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In the last few days we finished rolling out a change to the commenting system on the Triond network. Some of you have noticed the transition that began about two weeks ago, in which our traditional commenting system was replaced by Facebook Comments.

There are two main advantages that this change brings. First, it solves some of the darker aspects of commenting, such as comment spam, comment trolling, and anonymous comment abuse. Second, and more importantly, it leverages the power of Facebook to increase traffic to your articles. Think about it — up until now your comments existed only on the article’s page. From now on, they still exist there, but they also exist in the Facebook space. Each time someone comments on your work, he or she includes their social graph in the conversation about your work, and the result is that more people are exposed to it.

We hope that this change makes the conversation experience around your articles a better one, and that you benefit from it in terms of better discussion and higher traffic.

981 thoughts on “Facebook Comments

  1. Forgive me everyone if I don’t mourn the loss of comment exchange and spam.

    It’s actually a decent move, hopefully the first of many.

    There are some problems, but it’s not as bad as you all make it out to be.

    1. Kudos for this, but could you leave a link that allows the comments number to appear for us so that we know we have a comment, otherwise, we only know from seeing a link accidently or from actually going to our article to know it!

  2. I can see why but to just stop the comments box on Triond outside facebook is mad and not giveing choice, i do not want people who can track me because of my job finding out information about me on an open site like facebook, so please think again it is not good for all but to have a multi choice comments box asking how to share your comments would be better if facebook has to be involved.
    simply ask the question and respect choice such as (how do you want to share) 1 facebook 2 Triond direct 3 Twiter then your writters will use the box they are safe with…. and only comment on the box they choose but the work will still be open to other Triond users and only to facebook if that box is ticked.

    1. I totally agree with you Paul, people should be allowed a choice in how they leave a comment and what facility that they use.

      Not everyone has the same name or ID on Facebook as they do on Triond, I am lucky and I do have that in place. My views have plummeted because it is too hard to track who is looking at my articles and I have suffered because of that.

      If people do not wish to leave comments because of the Facebook commenting facility then it is harder to reciprocate, because some peoples’ profiles are different, and because the Timeline on Facebook is atrocious.

      Please see my article: http://webupon.com/social-networks/facebook-wins-triond-losing/

      I can understand the logic in the change to a certain degree, but there are down falls as well.


      1. Maybe it is what they want, I had my Facebook account before my Triond account, this whole set up is a complete and utter sick joke, my views have dropped, my comments have dropped.

        I spend half the time looking at my articles for comments to reciprocate if there are any, plus waiting for “super” Facebook to finish doing its loading.

        Their Timeline is a complete farce, I like liking people’s articles and they then appear on that Timeline, it does give someone more publicity if people look at their articles via my Facebook page, which is a good thing, but the fact is if you like someone’s Triond profile that appears on there as well. I would prefer my Timeline to be free of peoples’ profiles here on Triond.

        Then at least there are only articles on there, we make money from our articles, not our profiles. Facebook could set it up so that a person receives an email if someone clicks to like their Triond profile, at least that way they know. I have no control over that Timeline and I resent that intensely. I have to manually delete what I do not wish to see there.

        The bare faced fact is that this was done WITHOUT peoples’ consent, or by being put to a vote by the members, and our hand is being forced to use Facebook when the majority of us do not wish to. My last comment in Triond was on the 24th June, what is the point in having that facility and why is it still there?

        I would suggest remove the Facebook commenting option, or leave it in place and give people an alternative via Triond. My method of reciprocating was by going through my list of comments, and returning the view, like, comment. I cannot do that effectively anymore, why do Triond not listen to their members????

  3. Commenting habits on Triond need changing. There’s no reason to say anything you can’t put your name on.

    Privacy isn’t an issue. It’s not like you can’t create a new Facebook profile specifically for use on Triond, if that’s your only concern.

      1. Who are you andrea? I don’t know.. who am I? Why should I have to ‘create’ a fake profile AGAINST facebook’s guidelines to use TRIOND? Do you have several cell phone numbers to authorize multiple Facebook accounts? I don’t.

        There are many reasons to not use facebook. I have been on facebook several times where it was creeping to a halt. Should Triond be influenced by this?
        What’s the point in having a pen name? What the point in having a Triond profile?

        Soon, the question will be obvious, what’s the point of Triond? There is only one reason why people at Triond are putting up with this, because there is no real alternative. How long do you think that will last? forever?

  4. I didn’t like this transaction. Spam is easy to fight… just go on your comments section and remove whichever you don’t like… but facebook? People can spam with the facebook widget almost the same way like the old commenting way before…. And also don’t make me say that facebook widget is really really slow…. It frightens my viewers 😛

  5. I have written two articles about it and sorry, but you did NOT at all think about the disadvantages!

    1. When we comment now, everyone can see our Facebook name. I do NOT want everyone online to see my Facebook name and account! And I do not want everyone on Facebook see what I do on Triond!!!

    2. During the last couple of days, I received a total of ZERO comments on my Triond articles!!! The views are also decreasing. No one dares to comment anymore, due to #1 and whenever we comment, there is NO link to our Triond profile.
    So when I comment, how will the article writer know that the comment is made by stine1??????

    3. Not everyone on earth has a Facebook account or does want one. How do you let these people comment?????

  6. wow..wow..wow…wow…wow.. it is not really good progress for triond. I think triond will extinct for next few months. Think about it, this changing is surely dangerous for triond writer. Think once again Triond. I am one of the victim of Triond worst policy.

    1. So true, this will turn out the worst change… I am already receiving ZERO comments and a lot less views.
      The earnings decrease anyway, so why should we still be here, Triond???

  7. I do not like the change. The old way of doing comments was great. There are to many people accessing our information now and with everything going ot facebood it will be worse. An example is that since triond started this everyday I get an email from a site called internet seer and they site one of my triond articles and say I need to contact them or my computer is going to crash. This is not good.

  8. Wow, everybody’s thrilled in here about this little failed adventure, just like they are on getsatisfaction about this:

    “The new Comment Boxes Suck!”
    “Can’t Comment with Triond 28 JUNE 2012”
    “New Commenting System is Asinine”
    “Cannot contact new commenters on triond”

    Way to drop the ball, Triond. I imagine when someone clicks a commenter’s name, you want them to go to stay on Triond and continue to read content, not go off to Facebook.
    Internets 101: don’t send them to another site if you want their traffic!

  9. Plenty of blogs have implemented DISQUS alongside Facebook comments.

    No reason why Triond couldn’t combine the old and new comment systems, leaving Facebook to load (slowly) at the bottom of the page.

    There, problem solved.

  10. Its good to have your say this is what i mean by choice, thanks to you all and keep up the good poetry etc great reading, so i must ask now Triond what now do we have a working platform if so listen to the writters and just give it a try, its not about not saying who you are its about (for instance i was asked about my poetry today and given titles and wording from some of them) , strange thing is it was from a facebook user who enjoyed it but my point is how did they get onto it thats my whole reason for wanting Triond to keep it too the writters just out of choice and to expand our work to the net but with our chosen advert links not totaly free without control, i have too say good luck if you want to put it on facebook now but for me an old soak the time line is too much to deal with.and i enjoy the one to one with brillliant writters on my Triond and that i miss.

  11. The advantages and disadvantages of the change appear not to have been carefully weighed… Perhaps Triond will review the change rationale..? Thank you.

  12. I do think that the Facebook comments has a potential to draw in more viewers but not the way it is currently set up, previously when a comment that was intriquing or engaging sparked the readers interest, they would click on the commentor’s name and that would take the reader to the writer’s profile, viewing a commentor’s profile is impossible with the facebook commenting because, as Stein1 pointed out, one is redirected to facebook, not Triond when they click on a commentor’s name…
    And could Triond please find a way to allow a count of the comments to appear on the dashboard again…. seeing all of the comments through the dashboard encourages writer’s

  13. This change is going to be the death of Triond. I have been loosing tons of views on a daily basis now since the comment change has taken effective.

    Is Triond purposely trying to kill Triond? Triond use to be one of the most popular publishing sites on the internet, but now, not so. Triond use to pay the highest revenues per article published, but not anymore.

    I am loosing faith in Triond – BIG TIME!

    Just cannot for the life of me understand why Triond would have ever changed the old ways of doing business in 2006, 2007, 2008 which were working fantastic, and to fix that which was not broken to what we have currently on Triond – Terrible performance, profits and publishing experience.

    I just hate to say it, but “I am shopping for a new publisher and starting all over, because I am wasting my time with Triond from here on out”.

    Facebook sucks!


    Nelson Doyle

  14. I agree about readership and comments dropping. Mine fell off a cliff about 6/26/12. Everything went dead. I do not comment through Facebook, I use Yahoo, but the problems with that is Yahoo carries another name for me (Yellowbird5411) which no one recognizes, and when I comment with Yahoo, it is not clickable on the comments section. If I click on someone else’s name, I am taken to a strange Facebook page, with the owners friends and stuff. I feel like an intruder. Yahoo comments are in black, not blue, and no one can see who I am by clicking. My Facebook page is loaded with co-workers, and I never go over there. It has a life all its own. But I certainly do not want my Triond life to be shared with everyone I work with. No way.

  15. Hi Nelson Doyle
    If you find another site please let me know. I signed up with wikinut which some people say is good. Only problem have never received the email to verify my email. I have requested the email be sent again and they are like Knoji in that they do not seem to answer any requests writers make. Knoji appears to be dieing and I think Triond will do the same thing if some changes are not made and soon. My views were never real great but now I am lucky to get 8 or 10 views a day and before I would get 100 which is not good but better than what I get now.

      1. I feel the same about Expertscolumn, the articles published there do not look professional. I liked the look and feel of Triond, but I too will switch if I find a better publisher. My views went down as well just when I felt that I made a breakthrough. ;(

  16. @norlaw & @Nelson Doyle

    …. Nelson, please go ahead and answer still but I thought I would add my 2 cents into norlaws request too. First off, Wikinut is a pretty good site but the pay is awful and I mean awful. I have over 50,000 views on that site and have made less than $20.00 so you can see that the pay is extremely low. They do have a good website layout and publishing is very simple plus the big thing is the search engines seem to pick up the site very well. As for another site to write on, I have been using Expertcolumns for several weeks now and that is probably going to be my main site once Triond finally closes its doors. My plan is to use Triond as long as they are up and running and just republish on both Expertcolumns and Wikinut for now though. Both sites will let you republish your articles on them so the best bet is to still publish on Triond and then republish on both the other ones. Hope this helps.

  17. Sure sounds like Facebook has purchased (or is about to purchase) Triond! Otherwise, why direct people away from the site as is inevitably going to happen?

    1. I sure hope that Facebook doesn’t purchase Triond. I don’t trust Facebook’s privacy policies. Please, the owners are big supporters of the current government and I do not trust our current government at all.

      If Triond were to sell to Facebook, then I will stop publishing with Triond altogether. Currently, I do not maintain a Facebook account and I will not open an account with Facebook either.

      It really is very disappointing that Triond will not interact with its members, because after all I believe that the members have good ideas that could help Triond to succeed. Most members do promote their own work and probably know already what types of marketing works and which types of marketing that do not work and Triond could learn as much from us (the members) as we could learn from them, if only the Triond management would open up dialog with us.


      Nelson Doyle

    2. I thought about it too… Facebook is getting so greedy lately, I have a love and hate relationship with it. I would love to ditch it, but most of my friends and family are obsessed with it and do not maintain any contact except via Facebook, which is really sad, so if I get out of it, I will lose any contact with them and they are really far away, so I am stuck with it 😦

  18. Mike M
    I joined wikinut over a week ago now and you have to verify your email to publish on them and I have never received the email to verify my email. I have made over 20 requests and nothing happens. I can submit articles but they do not get reveiwed. I am just about ready to give up on them. Experts Column is good but you will not get rich.

  19. somebody mentioned they get paid money to write on this site–another says he got 50,000 hits–I’d like a few hits, but then, I’m a baseball player (RF)–how do you get paid, and how much?
    what type of personal information do you have to provide facebook?
    is there a blood test–or maybe a breathalyzer?—I’d be happy to give a urine sample—are there convenient restrooms available? on the Pike? do they have burger king? the rest stops have to be improved on the NYS thruway—when will the litter be picked up in NYC?—& how about the graffitti? ugly, ugly, ugly—maybe they need to get rid of windows on trains and buses

  20. You say you publish on wikinut Mike M. but I have never got the email to everify my email. I submitted 2 articles by mistake and they are sitting in unreviewed and I get messages to verify my email. I request an email so I can verify my email but none ever comes. Wikinut has some very good writers on it but their correspondance with their writers stinks. Sort of reminds me of Mike Quoc at Knoji. I think I will proably die before wikinut send me the email I need. None of the writers know of a way to contact them. “contact us” is a waste of time. Glad you got on there.

  21. I don’t really mind the change. My Facebook name is almost the same as my pen name on Triond and I have a good privacy settings done, so only friends and family can see any private info, not everyone. I also think before posting any comments, and if I don’t want people on Facebook to see them, then I don’t check a box that allows that.

    If only we were able to see the new comments made with Facebook accounts it would be great, and I hope that you finally take care of these glitches with “error pages” that happen way too often recently, then we could hope for our views to go back up again.

  22. This is only gonna get us more trouble people…
    How are writers going to know if people have left a comment on their articles from the dashboard? Don’t tell me that you can see the comment on your facebook home page cause I almost never put foot there anymore…

  23. Many have said this is a great move. I neither agree nor disagree. I am interested in hearing how this is a great move other than an emotional response.

    Have you benefited from this move?

    1. The only benefit that I see with this move to Facebook, is that it means less work for Triond management to manage on Triond. What Triond management seem not to fully understand; is in order for this move to work means that every Triond member need join Facebook, and then they need to make a whole lot of friends on Facebook that are interested in using Facebook to read what they write and share on Facebook.

      Facebook is not a social bookmarking network like that of StumbleUpon, Digg, Fark, Reddit and others, where these sites are designed to share web content with their members and is the reason why people join these sites in the first place. Facebook is a social network where people join to talk to their family and friends and rarely leave Facebook to visit websites, plus Facebook members can click on the Like Tab and never need to visit the site which they clicked the Like Tab for. This does not benefit writers on Triond, it just means that an articles received a lot of Likes but were never opened and read by those who have clicked Like.

      To answer your question h20Ho, “No, I have not seen any benefits from the Facebook change”. Matter of fact, just the opposite. I have lost over 5000 views just last month and by the way it looks so far this month, I will loose another 5000 views more this month. I use to average 21,000 + views per month before the Facebook change, and now in just the month of June I received a little over 15,000 views and this is now dropping again this month July.

      If the Facebook change wasn’t bad enough for Triond…What is even worse for every Triond member’s future success…is that Triond doesn’t seem to care to fix the “500 – Internal Server Error” that have seemed to plague their websites. Click on an article to read it, only to receive a “500 – Internal Server Error” message. Readers will give up trying to read the article and just leave the site altogether. Major search engines will drop the articles’ rankings on their search results and Triond members will loose yet again even more internet traffic.

      I honestly believe that Triond management has thrown in the towel on making Triond successful. It is too hard to maintain success or they are making so much money from the thousands upon thousands of published articles that they do not no longer value their members’ ultimate success. If Triond just makes 1 cent per article per month on 1,000,000 articles, then Triond will make $10,000 per month. But, the average Triond member probably now earns less than $10.00 per month and the members are doing all of the marketing, writing and leg work to make their selves successful thus also lightens the work load of Triond. What is Triond Management doing to help us succeed? Triond Management will not even respond to Triond members questions and concerns anymore…this should let every Triond member know just what kind of leadership is remains in Triond management.

      I use to respect the Triond Management in the beginning, because they seemed to care about their members. The use to be there ready to answer our questions and concerns. They use to fix bugs infecting the system quickly. They use to publish a Triond newsletter to share ideas and what is going on in the Triond community. They use to advertise Triond independently, so to attract new writers and readers to visit or join Triond. They use to be proactive within their own company and community. They use to do a whole lot of things to “EARN” their money that they are just comfortable with making now. I have lost all respect for the Triond Management that it has become today. “A ship without a captain will hit the iceberg and ultimately sink to the bottom of the ocean with all on-board loosing in the end.” – Nelson Doyle

      1. I agree with you Nelson, I would be very happy if I even made $10 per month the way things are going, but if this is the case they are going to lose that $10.00 too.

  24. I have not seen any benefits to having to having the facebook comments, My views have dropped and as mentioned above, I have no idea who has left comments, if any, unless I view my own articles. and the comment boxes take forever to load

  25. I agree with some people comment here , I am not experiencing any of the benefits you mention .. I cant socialize with people that comment on my article or revisit their article because I dont know who they are !! and I would really appreciate the option of keeping my Facebook life separate !!

  26. Also, Why did you had to replace the original commenting system? Wouldn’t it be better to give us the choice to use the facebook widget ONLY if we want to? Think about that…

  27. What about Picable?

    You have not implemented this with Picable, and God knows you need to.

    The comment feature at Picable has always been the most unreliable of all the comment features of any of your affiliate sites. It most desperately needs to be replaced with this new Facebook system!

    I certainly hope you plan to do so in the near future.

  28. Hello!!! All of Triond’s websites are down again! Why is this happening all of the time now. They have been down for several hours now already. Is anybody even looking into why this has been happening all of the time now. We can’t earn anything if no one can even get onto any of our articles!!!!

    1. And now after several more hours, they are still down. This is longer that any reasonable amount of time for maintenance. There is no excuse for it, except that we are being denied traffic.

      1. Look at the time stamp of Mike M’s first message about the Triond’ article websites being down. 11:40 am. Then look at the time stamp for my initial reply at 3:44 pm, when the articles were still down. Now look at the time stamp for this reply, and consider that the articles are STILL down, after all this time throughout the entire day! That is absurd!!! There is absolutely no excuse for it!!!

      2. There was no excuse for it at 3:44 pm, then at 10:39 it was ridiculous! Now it is getting very close to 11 pm Central Daylight Time, and the situation remains unchanged.


        No hits for our articles today. Except for a few hits I got at the wee hours of the morning, before the article sites went down, nothing else the rest of the day, not because people didn’t try, no doubt, but because the sites have been unavailable the vast majority of the day.

        What is wrong?

        I want to know why!?

        Why are we being denied traffic to our sites?

  29. Facebook sucks. Period. If people spent half their life living in the real world instead of commenting and being nosey on other people’s business, the world might not be in such a state of affairs…and many users prefer a choice over just having FB links. Triond, sort out your CMS error and Internal Server 500 errors before adding fancy crap such as this.

  30. Don’t ask Nathan either as he won’t answer you. In fact, anything “pointing” gets deleted (no doubt this comment will too LOL)…

  31. We liked that people (particularly the right wing nutters) could comment on articles. It was as if we were giving them enough rope and they were hanging themselves with their vile, inhumane, disgusting views. We’re sure that the same nutters engaged in hostile clicking and are to blame for a number of Triond writers adsense accounts being suspended but, even so, the move to Facebook will (already has) stifled comments and reads.

    There’s been some weird sh*t happening on Triond and the internet. (For example what was all that Chinese traffic about?) In the past Triond has recovered from it and have listened to its writers. Let’s hope they have a rethink about this too.

  32. I don’t like being negative. I want this to work. I want it to be better for us. I realize that it means we might have to do things differently.

    I have suggested that we put our profile links in our comments.

    I also know that even if we were organized and did this, it would still take time before it becomes routine.

    I appreciate the little comments I do get. My facebook profile has gotten 5 likes, which means I am only exposed to 5 peoples commenting on Facebook, etc..

    I am having a very difficult time just trying to be a good member and return the favors I receive from people that not only view my stuff but actually leave a comment. It has embarrassed me and frustrated me.

    Still, I am positive. I have a site that I have created for my referrals so I can try and help them and ease communication.

    Please feel free to join or just go there to appease my efforts, either way thanks for reading this.

    I know this is somewhat self promotion but I feel there is functionality there that is lacking in the current Triond model that is useful.


    1. h20ho Thanks for the work you have done and i am on board now just takes me time to get it in my mind how were and how to publish but will get it right. i have just read the information and seen the work you have done with Triond friends outstanding my friend thank you.

  33. My concern is 500 internal server come up every time now and that is a problem with Triond, can not find out why but i hope that Triond hear loud and clear the democratic requests from its members, you are all fantastic authors and have outstanding efforts in your writting so do not loose hope….

  34. It seems things are falling apart here on Triond. I only have less than 40 articles, and money was never the issue with just that, but some people have over two or three hundred articles, and they are losing a lot of money with this move. I found another writer’s site, called Seekyt, in which I have written three articles. They were all approved, in short order. They will not monitor me now again. I haven’t figured it all out, but they pay (70%) of revenue from Adsense, at least that is what they say. It is worth looking at, as their layout is pretty easy. I haven’t found where you can see the numbers of readers yet for the articles, but most of it is easy to figure out. I may take all my articles over there, if that is allowed. I get the feeling Triond is on very shaky ground.

    1. No you can’t publish them elsewhere, in addition, you can’t later publish them elsewhere either. They need to be unique to the internet, period. If you publish them later they will remove them.

  35. I wrote an article last week on the 500 – Internal Server Error and also wrote an article a couple of weeks ago regarding the demise of Triond…Yes, we are the people who EARN TRIOND THEIR MONEY – yet we are hung out to dry, ignored and are now being forced towards that “let’s be in on everyone’s business cos we all lead sad and lonely lives because all we do is sit on trashy face Book every day and night”.
    Triond : FIX the 500 Internal Server Error. FIX the lack of transparency you guys deny US the writers who EARN YOU YOUR MONEY!!!
    Sort your crap out.

  36. Oh and to add to that: I usually have 40,000 to 60,000 clicks on average. This FB integration commenting farce is seriously going to jeopardise every single writer on here – which means it HITS YOU TOO as you won’t earn as much…Think about it! It’s a no brainer.

  37. My views are way down since the change two weeks ago. Also, the Facebook Account isn’t mine, it’s my husband’s(allowed one account per computer). Now, everything I do is in my husband’s name, Marvin instead of my name, Kharla. He doesn’t like this happening and neither do I.

  38. Norlaw, I don’t know all of Seekyt’s policies yet, as I am one to jump the gun, write articles first and read the directions later. : ) But I am going to spend time tonight to find out whether they accept pre-published material, and if it can be published with others. I wrote them a note today and asked where the article view count was. He answered in an hour or two, and said that there was no article count PER article, and said he didn’t trust those kind of counts anyway, but there is an analytics app that you can put on your profile (or account) page and it will tell you total views. It is hard to discern which articles are earning that way. But that is what he said. They are very responsive, and not to throw water on it, it seems most websites are when they first get going. Payment comes through Adsense. At least the man who was communicating with me knew sentence structure and spelling. That’s an improvement from some of the sites I have dealt with. My suggestion is go over to Seekyt (my user name there is Seekytie) and poke around a bit. See what you think. At least they care about article quality, as you have to submit three articles for approval first, which go on your article sheet. But also, send them questions. Make them work for you…. : )

  39. Hy Lynn
    Thanks for the information. I checked them out alittle and the site looks pretty good. Most sites are good when they first start out after the bugs are worked out. After awhile they seem to go to the devil. That is what has happened to Knoji (Factoidz) and Triond is headed the same way. I contacted Triond over a week ago with a question and still no answer. I remember when I started with them the answered your questions that day or the next at the latest. Hope this new site works for you. Please keep me posted.

  40. Norlaw, I’m glad you checked Seekyt out. I also have been reading users and others comments about them. Reports are very good, from all that I have read. The site itself gives writers more choice of article display than other sites I for which I have written. It is quite creative, offering all kinds of additions and display options. I am a slow learner, so this will take me some time. I put a picture in an article today, and was very proud of myself. I am in awe of those who instinctively know this stuff, and don’t have to even read the instructions. By the way, Seekyt is very careful in spelling everything out, as to how to do stuff. I like that. Now, if I can just find Seekyt’s URL for the analytics application……… : ( I may take my articles off Triond, because if the are selling to Facebook, which I hear rumors about, who knows what will happen.

  41. The Triond websites have been down all day. Only 77 views total. Contacted Mr. Shahar, Triond C.E.O. directly using his private email address, but he has not of yet responded.

    I suspect that Triond is not only a dying business, but may in fact be totally out-of-business by the end of the year or sooner, if the Triond management doesn’t start fixing the 500 Internal Server Errors and getting the sites back up and running properly.

    Triond really needs to invest in additional servers, because with so much membership growth in the last couple of year – the internal member dashboard is running extremely slow and I am using High Speed Internet and it takes forever just to check my daily stats.

    I am wasting no time…I am moving my articles to another site altogether. Triond has let me down, put me down and now seems to want to beat me down to boot. Five years wasted……Time to start over, but without Triond.


    Nelson Doyle

      1. I don’t think that’s the case – they pay you based on what they take in – regardless of whether stuff gets viewed, they have to keep the servers on, whether they’re serving articles or CMS/500 errors – if that were to continue, Triond would have to shutter.

      2. Triond did not send my April earnings..They even deleted my comments at Get Satisfaction..Im so disappointed with Triond..They used to listen to us (Nobert, Nelson and RJ),, but now they don’t even bother to respond to issues brought up by users.

  42. Strange how this forum is still up and running – if Triond was up to no good you’d think this would be the first thing to be axed – free speech is a bummer during takeovers.

    Maybe there’s some cleaning going on. There’s a lot (note that’s two words) of crap published on Triond and comments that’d make your toes curl (if they were wired to do so upon reading obscenity). Or, could be they went out for a jolly and forgot to lock up and this is the result. Let’s see what happens today before we start removing content.

    Better the devil you know and stuff like that.

    Back soon


  43. Just received a response from Triond C.E.O. Mr. Shahar.


    I can’t always respond on time to your personal messages, and I
    apologize. As you can see, the burning issue has been fixed.

    Thank you for your notice!


    And, thank you Mr. Shahar for listening and for fixing the problem. I do hope that Triond and/or you will continue to interact and listen to the ideas, concerns and issues that the Triond Community have been voicing.

    We all want Triond to successful, because when Triond is successful and healthy as a company, then all active members will soon be more successful, too.


    Nelson Doyle

    1. Thanks Nelson for posting this.

      It is nice to hear from Triond in one form or another. I don’t envy their positions when their is a portion of the community in a somewhat cranky disposition.

      All the same, it would be nice, as I think you mentioned early, to have a captain helping keep a cohesive confident user base.

      I feel Triond needs to be humanized, where we feel that someone is home. People tend to treat people like.. well.. people and are more tolerate of problems. After all it is human to error.

      Thanks again Nelson for this post.

  44. To put it quite simply, I don’t want to spam all over Facebook what I do on Triond. I manually move articles that I want across; I don’t have auto connect for a reason. I want what I do on Triond to stay on Triond, and what I do on Facebook to stay on Facebook. If I want the two to meet I will do that of my own choice, manually.

    If I click on someones name I want to go to their Triond profile which I have an interest in rather than their Facebook profile which to me at least is personal. I have no interest in that.

    In addition, I am known as Secre22 here and my real name on Facebook. I want to keep it that way and have no reason or wish for the two to become merged. I don’t have a photo of myself on Triond, nor do I wish to. I have a photo of myself on my Facebook because I see this as my Private space with my friends and family.

    As a final point; how does this stop comment trolling/spamming? You can spam and be an idiot just as effectively though Facebook as you can through any other medium.

    Due to this my response is quite simple; you have quite effectively forced me to stop commenting. I do not want my face and name on every comment. I do not want to leave a Facebook trail a mile long. So I simply won’t do it. Simples.

  45. Triond is supposed to be fixed then why did I only get 3 views yesterday and have 1 today. I never get a lot of views but this is bad even for me. I think I need to find another site for my articles.

    1. Because there’s a scratch my back I’ll scratch yours thing which relies on the comment system being utilised so you know who has read your work and can then go to them. As the comments system no longer links to peoples pages nobody can be bothered to read as they won’t get anything from it.

    1. Yep, mines the same! Between the 500 errors and the commenting meaning that triond members aren’t bothering to view it’s somewhat of a disaster zone.

  46. I have spending time with my family and missed what was going on here. I just noticed yesterday that I couldn’t open the articles in my newsfeed, and then noticed that I couldn’t open my own articles. Then I saw that all of my comments to Triond writers were showing up on Facebook. I really don’t like that, because it takes the context out of my comments. I don’t think people will catch on that my comment relates to the article below my comment, and I doubt that many will click the article.

    I don’t know if Triond execs will read these comments, but if you do: I VOTE NO TO TRIOND COMMENTS ON FACEBOOK!

  47. Hi Lynn
    I joined that site and submitted 3 articles. 2 have been approved. I need to figure out how to put a picture in my articles. I am not very good at this so will take some time. Thanks for the information. I really appreciate it. I hate the new Facebook way. I sort of stinks.

  48. Norlaw – Good for you. We’ll find out together how the site operates, and whether can carry the day for us as a new writer’s site. The reviews are excellent that I have read so far. You can contact me over there under “Seekytie” , if they have a way of communicating between members. I don’t know all there is to know about it yet, so I am still planning to log some time with the site in figuring stuff out. Best of luck to you, and congratulations on getting your first two articles accepted!

  49. Thanks for your response. I will look for your articles over there. I will have to figure out how to put pictures on my articles. I have 4 accespted articles. They are not my best work as I wanted to get set up and was in hurry. Shame on me.

  50. Using FACEBOOK to comment identifies you, the user, by name, -and opens the Pandora’s Box of well-wishing family members to ‘click-spam’ your AdSense ads on your Triond articles, -getting you BANNED for life from AdSense.

    Hey Triond, -you love FACEBOOK so damn much why not use FACEBOOK here, on this forum, to post these comments? You know, -not everyone HAS a FACEBOOK account. Yes, -I do. But I can name 10 family members of mine that do NOT have a FACEBOOK account. You just denied them the ability to comment on my work (and don’t insult me by suggesting they create a FACEBOOK account just to comment on my work…)

    Bad decision, this. *I* for one will NEVER COMMENT on a Triond article again if FACEBOOK is the only way to do so.

    1. I totally agree with you.
      I do use what is called a facebook Page attached to my main account.

      It’s cumbersome and awkward but it’s better than my real-person account being used.

      I don’t think this upgrade was 1. thought out far enough 2. implemented using any sort of software development methodology (develope, test and production servers) and 3. In Triond’s users best interest.

      I guess we will see.

  51. You know what i have to give you all credit for your comments what a great world family we have on Triond, we need to be opening the flud gates and letting the comments come into our lives what we are missing is so great and better by far than any thing another team could dream of.What a shame for Triond not to grab this with open arms and develop the family so make it so and lets get going this FB link is not for use and get back to the old ways, i said how to do it miles back on this page come on Triond get it going we will develop more then…What you got to loose….

  52. I think it is about high time that Triond got it’s shit together, I just spent about twenty minutes typing out a message only for me to click send on completion and then find myself logged out and no message in my Outbox, wtf!!!!

    And what is it with this %u2019???? It is supposed to be an apostrophe Triond???? For a website designed for writers it is not exactly very efficient is it? If this shit carries on I will be moving my work and myself somewhere else very soon.

    Get a grip on reality sooner rather than later!!!!

  53. With this new system, my dashboard shows zero comment, how discouraging, no more good community, as other comments from other writers are hidden, the comments scattered all over the FB pages, too many till people don’t bother to read them at all as usually people read articles for those familiar writers only. Some supporters don’t want to comment on the article page, so they comment elsewhere, for eg. private msg or thru FB comment instead. We accept changes if it’s for improving, but obviously, it’s not, though there are some advantages.
    Morale is low, inspiration lost, Triond used to be my online home, but I find it’s a stranger site to me now. Sob, sob.

  54. I agree with Chris. Trionds Facebook adventure has ruined things for the Triond writers. Many are going to Wikinut which I guess is good. I signed up 3 weeks ago and have yet to get my email to verify my email so I can submit articles. Correction I can submit articles but they do not get reveiwed so they do not get published. It does not do any good to request the email because Wikinut is like Knoji as they also have a policy against answering their writers emails. At this point in time I can not recommend the sight. Seekyt is good about answering emails but they only accept never before published articles and you can not publish your articles some where else if you publish them on Seekyt. Triond is still the best if they would go back to what they were and forget this Facebook project they have under taken. I think most of the writers think it stinks.

  55. Has anyone else had problems with trojans and viruses on their computer since Triond started this Facebook project? My virus protection software is working overtime and it never did before. I keep getting pop ups that my computer is in danger from being shut down.

  56. I like this triond this is a very good idea. I think it is a good way to get more people to comment on my articles.

    1. How can it be a good idea when peoples’ views are dropping and you have got to see each of your articles to see if you have a comment or via stupid Facebook, switching back and forth between the two????

  57. You are right Chris. You can not see the comments anymore so you do not know who commented unless you go to Facebook. Some people do not like Facebook. I think the ideal way would be to give people a choice. Also since Triond went to Facebook I am having problems with my computer and I can not have this as I run a trucking company and I get all the loads of freight on email and I bill by email and I can not keep having these pop ups that say the computer has 5200 errors and is going to crash and it freezes up and the only way to get it to work is to pay them for their program which is a scam. I just shut the power off and start it again but I can not keep doing this as it is not good for the computer.

    1. I agree with you Norma, this not resolving this is a major issue with peoples’ views and comments dropping. I am sorry to hear you have PC problems, to answer your previous question I am not having any issues with my laptop, I hope this gets resolved. Best wishes, Chris.

  58. Do you think that the Triond staff reads what we write here? I think I would be alright with the Facebook deal if it was attatched to our dashboards and if it didn’t take several minutes to load….

  59. Norlaw, I’ve had that problem you describe, and what I had to do was take my computer in to the shop to clean all the malware, spyware and other crap off it. If you have a program that does it, that’s the problem you have. You have a lot of viruses that have attached, and they are not going to go away. For $49.95 or so, at a local computer shop, it’s worth the price to get “clean”. Other people have their own software and can do it at home, but I don’t. Drop it off and pick it up in a couple of hours. You will waste more time dealing with the mess you have. Not only that, they can really damage your computer, and you will be spending even more money to buy and set up a new one. I don’t mess with viruses and stuff anymore. I don’t have the patience. Good luck. I also go “incognito” through Google Chrome, so websites don’t know I’m there. It helps keep me undetected by crap that would otherwise attach. I have Avast! Virus Data base on my laptop. It does a good job. But if you have Chrome, try what I do.

    1. Hi Lynn,

      I use CCleaner to remove spyware and malware from my hard drive. It is a 100% free program that you can find by searching for it on your favorite search engine. Just search the term “CCleaner Free Home Edition” and you will find it. It has worked great as long as I have used it on a regular bases and have kept updated on the new updates that CCleaner regularly releases from time-to-time. You might give it a try, just make sure that you are downloading the right application for the type of OS system that you are currently using.

      Good Day.

      Nelson Doyle

  60. Facebook just sucks…and Triond follows too. December 21st, 2012 – when Triond is bought out by Facebook – bye, bye world. LOL

  61. I agree craigz–facebook does suck. Thanks everyone for your suggestions on how to fix my computer. I think I have it now. Has anyone out there tried to sign up with wikinut. I did a month ago but never got their email to verify my email so am sitting in limbo and have requested email at least 4o times with no answer. I must be doing something wrong but do not know what as they do not answer. Maybe Triond will get fixed—I hope. I loved the commenting with other writers. I will miss it.

  62. Say Norlaw,

    Do you have your internet provider through Comcast? The reason I ask, is I know from experience, being a Comcast customer myself, that Comcast e-mail seems to sometimes have strange delivery issues with certain other servers out there in cyber land. So if you used a Comcast.net e-mail address to register with, and you are now sending those messages with that same e-mail address, then you may not be even getting through. After much frustration, I had to get myself a gmail address to supplement my Comcast.net address. So, from now on, when I register for anything new, it is with my gmail address, and so far no problems with that working.

  63. I will no longer be leaving comments because I do not want my Facebook account integrated with Triond. My Facebook account is set up for family and it will stay that way. Sorry but I am not happy about this change at all. I enjoy the interaction that Triond comments have provided with the members and I will miss it.

  64. …….”it leverages the power of Facebook to increase traffic to your articles”…..Has anyone noticed an increase in traffic to any articles yet? We should be noticing changes by now I would think. I’m really wondering. Lynn Proctor

    1. No change since the Facebook comment ordeal. However, I have noticed an slight increase in traffic coming in from my older articles, but I believe this increase upward is due to Triond fixing the 500 – Internal Server Error issue that had prevented these articles from being viewed. I have check many of the articles which use to have the 500 Internal Server Error appearing nearly all of the time and I haven’t ran into the 500 Internal Server Error any more.

      I just hope that Triond is listening to the comments here concerning the Facebook change, because this is more than a decrease in views issue for many of us – this is a privacy concern. Facebook like Google wants to record every little detail of our lives, so to sell to marketing companies or to do with our information anything that these companies and their management pleases. Personally I would prefer paying for membership on a social site or to use a particular search engine each month, just as long as the company that I am paying for the service from has a strong privacy policy in place and would never ever sell, trade or share my personal information with anyone and I do mean anyone without my expressed written permission to do so. But that is just me.


      Nelson Doyle

  65. I had been using Yahoo to sign in instead of Facebook for most of my comments, not because I care about Facebook per se as I never use it, but the other day (and most of you probably already know this) I was fooling around with Yahoo Search to see if I could compare Yahoo to Google in terms of writers sites on the first three pages. For data: There were no writers sites on either of them on the first three pages with ten random article titles tried. But I digress. Yahoo is now Yahoo India. At some point, and I had forgotten this, Yahoo was purchased by India, at least in part, (must be a majority of interest to be able to put “India” on it). So how does that compromise our data being sold? I think the days of confidential information online at any social site is pretty sketchy, especially when we’re talking main sites like Stumbleupon, Digg, and all of them. I know there are smaller sites, but this isn’t going to give Triond the exposure they want for higher views, and the writers aren’t able to bring in enough traffic to their satisfaction. Many of my old articles are showing up as well, for one or two reads, but the earnings have not changed for me either. Maybe someone with a lot of articles notices a difference. I don’t have over a hundred, so I am a poor barometer.

  66. Face book on Triond was a horrible idea. With Facebook I get few comments on my articles and I cannot find my friends articles to comment on.Search engines will not pick up sites that receive little traffic and we Triond writers depend on our Triond friends visits to bring search engines to our articles. Facebook is a bad idea and I am afraid it will be the end of Triond. Our earnings are small as it is and with the disadvantages of Facebook it will be practically nothing.

  67. Hi everyone I had a rant to day with a few of my closest friends on Triond. Bottom line I could not stand this Facebook thing. I am a writer (not the best) but I enjoy writing. I also enjoy meeting and talking to fellow writers that is one of the main points that I joined Triond and I thank all of you for the support. I would not be a great loss to Triond as I am just one but I can tell you that it is because of my close friends on Triond that I am still here (I won’t name them as they know who they are. This is what ticked me off the most with this new Facebook setup. First I did not have a Facebook account and nor did I want one. Now I do, has it made any difference yes it has a big difference. I had a couple of weeks ago I think just a couple of days before this Facebook thing cam into being an all time high of 725 hits in one day on Triond,most of them leaving comments. Now if you take today as an example I have had 25 hits with no comments a drastic drop. So has Facebook help me? The answer is obviously no.
    So I thought for a while is it me am I doing anything wrong. So this is what I did. Each Day I would log into Facebook in my brand new shiny new Facebook page. I would then read all the articles that came my way on Facebook, I would press the like button and then leave a comment. I would then log into Triond and read the same articles from my News Feed and do exactly the same. I would then just in-case I forgot someone go to as many of my Friends profiles as I could and do exactly the same. Well that’s sounds good you might say but the only problem I had left is that I had no time to write and that as well as the community is what I was here for in the first place. Today after venting my frustration by writing to my closest friends one has given me a way out. Quite simple really all I have to do is read my news feed on Triond leave a comment on Triond through the Facebook tab and not bother going over to Facebook.
    I thank you so much for giving me this idea and I plan to use it in the future. In other words you won’t actually see me on Facebook but I am there.
    I wish all Triond users the very best and to my Closest Triond Friends thanks for finding me away to stay with Triond.
    My Love to you all
    P.S sorry about the punctuation wrote this on the fly

  68. I think we need to give it a bit more time. My views are still up and down, but increasing on avarage and most of them come from outside Triond, which is what I wanted to see as much as I appreciate the support of other writers, so we will see how it will go…

    1. Hi Edyta,

      My daily averages are also going back up, but I do strongly believe the reason to be is because Triond has fixed the 500 Internal Server Error and not because Triond has changed over to Facebook comments. For so long, so many articles were not viewable, because links to view them had been broken and potential readers were instead directed to a 500 Internal Server Error message page and not to the actual articles. Now that seems to be fixed and the views are now proving it.

      You know that on the Triond Dashboard there is a section which displays where traffic is coming from; I have not seen Facebook added to that list. Why? Because Facebook has not driven enough traffic to the published articles on Triond. If this Facebook comment change really were about generating more traffic to our articles, then we would be seeing proof of it on the Triond Dashboard. Facebook was just not designed to share out favorite websites. It was designed to communicate with family, friends and post photos and stuff.


      Nelson Doyle

      1. I agree with you ,Nelson, and I am glad that this “server 500” problem was fixed. By the way, did you notice the Facebook messages from under your article about Triond Writing standards missing? I left one last night and today it wasn’t there, along with few other ones, so I left another one today, hope it stays…my traffic too is mainly from Google, not Facebook though sometimes my friends do check out my articles and re-post the links on their walls, but not much beyond that.

      2. Yes, I noticed that some of the comments were missing this afternoon, Edyta. I am so glad that you pointed this out to me, because for a minute I thought that I might of imagined that there had been more comments left as of last night.

        I have been thinking through the whole Facebook change and what this could really be about. Could it be possible this is a way to steer more people to using Facebook, so that they can be more easily tracked by the Big Brother Government. You know that Google and the NSA are working together and that the founder of Facebook supports the Barack Obama presidency. And, that Barack Obama and the socialists, marxists and communists have been working so hard to limit free speech and anonymity off of the internet as well as in the real world.

        Call me crazy, it is OK, but I believe strongly that Facebook usage is being encouraged by the Big Brother Government supporters, just like Google is being used by the NSA to keep tabs on its users and building profiles on everyone using the internet. I believe that Triond (not saying that the Triond founders are supporters of Barack Obama or Big Government) is not the last internet company that will convert comments to a Facebook app and they certainly weren’t the first to do so either.


        Nelson Doyle

      3. I do not trust Facebook either and I agree that it is all about control. There is a pattern here for sure. Facebook seems to be the favoured free inteligence source and the users give it away themselves. That is why I am very careful what information I give them about myself.

      4. Of course, we have the power to give whatever information we choose, and whatever information we do not choose. I only share what I actually want people to know about me. If I don’t want others to know things, then I do not share those things. It is that simple.

  69. Forgive me if I don’t jump for joy. Weeks before the facebook commenting thing started, I have been unable to publish articles or post comments. In addition, what little money I had saved up from my writing evaporated. It’s been two months now, and still I can’t publish articles, despite repeated visits and messages on Triond Help Center.

    And about the comments… I was starting to view Triond as a place where writers met, traded ideas, and rubbed minds; critiqued each other, and learnt from one another. While Triond’s explanation for opening the Facebook channel seems to add up as it does open Triond users up to millions of other potential readers, the truth is folks who go to facebook come there to gossip, not rub minds or read some article, however lengthy or short. In the long run, it’s not likely to make much difference at all.

    Now for the umpteenth time, can somebody do something about the 10 or so articles I have written in the past month or two that have not yet been published… or can they at least tell me why!

  70. i look forward to make some cool money on triond but anytime i publish an article i am been told it cannot be publish meanwhile it took me a week to write. am getting frustrated, i need money

    1. Sorry to burst your bubble teddy, but you will not make any quick money here. It takes a lot of work and time to build the readership. I am here since 2006 and Nelson since 2007 and we have not gotten rich yet 🙂 But we think that Triond has the potential to become a great place to be read and to earn in the future and that is why we work hard at bringing our writing quality higher. Check out his article here:

      And he is the guy who has over 2000,000 views…

  71. Just want to add my view here.

    I am also not in favor of the Facebook commenting feature. It takes the community away from Triond and bring it to Facebook. The same way happens with traffic, with commenting feature, people will go to Facebook more than to Triond.

    And more than that, “comments are content”.

    If you take the commenting feature out of Triond and into Facebook, then Facebook is gaining the content.

    Comments in the old format are being crawled by the search engines. Comments in the new format are not being crawled by search engines, thus resulting to lower search engine traffic.

    I hope that with all the negative comments on this post, you would rethink your decision.

  72. I have to agree with some of the comments about Facebook and the Big Brother “effort”. We (computer users) are all being herded into the Facebook “web”. Most online activity has some kind of Facebook button on the pages you look at. This is information gathering. Whether it is for the government or industry is not clear. Maybe both. But with Facebook tailing you in your online time, they can learn everything they need to know about you, and you will never really know it. Google already is in bed with the U.S. Government with Google Earth and other incredible spying abilities from anywhere on earth or space. That is a visual ability of our government, and it seems that Facebook is the written information. The new TV’s, computers, cell phones, etc. all have capacity for two-way eavesdropping, as this capacity is the size of a teensy microchip or two, among all the components of the item. There was a report that laptops were spying on kids after they got home, courtesy of the school efforts to “track down” stolen computers. The school admitted it, and the little lenses were removed. Lawsuits were flyiing, because it didn’t discriminate, and watched kids getting undressed in their bedrooms, etc. This is is real, it happened, and what we don’t know would make us lie awake at night. Triond is just another net to gather the fish. Yes, call me paranoid, it’s OK. Anyone who isn’t needs to read more about electronic surveillance all around us. I could tell you about a police car in my area that has a mounted camera that can read something like 10,000 license plates a minute and feed them through the computers they have. Trouble is, it also thinks mailboxes are license plates sometimes. But this is about Triond. I digress. Lynn Proctor

  73. I have bookmarked this blog entry “Facebook Comments”, because soon it will not be so easy to locate once Triond posts new blog entries. I have done this, because it might be one of the final places within the Triond system (besides private one-on-one messages) to communicate with the Triond community regarding issues that are important to the Triond community. Just a suggestion, but you may want to do the same and we can continue to communicate with one another more easily.

    Facebook has been a untrustworthy company since it began. Have you watched “Social Network the movie”? The founder even before Facebook was a well-known social network didn’t believe in privacy for its users. Anyone who would steal an idea from people who had employed him to build a social network that they had envisioned isn’t a person that you can trust. People like this doesn’t often change their spots, but usually become more embolden to take more of what is not theirs to have. Personal information is one thing that belongs to the individual that it belongs to and anyone or company that makes it a business practice to sell, trade or share with government agencies without the individual’s knowledge or permission to allow them to do so, is in fact stealing what is not theirs in the first place.

    Just because a company gives away free membership to use their product doesn’t automatically allow them to use their members’ personal information without their members being notified and permission by their members granted to use, sell, trade or share their personal information with anyone, and the government included.

    I understand that Facebook and Google can follow a user around the internet, if the user has ever used one of these products in the past. If this is true, then isn’t there some legal obligation or law that must be adhered to so not to trespass against the U.S. Constitution and the Liberties of the people. I thought wiretapping was illegal without obtaining a court order to allow the practice to occur.

    The only reason why these two internet mega monopolies can get away with all their eavesdropping, is because they are working hand-in-hand with Big Government. The government makes and changes the rules at-will to protect these two companies and others like them, so that an open line of information gathering can continue to be conducted.

    Just was reminded the other day, that one of Barack Obama’s campaign goals/promises was to make free high-speed internet access available to everyone. I for one, do not want the government to give me free high-speed internet access, because if they are the ones that are paying the bill, then they are the ones setting the rules to enable them to legally keep tabs and record everything that their users do, share or say on the internet. It is the price that the users will trade to get something for free from a government that desires more power and control over the lives of every single person on earth. The government isn’t in the business of giving (they are not a non for profit charity), but they are in the business of stealing the wealth of nations and controlling the people who live in those nations. There are always strings attached to free government entitlement programs – give them your freedom and liberty and they will give you stuff that they can easily take back in the future, but will never forgive the debts of the people or refund back the freedom and liberty that the people originally traded for the free stuff that the government takes back in the future.

    I said before, I would be willing to pay a monthly subscription to use a search engine or belong to a social network, just as long as the companies that I payed for doesn’t use, sell, trade or share my personal information or search queries with anyone including the government without my expressed written permission. I would be paying the companies for a service to safeguard against my personal information from being misused, abused or stolen.

    I believe that Triond has made their minds up and they are probably going to continue using the Facebook Comment channel even if it proves not to produced the desired results which they are aiming for. Who knows, maybe their has been some downward pressure on internet companies to get on-board with this Big Brother watchtower or risks being shutdown. Anything is possible nowadays.

    The one thing that Big Governments are most afraid of, is allowing or promoting critical thinking – asking pointed questions that are not following the script which politicians, governments or courts have control over. If the people rose up against the machine and demanded accountability of their governments, leaders, politicians, judges and bankers, then the true nature of the machine would be seen for what it has transformed into in the hands of these corrupted officials – “EVIL”.

    Thank you for letting me vent a little. I feel better now.


    Nelson Doyle

  74. This blog will probably be removed by Triond shortly, because it will have no further function for them. Nelson, you are right, Triond is not going to undo the Facebook thing, as they have taken a big step, and that is their gamble, that it will pay off. Typically, people are like sheep. When herded by the dog, they will ba-a-a-a-a and make noises while the dog is nipping at them and chasing them into another pasture, but once there, the b-a-a-a-a-ing dies down, and they will start to graze again, or do their thing. Lasting change, or permanent resistance to an unwanted change must come from the whole, or at least the majority of the herd for it to be successful. As long as the sheep are motivated to keep writing on this site (Triond), they will find reasons to let the herding be successful, and will pat themselves on the back for being so flexible and understanding of “change”. They say things like, “Well, it’s change, and things don’t stay the same, so what are you gonna do?” and they cave in. Finding another writing site has already been done by many Triond writers, but Triond knows the new ones signing up will replace them before long, and they will already be accustomed to being forced to use Facebook. In fact, many who love Facebook, who use it all the time and have a lot of connections there, would see that as being a tool to get their stuff read and passed on, rather than waiting for Triond to do it, or relying on the Triond community to make enough money for them, which doesn’t ever happen. It takes the pressure off Triond to have to increase their own readership by letting Facebook do it. There might be pressure, money involved, or not. But Triond has absolutely nothing to lose here, and we need to understand that, in order to lower any expectations that they are going to change their minds. They will not. And, like other writers, I have been writing more for other sites, and the money is about as pathetic as it is here on Triond. I confess, I don’t spend a lot of time linking or tweeting, or whatever. So I have no one to “blame” but myself. Triond doesn’t seem to go up in earnings, no matter how many articles I write. It went up on two articles, then dropped back down like a stone. I haven’t broken the $2 mark per month yet, regardless. And I also do not assume that Triond won’t disappear into the night in the blink of an eye, taking all my articles with it. Everyone should have a backup copy of every article they write. I should, and I don’t. Many other places don’t allow copies of them, anyway.

    The world has changed, and not for the good. We have become a suspicious, paranoid, ignorant and self-serving society. Not everyone, of course. But overall. The economy problems are not helping. Facebook is an avenue that feeds a lot of these trends, both as a predatory site and a virtual reality site for those who don’t know that the real world needs more of our attention.

    Thanks for reading this far. I think most of the posters here have dropped out, and gone back to their writing, accepting the Facebook issue in the end. Just what Triond wanted.

    1. Hi Lynn. I can’t agree with your train of thought more. However, I hear the so many people use the term “Sheep” to describe the masses, but the masses of society best describe as cattle not sheep. Why?

      Because, a herd of sheep will only answer to their Shepard’s voice. The society there is today out in the world are made of many different cliques, clubs, classes, and so on. Cattle on the other hand are pretty dumb, fat and lazy animals and they too can easily be herded and rounded up. Cattle will come to any voice a-calling. Sheep won’t.

      I will never accept the idea that change is good. Not all change is good. If something has a proven track-record of working, producing desired outcomes and paying off for the whole body and not just selected parts, then why in the world would any sane person or company dump and replace an unbroken system or business practice for some unknown, untested and extremely risky theory that just might destroy the whole body and not just selected parts. Just doesn’t make any sense to me at all.

      Heck I have person experience with risking too much and loosing so much. Even here at Triond, I cannot begin to tell you how many times I have changed my writing style and topics which I write. I began making changes to my writing style when my writing was attracting 100s of thousands of readers per week or month depending on the article published that week or month. I actually replaced a writing style and topic that wasn’t broken, but had been paying off in Aces. I did then what Triond is doing now and the risk that I took did not end well for my writing here on Triond.

      I have learned by my err in judgment and understanding that I should never ever change that which is not broken, because not all change is good. A change is never good, if bad or destructive results are the outcome. Anything bad is not good. Bad ideas never end with good results.

      Just noticed that Triond has removed my most recent article “Higher Writing Standards Returning to Triond”. Triond must not have approved of the idea after all. Can’t have any ideas out there that encourages higher standards, because after all, the writing standards bar has been lowered so much so that no experience at all is accepted and published on Triond. This is disappointing to me. I really thought that Triond was moving in a direction that would have resulted in a more successful company and opportunity for no only those that own and operate Triond, but also for us writers that have at least by half in part made Triond successful as a publisher over the years. I say by half in part, because Triond pays its writers 50% of the revenue generated from our articles, so Triond feels at least that its writers are at least half responsible for its success.

      I have grown sick and tired of complaining about this whole issue with Triond. Triond has made its decision regarding their business and nothing that I can say or do will change their mind or even cause them to pause just long enough to open their eyes and look up ahead, so to see the cliff that they are heading for.

      Triond has made their decision – I accept that.


      Nelson Doyle

      1. Nelson, I noticed today that your “Bye-bye Triond” article was gone. Then I went to your profile and saw there was no content listed there. Wow, did they delete all of your stuff? Or did you do that?

        If they deleted your stuff, I’d say that was a pretty extreme move, and well out of proportion, not to mention uncalled for.

      2. Hi Bill,

        Nelson sent me a message yesterday, his article was removed. He is closing his account out for good, I saw your comment, I thought I should respond to you.


      3. Hi Bill.

        Triond removed my last two articles that I had published on their site. I do not know why these articles were removed. I haven’t received any reason from Triond why the articles are no longer available to my friends, fans and visitors on Triond.

        As for the other 100 or so articles, I removed those articles myself. I was in the process of closing my account down until I received an email from the CEO of Triond, Mr. Shahar, asking me to stay until the Triond management had time to debate whether or not to rollback the Facebook comment change that they had made earlier in the month. I agree to halt my moving process until Triond had time to make their decision, but I am not going to be publishing any new content or re-posting the old articles until Triond makes some really big changes regarding where Triond is heading, choosing to be a leader and lead Triond and its writers to a successful future. And, stop fixing things that aren’t broken…if something works and helps its writers attract new readers and keep the loyal readers from leaving due to Triond system bugs, hacks, spam or whatever shutting down Triond or making opening articles impossible are fixed.


        Nelson Doyle


        Thank you Chris for letting me know about this post that Bill had left. And, thank you for responding to Bill regarding the situation and for relaying to Bill what I have spoken about to you via our private messages.

        You’re a good friend and I am so blessed to have had the change to know you.

        GOD BLESS,

        Nelson Doyle

    1. Report articles that are plagiarized with the ‘flag it’ drop down.
      Report articles that are re-purposed, automated and auto-submitted articles with ‘not sufficient quality’
      Report articles that just don’t make sense the same.

      I have been. I get a lot of emails from Triond saying they deleted this or that. Which makes me feel good, but I get the best satisfaction when they say they have banned an account for a serial plagiarist.

  75. Thank you Triond. Since our new commenting arrangements I spend much less time here as there are far less articles being submitted; It is very difficult to reciprocate; I don’t have to worry about comments as they are down; I don’t have worry about fans as they are leaving; I don’t have to read any emails from triond.

  76. A mere month ago, I could post an article and have near 50 comments on it within 24 hours, now, I am lucky to recieve ten comments on an article. The comments helped to inspire and motivate me, as I assume it did for others. And as far this move supposedly stopping the spam comments, guess again. The spamming is still there and I think that the facebook comments are drawing in a larger crowd of new spam… like the sickening “send me money” inbox messages from “new” members. Yuck!

  77. This Facebook commenting has gone far enough. I have made my point clear in many ways over the past 4 weeks in this forum and to my closest friends on Triond. I am a writer perhaps not the best but I love to write I also at times require inspiration as do all writers. This you did have from the Triond community in the past. I stopped moaning about this Facebook commenting travesty because I thought I was beginning to irritate my close friends. Today however I have to make a few points.

    1) My views on Triond have plummeted from one good day of over 750 views down to 40 views today. So Facebook has not helped
    2) We have been told by the management of Triond that the move to Facebook commenting would result in more views and less spam. This has not been the case as you will see at the end of this post when I place a direct copy of a comment I received today in a message through the Triond messaging service.
    3) I was very close to throwing in the towel 2 weeks ago with Triond because I was so fed up with the spam the obviously blatant plagiarized articles I was forced to see in my main feed. My close friends persuaded me to stick it out for awhile and this I have done because they are the ones who have backed me from the start and not Triond Management. Bottom line I am a writer and writing is my life I do not need to put up with the sort of comment I received today in my inbox on Triond. The message you are about to read is a direct quote and is the message in its entirety. I have withheld the name of the person but have it and prove of message if Triond Management read the posts on this Forum (which I doubt or they would have done something about this Facebook travesty weeks ago. I will try and stick it out but only for a while and if Triond does not like this post and decides to terminate my account my close friend know where to find me. Below is a copy of the sort of **** that we are getting into the Triond system via Facebook.

    “Hiya! How are things over there? I’ve a query. I don’t know if you’re Steve Simmons. I’ve just got a very ulifting comment and I’d like to thank it. Well, you see? Everybody’s so angry, upset and I’d say that they’re even rough about his f……. situation, and they all claim that “not this year again” That’s why I thought of such a piece. Look! I’m still searching for a bleeding job that pays my bills. I’m surviving on an unemployment benefits of 500 Euro a mont, which is goung to to be due in Oct. We’ll see if they are kind enough to extend it a bit longer till a prospective employer is also kind enough to hire me. Yet, I0m thinking about having a well deserved break away by the sea. I won’t go very far, of coruse and it won’t be in the Sheycelles, but a holiday resort in the Basque country will do too. I’ve a tent and I won’t starve if I live on tinned sardine and fresh fruit for a few days. So, that is why I thought of the article. Panic not! Worry not! If you still have some cash in your account, go, go! Cheers!” end of quote. I hope you all notice she has my full real name and not my pen name “stevetheblogger” where did she get this from Facebook end this now before Triond self implodes. To all my good friends on Triond I thank you. To all my Facebook ******
    good riddance
    PS the spelling in the above comment is hers not mine

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