add here about the possibility of publishing the top entries on popular journals, that is in case if Triond gets tied up with such sites.

    I have also mentioned about this idea on get-satisfaction.com forum.

    1. Before Triond can do that, the company needs to revamp the site. How?

      Take down the site for 2 or 3 days and complete rework the site. Give it a facelift, do not flood pages with ads and change the whole publishing process.

      I like Helium, Hubpages and Factoidz. All three have unique publishing methods. Triond needs to learn from higher rated (higher standard) writing sites to increase our own standards and ranking.

      Now I have to admit, no body can beat Triond at how much money we can potentially earn.

  5. Thanks a lot for appreciating our emotions. The only problem was that the challenge dragged down the pay-per-view. If it has restored, any challenge should be welcomed by Trionders. Thanks once again.

  6. Suggestion 1: The 5%, 10% quantity challenges were nice and were a level playing field for everyone. Increasing the bar to 30 articles (1 per day) each of which not less than 300 or 400 words should encourage good writers to create more.

    Suggestion 2: Can announce special badges – one who has written 30+, 50+, or 100+ in a month, and each badge would get some bonus like 3%, 5% and 10% respectively.

    Thank you.

  7. How about doing a contest for articles that get the most amount of ‘natural’ Backlinks? That way Triond’s ranking goes up, at the same time as the person’s article does! Just a thought! ๐Ÿ™‚

      1. Natural Backlinks are Backlinks that other people naturally share on their websites, without you asking them or you yourself sharing them! Natural Backlinks are Google’s favourite thing since it gives them an idea of the best quality websites!


    At last Triond may be looking towards quality in which to put Triond back on the map in light of the site’s overall slump in the rankings. I believe Triond should post something on this and explain how they wish to go about making changes that will boost the site’s rankings in light of the latest Google Panda and also bring back some of the great writers this site has lost. Also implement a block button and weed out the spam and poor writers!
    When you have done this – bring back a challenge. Thanks.

    1. I second that! A site is known for quality or junk, and as much as I love writing for Triond, there are many junk writers. By that, I mean the spelling, grammar, sentence structure, punctuation and organization of thought is horrendous. There are many articles that are simply unreadable, either because the author does not write English well, or because they are so deficient in education. Quality sites do not want this kind of material, so they end up on sites that are so low in the search engines that readership and profit are minimal. Triond has a choice to be either a quality site, or just another writer mill that is loading the internet down with erroneous and poorly researched information (if researched at all). Many of the articles are simply blogs, like daily journals about the writer’s problems, and rants against whatever. Triond company profit (not writer profit) can continue as it is, with the current low standards. But if Triond wants to be more than just about profit, it will have to remake itself, and that starts with not accepting anything anybody wants to write or make a video about. Quality control will attract serious writers, and that is worth getting excited about! Challenges are fine, but there are bigger issues here.

      1. And those people like you don’t deem acceptable quality writers, if not here on triond then where would you suggest they go to get a good start as writers?? I think its unfair that just because someone is not a very good writer is deemed unworthy to even be heard by others. That’s what a site like Triond should be about not about pitting people against each other for the sake of high privilige!!!

  9. You can rate articles and choose the articles that draw organic traffic and are Google friendly for higher rewards and greater recognition.

    I also want to add here, Triond should reveal their hot content algorithm so that writers can work hard and improve their writing skills and make to it.

  10. A quality challenge is still a good idea in general, but I think the problem was that the duration of how long someone looks at a page does not really measure the quality of that page. Number of “I Like It” clicks might be considered, however that just makes it into a popularity contest, and that too is not really a measure of quality. The number of comments on an article has the same problem as the number of “I Like It” clicks, unfortunately.

    Frankly, the only way to really measure quality would give your editors more work, for it would mean actually reading and evaluating the grammar, and spelling in the articles. Proper word usage would also be a matter of consideration. I’ve read too many articles here that have misused words, like “an” for “and”, “to” when it should be “too”, “there” when it is supposed to be “their”, and even “breath” in a place where it should be “breathe”. Writers that create true quality content are those who take pride in their work, actually taking the time to edit and polish their writing before submitting it. One can tell when something is slapped together in just a few minutes, but it does require reading that content in order to make that evaluation.

    Also, when a writer takes the time to actually do real research to get their facts right, might be another proper consideration, though again that makes the editors’ job more difficult in order to confirm that research. I do a lot of research on line, and often include reference links to the sites from which I acquire information. That sort of reference linking could make it a little easier for your editors to carry out that confirmation, by following those links and seeing that the information found there is consistent with the article content.

    These are just some of my thoughts. If I think of anything else, I’ll return and comment more.


  11. Oh, and while we’re on the topic of quality, writers who create content that is designed purely for its shock value, sensationalizing and even lying about things like famous people they say have died, when in reality these folks have not died, should be discouraged from doing that. Such lying articles are not quality work, and frankly should be removed. I don’t care how popular they are, such tabloid journalism is completely unprofessional, totally inappropriate, and is the antithesis of quality work.

    1. I agree with all you have to say–with the editing and so on. However, I believe I am of a different breed of writer. I work with fictional objects, worlds, creations, so and and so forth. As C.J. Cherryh said in her article “Writerisms and Other Sins: A Writer’s Shortcut to Stronger Writing,” “school English is not fiction English.” Grammar and spelling checks may destroy the tone, mood, character, etc. of the writing and that could actually lessen the quality of the work. However I do agree that the general nonsense rubbish (false articles, the alleged “pornographic” articles, and so forth) should be stopped.

      1. Yes, fiction and non-fiction do have different standards. With fiction a certain amount of “poetic license” must be taken into account. I write both non-fiction articles, and fiction, so I’m well aware of the distinction. For example, within the quotation makes of character dialog one has considerable latitude. After all, when people speak, they do not always get their grammar right, and that is okay, since in that case it would be a character trait. However, I would say that within the narrative part of the story, grammar is just as important as in non-fictional articles. That said, it is still acceptable to stretch the rules a bit with fiction for the sake of “flavor”. Metaphoric language can be used to advantage, but getting the spelling and basic grammar in the narrative is still important and should not be neglected.

  12. thanks for listening..i really don’t have plan of posting this month because of that July challenge…

    porn stuffs should be eradicated at once..it’s a shame…i can’t ask my readers who are minors to read my works because of those disgusting porno links scattered all over Triond articles…

    5% and 10% and 20% bonus is good provided you should set standard such as; relevance of the topic, minimum words,etc…

  13. Hi admin- Bring any thing, we have full faith in you. We are with the site as long as any thing transparent is there. I love triond and I am here for the love of it.

  14. Fake articles or hoax articles should be declined, as much as I have written not many bonuses I am not sure if my work is appreciated enough on triond, more competitions or bonus should be the answer to triond writers, quality counts and off course the facts of the article

  15. Hi guys,

    I’m not one of the “big hitters” on Triond or anything, but I’ve been here quietly in the background with occasional success for a few years now so I feel I’m qualified to at least make a few suggestions :).

    I think you’re forgetting that you already have a system to weed out quality articles that get lots of views and comments; the Hot Content list. I believe one sure-fire way to encourage readers to improve quality is to reward them by reaching the Hot Content list. An article which reaches the top spot could get some kind of additional bonus, and an article which is in the bottom place would get a smaller reward. People often forget the list is actually dozens of articles long, so there’s space for everyone.

    I’m certainly not saying it never happens, but it tends to be that there are considerably fewer low quality articles on the Hot Cotent list than there are actually published through Triond as a whole.

    As an expansion on this you could implement the new Badge system (which I love, by the way). Users could receive a badge which shows the highest that they have ever reached on the list. This will probably encourage a healthy level of competition between writers to be one of the good writers on that list, rather than to just hammer out 10 low quality articles a day and watch the views roll in.

    Next month : The Hot Content Challenge?

    Anyway, I’ve rambled on far too long, but I hope you’ve been interested in a few of my suggestions. I think the other writers have really good suggestions too, particularly Dan who mentions monitoring backlinks. Just my two cents.


    1. Yea this would be a good idea it would be like what I said way down that way v.

      Could encourage readers from where ever they come and the community to vote for articles and the ones with the best ratings go up the list and get some bonuses.

  16. Hi

    It’s great to be associated with your site Triond for the past few months. Sorry to hear that July challenge has been canceled but it’s okay with me though. Why not have challenges under different topics like sports, current affairs,politics, etc.


  17. Why not give 5% – 20% bonuses? I say that a threshold should be set for unique views and only articles published for the month, that pass those benchmarks receive the additional amount.

  18. Maybe their should be a theme challenge where in that month we need to write quality articles about a certain theme. The winners or qualifiers for the badge should be judged by quality and creativity of the article, number of likes and as another member said, it should have rankings so that ever kind of writer should win, being them begginers or not.

    Some challenges feel to hard due to the fact that not all writers are “famous” enough.

    Hope next month’s challenge is better.

  19. I would like to see another challenge with the bonus being on how many articles that you write. I think that they need to be articles that have quality to them, but not all of us are professional writers so you must also consider that many of us are here for the fun of writing.

  20. It is not merely about bringing more and more challenges. Triond admin should ensure, that the moderators publish only quality articles.

    This would lead to increase in rankings on search engines and ultimately it would benefit both Triond as well as serious writers who take so much of effort in posting their articles here.

  21. How about checking content for plagiarism. And not allowing members to write articles with less than 400 words.

    1. I disagree with Scott88. Although I believe in articles having quality, having to write 400 words is a lot of work. Besides, the longer an article is, the more redundant and wordy it tends to be. An article can have 250 to 300 words and still be good.

      1. Well, yes an article can be less than 400 words, but 99.99% of the triond users commit plagiarism no wonder Google think content farms are shit.

      2. While I agree that plagiarism is a problem, and should most definitely be discouraged, your 99.99% is a considerable exaggeration. I don’t know what the percent actually is, but it is certainly less than that.

      3. On most other writing websites articles do have to be at least 400 words long. This is for two reasons. Firstly, it ensures that articles are written to a good standard and have quality content- anybody can just write 100 words of drivel and post it, but this is not a good article. Secondly, you are more likely to be ranked well in search engines if there is a decent amount of content in your article.

        On the note of plagiarism, this is in direct conflict with the terms and conditions of this site and all others that I write for and articles that commit this should be deleted as standard practice. This should not only be a rule for bonuses and competitions. Plagiarism also shows a poor quality of writing in my view.

  22. If you want quality content, why not offer bonuses to the people on Triond who have already given you quality content?

    Logically, we are the ones who are most likely to give you more quality content. But you give us little or no incentive to do so. Offer us, the ones who already have produced quality content here, bonuses to create more quality content on Triond.

  23. Well this was my first attempt towards any challenge on triond as newbie and I was excited about it. But as most of the senior writers was not happy so I think its good to cancel the competition.

    Well I think I agree with 3rd comment owner Mr. Taufiq he gave very good suggestion.

  24. Part of having GOOD QUALITY is not having or supporting BAD QUALITY. You need to get rid of the junk. There is so much out there that should not be there. At this point, I think removing the crap would help your reputation a heck of a lot more than adding quality would. Make a button on every page so that people can flag it as lying, plagiarism, spam etc. If an article gets flagged, it goes to a Triond editor for review, and hopefully deletion, or at least relocation, if it was categorized wrongly. Maybe make a new Triond site and name it thecrapper.com and put all the bad content there. That way people can’t complain about you removing it. (That was mostly a joke, but if you did it for real, I would love it.)

    Of course, people would abuse the system, so you would have to keep record of who does the flagging so you can ban them if they do it for no reason too often. Once in a while, a good article may be flagged, so make sure your editors are always reviewing the article that currently has the most flags. That way, if only one person flagged it for no real reason, then the editors may never even have a chance to review it. If the editors review and approve something that has been flagged, then the flag button get removed, or at least deactivated, so that it doesn’t have to be reviewed twice.

    Maybe have a contest to see who can flag the most legitimately unwanted articles. That would mean a lot of work for your editors though (if you even have any…) People might go around flagging everything, but maybe make it so that if they flag 5 or more articles that end up getting approved, then they lose their flagging ability for the month, or longer for repeated offenses.

    The contest would need some working out, but in general, I think flagging, or reporting is a must-have. There is simple too much out there that isn’t good. Another nuisance is the inappropriate “related content.” Hopefully this type of system would cut down on that kind of crap too.

    Thanks for listening, and I hope we can work this out, because I’ve hated seeing my earnings drop over the past months.

    Someone mentioned cleaning up the forums as well. DO IT. That would hugely increase the value of the people and the community here. Find a few trusted people, and make them moderators, just like on most forums. Make a list of rules, so that you can show the spammers and idiots that they are violating them Literally, 90% of what’s on the forum is pointless.

    Again, thanks, and good luck!

  25. I am not actually against the challenge..What bothers me most is the presence of porn scattered in triond. I think it’s way better to pull out all porn related articles and pictures. We are not here to find or give pornographic materials.
    For the next challenge. Is it a nice idea to double the number from top 100 to top 200? just put a little category..
    Top 10 would recieve $10 each…= $100
    11-50=$5, =$200
    51-100= $2, = $100
    101-200= $1…. =$100
    Could it be possible? just a little twist…
    The previous challenge 100*$5 = $500
    My suggestion sums the same $500 bonus…
    I can’t hit top 10 but the number of qualifiers would increase…


    best idea is here

    100 most viewed articles

  27. Painting over the cracks – there’s a cliche that springs to mind. Some of the stuff on Triond is beyond a joke and yet they are worried about ‘challenges’ and how to get as much content published as possible, all the while they are doing nothing themselves to actually improve the overall ‘quality’ of the site.

    Here’s a thought, raise the bar from the bottom and start doing something about the spammers and plagiarisers that bring the average standard down. Do something that will actually encourage users to use Triond to its full potential!

    We all know what the real problem is with people, they don’t realise that to actually succeed at this ‘writing game’ they need to put hard work in, they want the rewards for doing as little as possible and Triond are very much facilitating that.

    So here’s a suggestion for Triond, before even thinking about doing any more challenges how about sorting out the things that are actually wrong with the site to start with?

    Do the simple things simply and the rest will take care of itself!

    1. I like that idea. As a “newbie” (I’ve been on Triond less than a month) I remember going to the forum pages and just seeing it spammed with trash. If Triond wants good quality Content it would make sense for it to make sure the users treat it as a publishing firm, not a social networking site. Thanks, Alistair for bringing that to the table.

      1. What tends to happen, KayyMyLove, is a new user comes to Triond with an expectation of making money from their writing and that expectation is usually way higher than the reality of thing – I’ve lost count of how many times I have seen users complain that they are not being paid more! The thing that happens with those users is they either give up and leave or, to boost their meagre earnings, they knock off more and more submissions, and that can be counter-productive.

        The irony is that those that write because they have something to say will, given time, do better in monetary terms than those who just write stuff simply to make a ‘quick’ buck – if that makes sense. lol


  28. Thank You Triond!

    Regarding the challenge, I think before we get into doing challenges each month perhaps we can address another issue that needs to be addressed.

    Triond is classed as a Content Farm site, the new Google ranking is set up to punish sites such as Triond.

    The company seriously need to alter the way in which Triond is set-up. As the above writer put, many writers (good ones) will leave and drive Triond rankings down even further.

    Please leave your comments here and on the link posted above. We need to have the company start fixing things or our writing revenue will continue to decrease.

    So I think a better challenge would be to open up a blog spot with ideas as to what Triond can do to make itself a better writing platform?

    I am talking about serious changes that will put Triond at par with other web article publishers or we will loose a big chunk of revenue and good writers will leave.

    Why am i pushing for this? Simple, I love Triond and I have been here since 2007. I want to earn money and to see Triond succeed.

    Also writers, PLEASE WRITER BETTER QUALITY ARTICLES. Need more tips? Read: http://webupon.com/search-engines/how-to-increase-views-and-raise-revenue-on-triond/


  29. What if you did a contest rewarding those with higher traffic on their articles overall? This would force authors to self-advertise a little more and write articles that the general public wants to see. Reward the top contestants with higher traffic this month with bonuses, maybe $5 for 1st, $4 for 2nd and so on down to $1 for 5th.

  30. I would love to see the “porn” deleted from all of the sites Triond has our articles published on. I’ve had comments from friends I’ve asked to read my articles and they are offended, as am I. If someone wants to write “porn” – then there are sites dedicated just for that. Let’s clean up this site to have good, well-written articles. Please reward those of us who actually spend a fair amount of time researching & trying to publish articles that are not only written well, but have good content.

    I didn’t participate in the last challenge simply because I didn’t think it was fair. I think I’m like most people here – I write because I enjoy it – but it would sure be nice to make a little more money to help pay my bills.
    Thanks for listening – it is greatly appreciated!

  31. It’s a good thing that Triond heard us. I totally agree with my dear friend Sharif Ishnin. He said it all. Quality must be here and the May challenge was not fair.
    Persons who had been on the hot content for quality and interesting articles (that required hard work) were not rewarded. Do bring back the old challenge!
    Our little community must remain what it was, a place for quality and true friendship! Thank you.

    1. Hot content does not mean quality or hard work, most of those on the list mean either lots of friends giving hits or unsupported facts that are pure fantasy. True there may be the odd article that deserves its place but most do not. Would you say that style of writing should be rewarded??????? i think not.

  32. Thank you for listening. I my opinion Triond is a good site to write for and I enjoy my friendships here with other writers. I liked the extra % for writing a certain amount of articles of a certain type. Why not try a challenge for non-fiction articles or a contest for the best flash-fiction. Flash-fiction has really taken off again. It would be great if you paid an extra $5.00 or so if one of your writers makes at least $50. in a month. That would give writers more reason to write and work harder to market their work. Please see if you can do something with all the porn around. You can write sexy stories without it being porn.

  33. Thank you for listening, Triond, and I hope you address the various issues we have all brought up today. After reading several posts about the site being filled with various “porn” articles and having “bad quality” articles I decided to google “Triond.” The first thing to come into the search bar, thanks to the new Instant Search, was “Triond Scam”. Now I personally love it here at Triond, I love the fact that I can publish articles and do what I love and get paid for it, and I hope to use my experience here as a launchpad for a later career in novels. However, with that being our first Google suggestion, I think we need to clean up our act a little bit, don’t you? I agree with the veterans who have commented before me. Let’s not worry about the competitions, just yet. Let’s clean up Triond and let the rest of the Internet community see us as a respectable community. No more plagarising. No more inaccurate or distasteful articles. I’ll even admit it myself– I submitted an article that I, the author, even hold substandard, thinking it’d be denied publication. Somehow it got through and is now published on the internet. Before we set up competitions and dishing out prize money, why don’t the Triond editors read and review our submissions? Check for accuracy and originality? Let’s get back on top before we start anything else. I would love to see that top Google suggestion to be something other than “Triond scam.”

    Thank you for your time,
    Kayla Chesney

  34. “….Make a button on every page so that people can flag it as lying, plagiarism, spam etc. If an article gets flagged, it goes to a Triond editor for review, and hopefully deletion, or at least relocation,”


    “….before even thinking about doing any more challenges how about sorting out the things that are actually wrong with the site to start with?”

    are two of the best solutions here. Don’t even entertain paying more for content via ‘contests’ until you FIX what is WRONG with the sites.

    I’ve been so frustrated with the GARBAGE that gets onto this site now for months that I cannot even fathom writing for you folks. In fact, contemplating doing a ‘RJ Evans’ and requesting that my account be closed and my content removed. I am that embarrassed to be associated with the ESL / low quality CRAP that gets published here…

    *Idea?* I’ve got one suggestion. -Feel free to contact me via private.

    1. Just to throw this out there – the crux of the matter is that Triond want to do everything on the cheap, that’s the nature of the beast. That suggestion about the button on every page to flag stuff that is ‘lying’, ‘plagiarism’, ‘spam’ etc may well be a good idea but it’s redundant if Triond actually stopped that stuff from being published in the first place and to do that they would need to first set some clear rules and secondly employ actual real editors to go through every single thing properly – that would of course cost money, impacting our pay negatively (would the benefits counter that long term?). Know what I mean?

      This place does my box in sometimes. lol ๐Ÿ˜‰

    2. Hey, thestickman, I really like your button idea. That is a great idea, especially about the lying and plagiarism part. Spam is one of those difficult concepts, however. Different folks seem to have different standards about just what constitutes spam. I do see a lot of spam in comments, but that is something that we the content creators can police ourselves. When someone leaves a comment that is blatant spam on my content, I simply go to my comments page and delete it. But what I consider to be spam may not be the same as what someone else considers it to be. For instance, just including a link within a comment is not automatically spam. If the link is to an article that is topically related to the content where that comment is placed, then I would not consider that spam. On the the other hand, if it is not topically related at all, then it is most definitely spam.

  35. may the proposer maybe right but we should show things like appreciation to the old writter is not easy art

  36. These bonuses are short term and I am not at all getting interested in them. Triond, please do something to help the writer in the long term. My deepest wish is that all Triond sites page rank should be increased. Bukisa has PR of 5 and hence has more ranking factor than Triond sites which are at best at PR of 4. I guess, this is the drawback in having multiple sites spread across instead of one (bukisa/helium/associated content/hubpages/ehow).

    Triond needs to do something to promote the home pages of its important publishing sites like webupon.com, scienceray.com, healthmad.com, writinghood.com, socyberty.com, quazen.com, etc. Attempting quality is more of gambling. Search engines are not perfect and our audience too. Sometimes we succeed and sometimes we fail. In short term you may give a bonus. But increasing the overal popularity of publishing sites and their home page’s page rank will scale the ranking factors of each and every article published, regardless of whether is garbage or good quality. Garbage to Good quality, if not in extreme cases, is only a perception. Not every audience is perfect. Some audience like things that are garbage to some other audience. My perception of quality is that as long as I fulfill the informational needs of atleast 10% my audience I am writing good enough articles. I trade-off time for gambling to satisfy 50-90% audience vs. writing 5-9 articles that consistently satisfy 10% audience. As my learning curve improves this 10% would only rise.

    You may do article marketing yourself, or encourage writers to do to improve the sites page rank. Or encourage the Triond writers to give links to Triond publishing sites (non-dynamic that is not through Triond widgets but plain old html as search engines don’t look at dynamic links). Build your popularity (for each publishing site on Twitter, facebook through fan pages and some active participation etc.

    Also update our profile pages to show real html links and not the dynamic type that are of currently. These links are not seen by search engines so we really don’t get the benefit of profile pages when looking at search engines. Bukisa, Associated Content give non-dynamic links to articles on profile pages.

    There are lot of good things that Triond has over Bukisa, Associated Content. I appreciate that. But increasing the Triond publishing sites’ popularity (both on social networks and search engine wise) is less in my control than all Triond writers collectively and Triond management.

    Why is there no page about Triond.com on Wikipedia when there are pages for eHow, Associated Content, Hubpages & Helium? Even Articlesbase & Ezinearticles have their place. Triond probably is not as big as those sites. But it can deserve a place. Darren Rowse of problogger.com, Danny Sullivan of searchengineland.com, seoroundtable.com by Barry Schwartz are having places on wikipedia, why not Shahar Solomianik of triond.com? Well, this also means we writers here have never considered being a wikipedia contributor and also the popularity of triond is not enough to influence active wikipedia contributors to consider writing about it.

    However recently there is one wikipedia user trying to create a page for Triond: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/User:Thomasrive/Triond
    It is a good news.

    Triond can consider adding no-index tags in their robots.txt for pages that they consider as no value to search engines.

    Triond, its upto you what you decide to do. In my opinion, increasing the popularity of publishing sites, through whatever means you can imagine, will be favorable to all writers even if it requires action on our part.

    All this from a Triond writer who had contributed $470 to Triond by using SEO.

  37. Like Associated Content, you should offer upfront payments for quality exclusive articles you review and retain the rights to those articles. If you do this, you will attract more good articles from writers like me.

  38. Here is a new concept. How about actually screening the articles instead of letting everything through and if they do not go through tell us why they didnt. I have never had anything denied but I know people have and they do not know why.

    To boost your ratings try doing some SEO yourselves and also give us some help with it because if you help us we help you.

    For a contest why not just give us a topic and let us write. Then you pick like 100 or so and let the readers and community pick 10 to win, hide the authors names in the posts for a month and make a special news section so everyone can see everyones articles published during the month and can go vote. You can make a special submission area if you like, where they choose some where they want to enter the competition with their article they just wrote.

  39. A lot of good writers would write quality articles for Triond, if we were given a proper incentive to do so.

    Otherwise, there are plenty of better opportunities elsewhere.

  40. In my opinion, the fact that triond posts get mainly viewed by triond members, with very little evidence of people beyond the site showing much interest, perhaps the best way to judge the quality and popularity of any post would be to see how many comments it attracts from others? Those posts that feature in the top 100 for numb4er of comments allied to number of views might make sense, because only those posts that have something to offer the readers get plenty of comments.

  41. I am stunned that Triond listened. Hurrah! I like the idea of a contest every other month. I think the contest should cover some of the publishing sites and vary so that different authors can participate. I like the idea of paying a bonus for doing extra work during the contest. Keep the badges. The bonus does not have to be as high as 20 percent. Suggest the contest be split into three items. One-third for views, one-third for quality votes by readers and one-third for number of articles. Those reaching minimum levels would get a badge and a say a five percent bonus. Those reaching all three levels would get 15 percent. This lets readers with lots of followers get rewarded, lets those who write great articles get rewarded and those who turn out a certain volume get rewarded. Levels could be set based on time on triond. A more experienced writer should be able to achieve a higher level.

  42. There should be a way to flag those writers that don’t take the time to spell or punctuate properly. Also, there should be a way to flag pictures that aren’t suitable for kids. Let’s face it, any adult that wants to look at porn has a million places they can go to do so, and I feel that this (Triond) is not the place. We should flag those articles or pics, and after a certain density of flagging a HUMAN BEING should take a look at the problem.
    I never get much traffic on my articles, although I think that I write decent articles for the most part, and it amazes me sometimes when i read something that sounds like it was written by a fifth grader that gets buku views and comments.
    There is no way to do contests unless a HUMAN BEING or two actually read some of the articles that are submitted.
    If Triond really wanted to increase its prestige and get more views for better articles it should take a more active role in helping the better writers promote their articles, and a more active role in weeding out the goofballs that write crap, or tie up things by posting a million pictures at the same time, etc.
    There was a weekly challenge in the forum where everyone tried to write a good article using certain words, and then everyone would review each others work and comment, and it was big fun for a minute.
    Maybe if Triond did something like that for a contest, and we voted on each other’s articles using certain criteria, like clarity of presentation, proper punctuation, cleverness and/or originality, and so on, to be determined by the powers that be.
    Maybe writers could submit articles specifically to a contest, and cash prizes and badges could be awarded by some common effort, instead of number of articles a month or time spent trying to decipher an article.

    1. I like your idea about rating articles based on certain criteria, like clarity of presentation, proper punctuation, cleverness and/or originality, and so on… I would add general grammar. Combine this with thestickman’s idea of buttons included with the articles, and we might be onto something here. Imagine buttons for all these characteristics included at the bottom of the pages. Anyone that goes to the article could rate the article on these traits, spelling, grammar, punctuation, cleverness, originality, presentation, journalistic integrity, etc. Then at the end of the month tally the results.

  43. Google does a good job finding good articles. Why not base the top hundred articles based on google ranking and number of views for a 30 day period?

  44. I ‘d like to thank Triond for listening to their writers. I was one that voiced my love of Triond, but disgust for the “quality” challenges.

    I’d also disagree with some of the other posters calling Triond a garbage site. Triond is unique in that it gives novice writers a place to start putting their fingers to keys and learn from other, more experienced writers.

    Back to the contest….

    Maybe Triond could continue the original contest, but add some specific rules that would solve the problem of writers just submitting any old thing to get enough submissions for the contest. For example, Triond could stipulate that only articles with a specific minimum word count will be counted toward the contest. Another idea would be Triond limiting the subject matter that would count toward the contest by giving several specific topics for the contest, such as Casey Anthony, summer vacations, and other trending topics. One last idea would be Triond alternating the contest monthly between the different sub-locations.

  45. As the number 1 search engine ranking Triond Member for last 3 months (I started 3 months ago) I really would like to see something with % to full income. I get like 100-200 thousand views per month so the 30% boost would be super for me.
    I’d suggest you to add % bonus for views.
    10 thousand views – 10% bonus
    25 thousand views – 25% bonus
    100 thousand views – 30% bonus

    That would be best for you because with articles you wouldn’t earn money if the article name is ”my dog” in google there would be 100 billion ”my dog” type sites.
    I don’t say you have to give 30% bonus for 100 thousand views it can be 10 thousand I don’t care but I really would like to see something with %
    I know you will not earn money by how long the people watch that site – you earn how much they click on ads.
    Other idea would be that you have to invite friends.
    5 friends – 10% bonus
    10 friends – 20% bonus
    20 friends – 30% bonus
    I really don’t like this idea, but again you will not earn money with that, you need views.
    Yea that was all from me – feel free to contact any time.


  46. Thank you Triond for opening your table for some decent discussion.

    I support the suggestion to clean up Triond before anything, do a make-over. Here are top 5 problem areas that need to be seriously addressed:

    1. Low rates/view
    2. Uncontrolled plagiarism
    3. Pornographic/Offensive sex materials
    4. Non-moderated forums
    5. Poor article quality

    We need SERIOUS REFORMS on this site.

    As a concrete suggestion, bring back HUMAN EDITORS or if there are, let them do their job and do them well. Your automated publishing machine breaks down and goes out of control a lot of times, churning out articles fit for a paper shredder. NO TO ROBOT EDITORS!

    1. I remember the days when we had human editors. Back in 2007 when I joined Triond, we had amazing HUMAN editors named Danielle, Abigail and many others. In 2010, Triond switched to AUTOMATED ‘editors’ that just publish articles and it has been a MESS. So I agree, bring back the human editors. They were understanding, pleasant and amazing to deal with. They also published the most top quality articles and declined the junk.

      Also to add to the list of things to fix:
      1. Low rates/view
      2. Uncontrolled plagiarism
      3. Pornographic/Offensive sex materials
      4. Non-moderated forums
      5. Poor article quality
      6. DECREASE AD VOLUME <– Explanation below!

      I added #6 because too many ads drive traffic away and many reputable websites do not use, quote or link to websites that heavily advertise. Triond should switch entirely to Google Ads and display two or three ad units per article page. OR the other option would be to get rid of Google ads and stick with the Triond ad program and display only two or three ad units per article page.

      Thus a decrease in ad volume will help drive up revenue as the pages look more professional, "cleaner" and make the whole site look good (quality wise).

      1. @mohammednihal96

        Before you pass judgement on anyone else you might want to have a look at your own stuff. Low quality? Calling your stuff low quality is being generous. Your work is full of spelling mistakes and your grammar is horrific. Has no one ever told you that there is meant to be a space after commas and full stops?

        I also notice that the user you are slating is on the list of Triond’s ‘Hot Users’ and you are not, that speaks volumes as far as I am concerned.

        Your opinion, mohammednihal96, is both pointless and worthless!

  47. Games4You is claiming hundreds of thousands of views a month.
    I just took a look at one of Games4You’s articles (Best of Failblog-Funniest Video Complication and Gallery) and he is one of those ‘writers’ that don’t seem to know anything about spelling or punctuation, but he gets all of those views somehow. (I think he means ‘Compilation’)
    It looks like Triond doesn’t care about quality at all as long as someone generates ‘hundreds of thousands’ of views a month.

  48. Can you set up a Hall of Fame to boost quality?

    Define quality for the Hall of Fame. Listen to the Triond members. Let the criteria be stated forever.

    Make it a monthly contest. By the end of each month, each Triond member can submit one name with 3 best articles of that Triond writer (at least one of the best articles must be published in the contested month).

    Criteria should be on top of the submission boxes as a reminder to every voter.

    After calculations, Triond writer with the highest vote will be put into Hall of Fame with 3 best recommendations. Before Triond publish the name, please double check those three articles to make sure they meet all the criteria. Offer the winner bonus.

    Each Triond member has a chance to win one time in a year. There should be 12 names in the Hall of Fame for every year. The list will go on so that every visitor can take a look at any time they like.

    Since there are only 12 winners each year for the Hall of Fame, many Triond members will lose in the contest. There should be some other challenges offered to boost their quality and quantity. I need some more time to think for this part.

    Thank you for your reading and consideration.

  49. Of course, one problem with using the Hot Content is that it is just another popularity contest. Popularity does not equal quality. Case in point, there is an article that has been in the Hot Content for multiple months, “You The Reader Proves Facebook Talks”, which must be very popular, though personally I can not image why. The subject matter of the article is at best boring, amounting to nothing of any real substance, and the grammar in that article is quite poor, even the title is grammatically incorrect, which frankly the Triond Editors should have corrected before it was even accepted. That title should be “You, the Reader, Prove Facebook Talks”. That’s “Prove” not “Proves”. The subject of that sentence is the word “You”, therefore the verb should agree with the subject and should be “Prove”. It is just one example of sloppy grammar, and sloppy editing, which leads to sloppy quality, and well illustrates the point that just because a content item is popular does not make it quality work.

    1. Oops. I wrote that a little too fast, and even with editing myself a little error slipped through. If I had the ability to edit the comment that I just sent I would, but now it is too late. Sorry about that little mistake. “Image” should be Imagine” Of course, when I write an article I go back over it many times, polishing and editing it before submitting. Even then, sometimes small errors do slip in. With my articles, when I discover that I let an error slip in, I do take advantage of the fix button on my content page, and go in to fix such errors. That is a practice that we all should adopt, if quality is really important to us.

      1. I must admit after reading about fifty comments before making one myself, i did not see that you had brought up this particular article. I agree completely with you it is not quality, to me it is just drivel.

  50. I don’t care about giving suggestions but I do believe that the best way to boost the morale of writers on Triond is to improve quality control of the articles being published. Have a more stringent checking system is all I can say!

  51. At least you seem to have taken notice of what was said about quality, by stopping the latest so called competition.

    My own writing will never attract large viewing figures as Poetry is not a “hot subject”, unlike a lot of the articles i have read which are composed of sensationalism and untruths. These along with the Pornography have dragged Triond to the depths. To be fair to Triond i have seen one page deleted for phonographic content and that is a start of cleaning house

    Maybe if you want to run these contests, to be fair to all and to encourage quality into a competition, maybe there should just be 1 or 2 prizes per category of writing?

    1. You The Reader Proves Facebook Talks By Dale Walker on Webupon, Jan 12, 2010 – this is one of the so called quality articles? the mind boggles and obviously by the comments was created (if that is the word) to obtain hits by deception.

      1. I agree. People should only post if they are genuinely interested in Triond and writing.

    1. This is EXACTLY!!!!! what is WRONG with Triond! People like shujaktk that blindly SPAM forum and blog comments with their own self-serving spamming links! DAMN!

      1. Yeah, that is always a potential problem with any kind of public rating system. You will always have the smart-alecks who mistakenly think they are being funny to screw with the system. Of course, rather than actually being funny they are just showing their asses, instead.

  52. LOL – spamming on this section! You have to admire the cheek even if it is wrong. This is what we are up against.
    People should be free to write what they want to – fictional or fact – so long as it is readable and with correct punctuation and grammar. Okay, some pornographic material should be banned – but light hearted articles on sexual problems or news related stories should be acceptable. You don’t see the major newspapers missing out on a topical affair do you?

    Triond needs to seriously look at many aspects – the overall site, quality, taking a look at the sub-publishers and re-invent how they intend to push us back up the Google rankings.

  53. Wordcount based challenge. Like authors with total wc over 1000 words earns a bonus and those with over 2000 words earns a greater bonus.

    And perhaps some added bonus for articles which gets more no. of 30+words comments because this generally means the content is interesting enough to start an interesting discussion.

  54. Please don’t compare Triond with any other website-Leave Triond to do what is the best for Triond- Am sure most of us are happy with Triond ‘s profit and we love writing for Triond. Triond is already on top – Why must Triond do like some one else- Triond is doing well please. Give your suggestions and leave the rest – If any one is walks away from Triond – 1000’s of new guys will come and write for Triond.

    1. You obliviously don’t have a clue what is going on. I have been at Triond since 2007 dude. The money you think you are making is nothing much.

      Triond is dropping in revenue and many Triond associated sites (like Healthmad, Socbrety etc.) are being blocked by search indexes and credible websites that backlink. This needs to be fixed.

      We can start fixing it by banning those “100s of new guys” that will come to Triond and write 100% junk articles. For example, I know a user that joined Triond and writes less than 200 words per article he publishes. All he publishes is link to torrents on his website. Now it is users like him that decrease value of Triond and make it look like a accumulation of all the junk on this planet and spam users who think they are “writers” because they can writer a 100 word paragraph on someone’s facebook profile.

      Don’t get me wrong, I am not trying to be disrespectful to you or any other users. Nor am i bashing Triond or trying to cause any problems with Triond. I am grateful to Triond for all services rendered. As a long time user of Triond, I just have genuine concerns about the future that needs to be addressed or all good quality writers will leave – leaving Triond with all the scumbags like yourself.

      1. Thanks- people comes and they go – Nothing new about that – Your absence will never harm Triond in any way-how many people stops writing for a while- and that does nothing to anyone. So leave to where you want and stop blocking other interested ones- help them out instead of kicking the out.

  55. No, don’t restriction the number of words. Nobody will like to read lengthy posts, also that will lead to redundant words and affect the quality again.

  56. I only hope you could increase our earning, please.
    It needs time, effort and research to make an article.
    If I only get USD 0.01 for 50 views, it means that a beggar in my country get 500 times better earning than me if he meet 50 persons.
    So why should I write here if only for blogging? It is the special of Triond, compared with other blogs, that we can get some earning. But don’t be too little.

    By the way all suggestions in this page are good.

    1. agreed. Surely earnings could be more than 0.01 USD per 50 views. Can’t some of the bonus money be diverted towards boosting income per view?

  57. Can Triond introduce a self-challenged competition and give bonus to those who succeed in boosting both quality and quantity?

    Use the following criteria together as a base for the self-challenge.

    1) The average views

    2 The average number of articles

    Say if the challenge is in August, then count up to July 2011.

    For example, if a member has 10000 views in 6 months with 50 articles.

    1) The average views: 1666.66 (10000 / 6)

    2) The average number of articles: 8.33 (50 / 6)

    Triond has to set up a bonus chart so that each Triond member knows how much % of increase for both 1) and 2) to achieve in order to be qualified for a bonus.

    For low average views and number of articles, Triond should demand a higher % of increase, vice versa.

    For the bonus, maybe an additional % of the total earned income of the challenged month.

    The aim of this self-challenged competition is to motivate Triond members at all levels to beat their old self for improvements.

    Regarding quality, I think Triond has to set up a report button for Triond readers only. They can use it to inform the writer about the mistakes he / she overlooked and request corrections. If corrections have been done, the relating report can be closed.

    If the writer keeps receiving reports, but doesn’t bother to do corrections, he / she will fail in the quality requirement. Set a tolerate level and if it is exceeded, disqualify the writer for the bonus.

    Thank you for your reading and consideration.

  58. Yeah, revamp the site. How many years has Triond been around? 4 years? 5 years? That should be enough time to evaluate, assess its strengths and weaknesses and re-direct. Even homes need some general cleaning once in a while lest they are happy living with cockroaches, lizards and rodents in their closets. How much more with Triond that houses writers from all over the globe. Maybe that’s why Triond is infested with despicable scumbugs. It’s a breeding ground.

    Any organization that values progress will have enough sense to stop, look back to where they have been, look to where they are, and look forward to where they are going. Unless, progress isn’t part of Triond’s core values…


  59. I support the clean-up drive.

    The fact that you, Triond, repeated the quality challenge for July then canceled it after a few days shows that you do not plan strategically, monitor your activities on all fronts (not just the profits) and evaluate your actions comprehensively. If you had done these, you would have known that quality challenge was trash even before you re-launched it.

    The point is, let’s learn our lessons to prevent another ill-conceived challenge or whatever activity is in the offing.

    As it is, the site is taking a turn for the worst. Another challenge will not save Triond from plunging into the depths of oblivion. The earnings are just a small slice of the problems plaguing this site. The challenge is just a temporary solution.

    It’s about time we clean up the whole house.

  60. Problems why writers leave triond?
    Answer: no viewers.

    If a person can reach 1,000 comments then he will get 1 or 2 or 3 dollar. These will encourage people to comment which is very important to rotate traffic.

    Rules should be, the comment will not be just 3 words. Lets say 10 words minimum.

    I don’t know if these is possible but these will not just encourage people to comment but also would encourage writers knowing that they are getting viewers.

    Even if those quality articles that are written would not get viewers its in the bottom of the search engine. It will die in its natural death.

    People will just copy it and post it where it can get many viewers.

  61. The only way to improve quality is to employ editors. This is probably too costly. But it is the only way.
    Appealing to writers to up their their game when they can’t, is pointless. They are not professionals. Also, if English is not their first language they should be praised for making the attempt – but you have to recognise that many efforts are not good enough.
    At the moment they still get published. Editors. It’s the only way.
    Failing that the site will struggle along or disappear.
    Finally, you could up your own game. In your introduction you mean overall, not overhaul.

    1. Yes, I saw the “overhaul” as well. Another is “…but we would also like to hear from.” “You” is missing.

    2. I disagree. I think if good quality will be rewarded more, those who CAN write good quality will be encouraged to write more and those that are limited will be deterred possibly.

      Redgage is a good example of a site where they encourage good quality content by “featuring” the best quality content every day and giving cash bonuses to these featured people. The redgage model is to have a say, one featured item per day (so around 30 bonuses up for grabs per month). I think its a good model to encourage good quality. The question is how to choose featured stuff – and i’d say, as i wrote below, having an employee review some of the articles and choose which ones to feature looks like a good way to go about it.

  62. At least Triond have addressed the concerns of their members. I’m a member of another site where the opposite is the case.

    The best suggestion is to award members who have produced articles that have attracted and continue to attract unique visitors.

  63. I am very happy to hear the ‘quality’ challenge has been trashed!
    There was no quality about it.

    I do not have any ideas right now but will think on it.

    I hope the next one is a smash!

  64. Triond should do what they want and not care about the users because the vast majority of users are simply out for themselves and will only suggest things that benefit their own ends and not the greater good.

  65. Being called a newbie is offensive. You may be new to this site but a seasoned writer in other areas. I have read articles from those that have been here a while and their grammar and spelling is extremely poor, not to mention the articles that people flock to are crass.

  66. Hello Sir, I have written 19 articles till now and the total views to my articles have been 190, but still my earnings are only 0.04$?Please tell me the reason for it..My one article out of 19 has got around 66 views but still my earnings has been very low..

  67. @dave

    calling mohammednihal96’s stuff low quality????????????????????????????????????????????????????? POOR GUY

    100 most viewed articles is the best choice

    for 1st ten articles extra $5

      1. P.S just to add. If user mohammednihal96 thought that the comment I posted on this thread was in anyway in reference to his post then I can assure you it wasn’t. My post was in response to Triond, the fact it came after what he posted was sheer coincidence.

        I’ve never read anything that mohammednihal96 has posted on Triond so couldn’t possibly make any comment on them, but yeah, good luck to him.

  68. I would want to suggest also to at least give bonuses to those triond writers who keeps on commenting every article they read…the bonus that will be given depends on how the person commented your article…its still in the hands of triond..

  69. Here is a good idea why not get all the share buttons connected to articles like you do with facebook and twitter because you would get more views and this would save time try to share with all these buttons and getting the writer mad for trying to share with all these share buttons

  70. Wow. As a new guy here, I am now wondering why I came. I found Triond through an ad for writers in Craigslist. As I am disabled and unable to work outside of my home, this sounded like a good idea; but after reading some of these posts, I can see that apparently I will have to keep looking for a different venue in which to increase my earnings potential. So, either Triond takes the very good suggestions here to heart regarding porn and spam and plagiarism, or I will dismantle my efforts here and move along. I just want to make an honest buck writing; here, or somewhere else.

  71. Ideas:

    – People with the highest number of facebook shares that month win a bonus prize – this is a pretty good measure of actual quality of articles rather than popularity amongst trionders who just “like” their friends’ articles in order to get a “like” back.

    – You could add a “ratings” option to the framework of articles, where people can rate articles from, say 1-10 – and those with the highest ratings that month win a bonus. This may be problematic though if trionders just give their friends high ratings regardless of actual content.

    – You could add a “favorites” button where people click it only if they really love the content. Problem with this is potential bias from trioners just helping out their friends rather than actually liking the article.

    – You could allocate an employee to reading a random selection of articles, and giving bonuses to what they subjectively deem to be the best ones. This is sort of like a raffle – but where the winners are only those with good content. This will encourage people to write good quality stuff and is not subject to triond-friend bias. I really like this idea!

    if you use one of my ideas, i’m also open to a bonus for being helpful ๐Ÿ˜€

  72. Honestly, most articles here are poorly written and plagiarized. Its really amazing that these get the most hits lol

  73. Reward for organic traffic.
    Since Triond can track the traffic sources, it is possible to reward according the percentage or absolute number of organic traffic.
    The bonus feature can be altered to reward. Eg, every 100 visitors from search engine means a bonus of 1 cent.
    If the writer has 6000 visitors from organic traffic, he would have earned an extra 60 cents.

  74. I agree full-heartedly on title specific content challenges, or even topic challenges. For instance, the top rated video game or mobile content, or perhaps the best article in reference to the Burmuda Triangle.

    That would be great!

  75. Okay how about TRIOND set up a way that each writer can submit 1 of their articles for TRIOND to review and out of all recieved Triond picks the best.

    Say you write as many as you want, but by August 20 you have to pick ONLY 1 per writer and somehow send that one to TRIOND (a special e-mail address perhaps) and that gives Triond 10 days to pick the best. Attention to info and grammar. Prizes of new cars to the winners

  76. Most Triond writers are unhappy with porn stuff on Triond. It degrades the site. Google rates Triond low because of this low stuff. Triond writers will earn low due to this problem.

    Reward articles having high organic traffic.

    Change the hot content algorithm, no body is happy about it.

    Encourage all writers equally.

    Triond is a great site, but it’s experiencing a serious problem right now.Many writers are earning low, due to introduction of Google’s new algorithm. It’s good to see Triond hears. It will be better if it makes the appropriate changes immediately.Let us hope Triond revives from the crisis. Otherwise many writers will not post much here in future.

  77. Why doesn’t Triond just focus on getting their site’s reputation back up the Google Rankings? The earnings are dire and have dropped drastically in the past 7 months. Either Triond are still getting the same revenue and paying us less than the 50/50 share they say they do or advertisers are not paying as much because of Triond’s poor performance.
    Triond are guilty because they allow poor writers to spam and publish almost unreadable articles that knock Triond down the ranks – and with it all the better writers on here.
    Triond DO NOT ever answer questions when it comes to pointing queries.

  78. I actually have a beef over how articles are counted by Triond. I write my heart out coming up with 1,000 bumper sticker picture files that should be counted as articles and instead are counted as pictures. Because They are posted on Picable. But these are still highly complicated written jokes which I recieve no credit for. If anything Triond should look at everything submited to make sure they are pictures or writting and due the right thing and count them in. As to challenges how about raising the amount you pay us for a year for the winning writer?
    Well, that’s my two cents.

  79. Here this. Get over to Getsatisfaction and address the complaints of plagiarism and illegal activity.

    This site is absolutely rampant with plagiarised material and it’s bad enough that it’s up to the user community to bring these thiefs to your attention. The least you can do is PROMPTLY act when it is fought to your attention.

    Now there’s a challenge for you. Reward the top ten users who find the most plagiarists in a month.

  80. What bothers me are the articles that are written in broken English or those that look like an article spinner has been used. I never read these.

    This presents a bad overall picture of Triond as a site with poorly written content and lacking in article credibility, which may mean readers do not return to pages that they know are affiliated with Triond.

    With the new Google thrust towards quality content, Triond rankings will be impacted if this continues.

    It would be nice to see articles that are poorly written flagged. If writers had to improve the quality of their articles, this would cull out poorly written articles and lend a

  81. I’m going to be honest. I don’t like this idea at all. I write many different topics (not porn or any trashy contrent like that) but this new flag deal is going to hurt some of the topics that I write about

    Thumbs down on this one.

  82. In reguards to the contest first off I would like to say that all I see are comments about how unfair it is. Well life is not fair and yes someone always gets the short end of the stick. I think Triond should do away with what they call quality contest or it be judged in a different way. If they go by views and lenght of time spent by the reader on an article than yes it turns into a populatity contest. I understand why everyone is so upset over it being called a “quality” contest. I have yet to see that it makes us produce better work , I read one of the winning articles last time and yes it had several things wrong with it and it was far from quality work in my opinion. To start it stated that it was based on fact and no it was based on this persons opinion. The English was very poor and I could not make heads or tales of it. Yet it got the views and so it won.If Triond insist on having contest then call it what it really is or come up with a new judging system for them.
    As far as the porn and adult content go that is a tricky subject. No Triond is not the place for porn/adult content but what I call porn or adult content others may not. Yes some people write about sex giving tips or their insight on the matter and that is what makes this a slippery slope. The editors should be catching porn/adult content before it ever makes its way onto the sight. Shame on Triond for that and yes it should be removed but the editor needs to decide what is or is not porn/adult content. I am sure they have a set standard to go by that out lines what is or is not sutible and after all that is their job not the job of the writers/readers on this sight.

  83. I think this writing challenge is unfair, but being a writer, you have to handle critisim. But still people who submit their articles, poems , stories with quality that they think is good, other people don’t like it. And people get their feelings hurt. I am not participating in the July Quality Writing contest or whatever it is called because It is a lot of pressure and I don’t need pressure. I think that writing is fun. And I will continue to write in my style.

  84. I think the reward would be much more meaningful if occasionally an authors work was reviewed by a career writer; or referred on to find more of minimal token for their work. Free Lance Journalism pays top money but when do u try and compete; graduate to face the rejection time and time again until once again maybe- if u spend enough time and effort- trying not to get too disillusioned – u earn $50-$200 for an article and then once dancing up and down the town; attempt to keep up the stamina for a 2nd article. Stressful, risky and perhaps ending ur dream of being really recognized.
    A great reward would be just a review or endorsement from a publisher or author at the quality and style of your work- perhaps hints tips and a point in a future direction. I think this is the true dream of us all; to be recognized; and to hear that we are worth more than a few dollars (if ya lucky) a year! It is then in the hands of the beholder whether perusing a career in a world of competitive writing is something you can cope with. Luck does not just strike; we have to make our own luck- feed back and advice helps us strike the right angles and follow the right trails

  85. Thanks for listening to us and adding the flagging feature Triond.

    Can Triond make a new website for all Adult/Sex/Sex Advice topic related articles?? Because I hate to have these articles float around on other domains and getting our articles banned.

    It looks extremely unprofessional to have a “How to have Anal Sex” article being advertised in the “related articles” field when you have a article like “How do you treat bronchitis”

    Now, to test out the flagging option – EVERYONE PLEASE START WITH THIS PAGE. Flag it as Adult – http://socyberty.com/sexuality/why-men-love-a-shaved-vagina/ The article clearly have pictures that can be too mature for Children.

    Also how many votes do we need before a article is removed or send back to the author for editing/improving quality?

    Also what does the Triond “adult” rule include? Are users prohibited from posting just Pornography or does the “adult” rule include Pornography, adult or mature content, including articles describing sex tips?

  86. Hello, i think that i saw you visited my website so i came to โ€œreturn the favorโ€.I am attempting to find things to improve my site!I suppose its ok to use a few of your ideas!!

  87. This is quite off the topic but I dont know where else to post this. I just wonder why I couldn’t insert pictures anymore? Pls help. Thanks a lot.

  88. This is quite off the topic but I dont know where else to post this. I just wonder why I couldn’t insert pictures to my articles anymore? Pls help. Thanks a lot.

  89. i need to know how a certain article is being paid by Triond like if i submit my article, if it’s a poem, will i get paid with that? i need answer pls…thank u

  90. Hey! I could have sworn I’ve been to this site before but after browsing through some of the post I realized it’s new to me. Nonetheless, I’m definitely happy I found it and I’ll be bookmarking and checking back often!

  91. My idea is where the Triond team announces a competition whereby people like articles as usual, except they don’t work it out by how many likes an article has because that wouldn’t be fair for newbies but it works out the percentage of people who liked the articles and then give cash prizes in return. I think this would help boost quality but also quantity as people will try to get as many chances as possible. I do think this should include all articles, stories, poems, etc. except for porn and the likes.

  92. I think the whole challenge should be left to the readers and writiers old and new to decide what is good or bad quality writing. Just my 2 cents!!

  93. I have an idea: It would be interesting if the editor can himself be involved in picking out an article/poem with an educational topic and if he thinks the article or poem merits credit, its author should be rewarded with 5 cents. Also, authors that merit commendation, should be classified in a special category. Merit should also cover good grammar, syntax, construction, and professionalism. This would prevent bad writers from forming groups that are obviously engaged in collusion and bias against those that are classified as worthy of receiving favorable comments but seem to be regrettably excluded.

    It is imperative that online publication on the triond website should. at this point, be elevated to a higher level. There are many good writers just as there are bad writers. However, it is not fair to deny good writers the commendation and income that they deserve.

    Hope you would consider this suggestion in an editorially proper light and begin to initiate remedies that are necessary.

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