August Special Bonuses and Badges Granted

Did you qualify for our August Special Bonus? Did you? Then you must have already guessed where that additional 10% that were just added to your “Next Payment” came from…

And that nifty badge you just got? You didn’t get it for nothing. You’ve worked hard for it and you’ve earned it. Wear it proudly!

Happy publishing!

65 thoughts on “August Special Bonuses and Badges Granted

    1. Hi there Hope you are having a wofnerdul day today. I am a youtube follower of yours and thought i’d check out your cool website. Thanks for the video updates as well. I would love to chat sometime about some of the ideas you might have on the whole topic of ufology and what it could all mean. Anyways take care and have a lovely day. C ya!

  1. Why didn’t I get mine? I flagged 23 articles that were removed for plagiarism and adult content and published well over 5 articles on the acceptable sites.

  2. I recieved the nice looking Golden Flag and the bonus as well. This time the income has rised well. Thanks a lot Triond. This is the place to be, for every writer! Best place to write for!

    1. Yeah, eBowenZzz, you are not alone. Looking back up through the comments here, I see that several of us qualified, and appear to have no joy. Like you, I am also 100% sure that I qualified. And that’s a fact, not an opinion.

      I for one, am not going to take it laying down, either. I’ll just keep on making noise until Triond does the right thing.

      1. Sucks eh? first time my badge got delayed :/
        Hope Triond resolves it by tomorrow. It’s a really spiffy looking badge.

        Good luck to all.

  3. Got my badge and 10% with my 19 flagged and 6 articles, very nice. Now I’m energized to qualify again for the September special bonus. 🙂

    Thanks a lot Triond.

  4. Badge still delayed. Anyone still have this problem? What’s weird is that I received my bonus but not badge. I’d like the badge to scare off plagiarisers. They know I mean business when I have a history of flagging them.

      1. I don’t know whether or not I received the bonus, since I was out of town most of Saturday, and didn’t check my total dollars in the morning before leaving. I checked everything after I got back in the evening, and all I know for sure is that I did not get the badge, and I did everything and more to qualify, 5 published articles, (4 in Scienceray, and 1 in Socyberty), and 18 successful flags.

  5. Still waiting for my bonus Triond. I published 5 articles and flagged over 20 pieces of content in August but no bonus. Where is it?

  6. I didn’t got my badge.

    I did qualified for the August Special, flagged 23 articles and published upto 18 articles but still no badge and no increase in next payment.

    Where is my badge???????

    1. Well Udi needs to come here to this blog page and answer those of us here that know we should have gotten the bonus and badge, but whom the system has failed; like dcda0130, Wherner5, eBowenZzz, Callen James, Barbara tenBroek, Joe Dorish, ASWIN S, Brenda Nelson, and myself, Bill M. Tracer.

      We deserve answers, and our due earned bonus and badges.

  7. I think I am qualified. I wrote 6 articles & 15 flags. I don’t know if I received my 10% bonus but I do not have my badge. Please kindly check.

  8. I also go in support of all those who haven’t recieved thier badges & bonus even though they are qualified, coz I belong to the same group. Please Udi, come and answer our worries.

  9. So, the list is getting longer, I hope Udi gets to us soon, with some answers about how this happened, and a fix to bring us joy. Now the list of those who should have gotten their bonus and/or badge, but did not:

    Callen James,
    Barbara tenBroek,
    Joe Dorish,
    ASWIN S,
    Brenda Nelson,
    Eunice Tan,
    teresa conti,
    ASWIN 7148685,
    Patsy Collins,
    and myself, Bill M. Tracer.

      1. I get 10% bonus stated in my dashboard, but Triond email me monthly statement which will be paid at tenth of this month without any bonus.

        Triond, please check. Thank you

  10. I also have not received my 10% bonus and badge even though i have published 5 articles in the acceptable categories and flagged 20+ articles.

    1. Richard,Thanks for reply! I have to ask them (FM) about access. I asusmed that they don’t have it because of library subscription wasn’t extend. I didn’t know that they should have it independently. So, probably nothing wrong technically with your platform.

  11. Dear Udi Oz, someboy, anybody. I cannot get into my account. The Help Center does not reply to my emails. Is anyone on duty? My username is: guyhogan

  12. Happy News! I got my bonus and badge. The badge is just awesome.
    Thank You Triond!!
    Not only for the badge & bonus but also for hearing our worries and attending to it.

    1. Jesus, once i again your videos find me on my faeobock wall. lol listen i was here talkign to a few fans late one night and i need to talk to you. You have the viral influences with the videos and documents im going to unleash soon. I need your help with your video skills. I also have a youtube page : we can link up and show the truths of these motherfuckers that keep destroying our land, air , and ocean . HAARP is turned on everywhere, theres military drones allover the place, and its getting worse i hope to hear from you .i will also send you an email with this same context. Thanks alot, and keep up the good work. Your doing amazing.

  13. I just checked yesterday’s earnings. I did not receive any earnings yesterday, despite the fact that I had more than my average hits and posted 5 new articles. Where are my earnings from yesterday?

  14. Ulsterman or his cronies are using the flag button to have competing articles removed from the front page of – have low can people sink?

  15. I get 10% bonus as stated in my dashboard, but Triond email me monthly statement which will be paid at tenth of this month without any bonus.

    Triond, please check. Thank you

    1. Dear Triond,

      Finally I have received the payment + 10% bonus.
      Thank you so much. It is really sweet earning after last three months (May-June-July) low earning.
      I hope Triond is back to be a prestigious website again.

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