July Payments Sent

Three days earlier this month! Payments for earnings earned through the last day of July 2013 were sent today. Please check your selected payment method for additional information.

All our PayPal payees who have accumulated more than $0.50 in the last month, check your PayPal account. If you’re a Western Union or check payee, and you’ve accumulated more that $50.00 in your account, we’ve sent your payment as well. The Western Union payees will receive an email with a transfer number within 72 hours. For those who receive a check, look out for a Triond envelope in your mailbox over the next couple of weeks.

Have fun, spend wisely and as always,

Happy publishing!

18 thoughts on “July Payments Sent

    1. Great tips this month about accepting cleint payments thanks Pat. Making it easy for our cleints to pay us (safely) is always a good idea to differentiate ourselves from the competition. Looking forward to your next show.

  1. I had 3.76$ showing for my August payment. Started this account on 15 July 2013. Why haven’t I received my dues? Would you please check and get back, please! Thanks

  2. In my payment history it says payment of $1.44 has been sent but i checked my paypal and i havent got your payment there.Would you please check ?

  3. I have 36 views for the month of August, but no money is posted on my account. I tried to let triond know my computer was hacked a couple month ago. Please fix this error, and remove the maleware from my articles.

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