October Payments Sent

Two days earlier than expected… payments for earnings earned through the last day of October 2012 were sent today. Please check your selected payment method for additional information.

All our PayPal payees who have accumulated more than $0.50 in the last month, check your PayPal account. If you’re a Western Union or check payee, and you’ve accumulated more that $50.00 in your account, we’ve sent your payment as well. The Western Union payees will receive an email with a transfer number within 72 hours. For those who receive a check, look out for a Triond envelope in your mailbox over the next couple of weeks.

Have fun, spend wisely and as always,

Happy publishing!

40 thoughts on “October Payments Sent

  1. Thanks Triond but please reconsider the earnings. The past 2 months, they have been awfully low. Or post a reply or answer on here as to what is going on with earnings.

  2. hello i have a very big problem on 10 july 2012 is have not receive my $28.12 payment via triond on my paypal account till now and today i have not receive my on nov 8 2012 my $2.69 payment to my paypal too,i am losing my money what happen guys.Check this for me.

  3. I am facing major difficulty with uploading my content! but I keep getting an email telling me that there is an article sitting in my draft box… What’s going on???

  4. triond,

    i had published a poem entitled ME,MY IMAGE AND MY ALTEREGO last week but unfortunately i havent received a feedback yet. Please reply

  5. It is now over a week since I have been waiting for my western Union transfer control number. Note that I changed my email to nicgabie@gmail.com! Please send me my earnings, it is very unusual that am seeing this delay because normally by 15th of the pay month, I will have got the money! Do something about this compalint urgently!

  6. .I think I faced this crash and at the time I was unable to receive new password also. and I had to create a new account and the account is created cheap guild wars 2 goldwith the same username and id. but my all articles have been lost. Is there any way to get back my articles back? The old published articles links are working but when I tried to click on the author name then an empty page is appearingbuy gw2 gold instead of authors profile. Please suggest me a solution to regain my articles if any. Thanks in advance.

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