Views Glitch for January 27

There was a view counting glitch on January 27 which some of you have noticed. The reason was that during upgrade work on the counting mechanism, that is meant to improve its performance, some misconfiguration in one of the elements caused every article that received views to get stuck on 1.

It has since been fixed.

Since the views play a major role in your payments calculations, and the payments cycle for the 27th already finished and used those incorrect views, it yielded incorrect payments for all of you.

To rectify this issue, you are going to receive an additional cycle of payments for the 27th, based on your views from a day before. That means you are receiving the correct payment for the 27th, plus any amount you received in the erroneous cycle. In other words — it’s our mistake, so we’re paying up.

Please note, however, that the skewed views count for the 27th will remain as is.

We hope to refrain from such errors in the future, and as always, we make it up to you when we fault.

Happy Publishing!

43 thoughts on “Views Glitch for January 27

  1. I’m having an issue with my AdSense integration. I’ve set up the integration through the Dashboard, but AdSense itself is not tracking *any* views relative to the amount Triond says I should have.

    I’d appreciate some feedback too, being a longstanding user and being fobbed off with a “Get Satisfaction” forum isn’t great…

    1. Yeah, I’ve given up completely on that… and I’ve given up completely on making money with Triond. Now I just use it as a free backlink.

    1. Don’t feel too bad for the month of jan I got 250 views on one article I posted and only got 1 cent while some of my others got .16 and don’t even have 200 views…I think it depends on what site it is posted on…

  2. Glitch still remains. Please fix it up.

    I got an article that got 200+ views for 2 days, yesterday only 54. and it stayed 54 so it is not counting.


  3. Thanks for letting us know. Is there any way that you could look into the problem that I am having with one of my payments? I have been trying to get someone to answer me for a long time now. I need to have my November payment resent to Paypal. I did not receive it as there was a problem at their end.

  4. Hi, I have a big problem, namely:

    Every article you send triond site after a few minutes receiving e-mail message that the article was rejected.

    I can someone help me with some information

    my username is: rafol90

  5. Not been able to get one submission accepted since December 20th last year. Same problem as rafol90, and no-one takes any notice when we ask for explanations. Also, views glitch STILL very much badly affecting the site, – my own views and earnings pathetic lately. When are admin going to finally PAY ATTENTION????

  6. Nathan,
    Views glitch continues. Some articles are recorded, others are not…many are STILL experiencing this. PLUS lots of “not found” errors showing. You have to load the article up 2 to 3 times before you can read it. This will deter readers.
    It appears you have become the victim of your own “greed” by allowing any person to join and post unreadable material, poor grammar and plagiarism. As Tony Leather states – and I may add, many others – YOU DO NOT RESPOND.
    Swear you guys belong on The Muppet Show.

    So to reiterate:

    “NOT FOUND” Errors all over the place which deters readers.
    Poor Communication/Ignorance

    The last one most disheartening. Failing that, you all sat round a table with a corn cob up ya asses.
    C’mon. Wrriters DESERVE BETTER.

  7. 1. Agreed that the glitch hasn’t been repaired fully.

    2. The decrease in earnings per view for some of Triond. sites is also disheartening. Is it any wonder the decent writers are publishing elsewhere?

    3. The proliferation of completely illiterate and unintelligible articles is also disheartening. The rest of us do our best, but Triond cannot be taken seriously if those articles remain.

  8. I find this message totally incomprehensible as the problem continues and has been ongoing for more than one week. I have comments on articles yet, the total views do not appear whatsoever. Further, I saw no “adjustment” in views, earnings, likes, or anything else. How can viewing go down 90% yet I am told to believe the issues are corrected?????

  9. WHAT IS THIS????? I just got this in my email —> Dear farawaysis,
    The balance of your Triond earnings as of the end of last month is $X,XX payable on the tenth of this month.
    However, because your account balance is lower than the required minimum for payment by PayPal, this amount will be rolled over and added to your earnings for next month.
    We’re glad to have you as a member of Triond – keep up the good work, keep on
    I X’d my amount, because I didn’t want to show it, but it’s under $1.00….

    1. I got the same thing! Perhaps it is part of the devaluation Triond seems to be doing. Given that smaller amounts were sent to me previously, it all seems quite suspicious. Between that and the greater number of views required to earn a penny, it doesn’t bode well. Triond must make enough on the advertising, as there isn’t any less than before. We writers are just getting paid less. If it’s such good work, pay us for it!!

  10. I have my own problem: After two years of using Triond (user name: Socorro Lawas) I cannot log in to my account where I had contributed 190 articles. I had to apply for a second account (user name: Sockie Lawas), and of course, starting from the grassroots is not easy. When I go to my dashboard for my first account, I am turned over to my new dashboard for the second account. My Profile and articles for the first account are still intact but it’s my dashboard I am missing. How can I log in to my first account?

  11. Triond is a rip off. Can’t you all see that views are not being added? STILL? Run a test on your own articles or get other members to click a few…and the pay ridiculously low now.
    Advice? Take your articles down and join another site.

  12. Please look to see if my money for January and early February is correct. I have enjoyed many views during this time but have only received a few cents. It is only a small fraction of what I normally receive for that many views, and I think that something is wrong. Most of my recent articles have earned nothing, even though some of them had plenty of views.

  13. There’s plenty wrong! My view count on the chart today is 10 times what has registered on the dashboard! I’m thinking this is happening quite a lot lately. It would explain the decrease in earnings in the past few months. Is Triond trying to drive writers away?

  14. Hi

    I am still not able to upload my articles on your website. I had sent in a number of complaints but I have not received any reply from any one till today. It’s quite strange that I am facing such problems during the past few months and recently though. There were no problems with the site earlier though.



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  16. I would like an explanation what has happened. Since January, I have been receiving only a fraction of what I used to receive per view. Has there been a change in policy?

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