52 thoughts on “Login Problems Solved

  1. Your terrible display of correspondence left many of us in the dark. Support should have responded to inquiries made just for the sake of professionalism. My material published here never makes you or me $. bUT $ IS NOT WHAT MOTIVATES ME TO BE A MEMBER….it’s all about literature and that’s what I thought this sites intent was. Establish a real forum or opportunity for the globe to read unknown writers that have talent but no recognition. The $ is secondary to me, but apparently triond makes $ off of a lot of peoples material. I think it’s referred to as “Professional Courtesy”, something triond lacks and needs to address. I posted 1 musical post, received like 96 listens in like 20-30 minutes….realizing my music may be my strongest creative flow. I might post more and you and I may actually generate some $, but after todays despicable lack of professional courtesy, I’m thinking otherwise. There also needs to be better communique between users and triond like maybe live help, real get satisfaction gaurantees….come on guys, this is academic. Consider my message with all due respect. RS WING

  2. I observe that Triond has experinced many system failures lately. From a problem of spellcheck (it detects technical terms as spelling errors), hot content list issue (low quality, error packed and computer generated poetry and haiku) invaded the list for days; and the list is not updated but displayed all the old stuffs that get people bored, dasboard only displays the first page of hot list and ignores the rest in the hot list which sure affects the traffic flow, picable couldn’t be openned, the publisher pages at Triond turn blanked when they were openned and etc.

    The other thing I observe is that “tags” being cut off at Healthmad as compared to the old version and this is not searched engine friendly, causing the view drops sharply.

    Personally, I prefer the old version of publisher pages than the new one. They just look like blogs instead of professional pages.

    Triond should do something to enhance their system, server, and most importantly, to restore people’s confidence on this website as the views have declined sharply as compared to a glorious moment of Triond when it was first established.

    Hotusers are not like previously, as many can be up here, even they just post a few photos, wheareas the old writers’ name (those who’ve contributed many articles) being left off. This issue needs to be addressed for the attention.

    These are just my opinions. I hope no one, including all Triond’s stuffs feel hurt about the discussed issues. If so, I take this opportunity to apologize. They were delivered to bring attention to the management department of Triond, as all writers here always hope for the betterment of Triond.

    Good luck, Triond!


  3. It was a worrying moment for me. Can you imagine losing all the work that has been published, close to three hundred articles. Many hundreds of hours of work.

    I’m glad the outcome is good. Can all our work be deleted by mistake? Does anyone know the answer?

  4. I knew system failures could be unavoidable as the loads of information, data gets bigger. Triond has lingered over the years and have allowed the creativity of beginners and promising writers to be heard and commented, an effort that gave it the name it has at present. Life in itself is chaotic and even Chaos Theory would prove itself to determine what future holds for Triond and its members, it is still worth a try that such theory could be proven otherwise. I have a positive attitude to stand by Triond and even just for a minimal renumeration, my thoughts had been heard. I could no more be like another J.R.R. Tolkien and wait for a century to have my work applauded the world over when the technology is here, now at Triond.

  5. @Shergill Wow, that’s a lot of articles. Before I submit to publish I copy paste the whole article to MWord–just in case. Somebody even suggested to send an email copy to your self in case your pc gets busted. If email is too much to handle, maybe saving it all in a flash drive will make it safer.

  6. i nearly had a heart attack,

    no ,cash notwithstanding,

    i suffereed from a shock of losing

    960 poems so far printed/published,

    and my few articles too.

    hope triond has devised

    a method by which

    our works remain secured.

    missed all my

    lovely fans and friends

    and did not feel like writing more poems

    but still i did write three for you .

    thanks for the REVIVAL

    we stand again ,

    this time hopefully not in vain

    lovely honey

    writes not for money

    but the love you bestow

    in my heart love it does grow

  7. visionvision is my ORIGINAL NAME LOVELY HONEY FOR ALL I REMAIN .SO PLEASE CONTINUE TO LOVE SHOWER I AM as lovely as the EIFFEL Tower. love and regards to all lh never ever shall fail u all

  8. Even though I don’t fully understand all the behind the scenes things on the site, it seems to me in any business to do certain things should be important. One is to protect the writers that truly keep the business going. There have been major flaws and still an ongoing problem that others have told me. Another and not only the last is to value the accomplished submitters so they will have confidence in giving of themselves to keep business flowing. There is a slant on that noticed by me and told to me by others. Some of the material I have seen is poor quality and many more errors than should be allowed. Still this post is permitted when One unknown word to the system bumps off my submission.It was a lower case and not a capital, not even a incorrectly spelled word. A lot of this does not compute. Therefore the slant is mentioned.

  9. What concerns me, as a new writer here, all my earnings and views have been reset to zero. and Now i cannot log into the forums… I’m sure some of you have a deep undying love for triond and Kudos to you. I am not impressed with the non-professional way the issue was handled yesterday. and our problems, seem to be ignored even now.

  10. The level of unprofessionalism; where people were not able to log on, where one was told that their ’email did not exist’ etc, and the fact there was no response to direct emails to ‘support’, suggest the problem goes deeper than a dicky server.

  11. Thank God things are resolved, all day yesterday I was freaking out. I tried everything and I got into the user page but it would not let me into anyone’s profiles including my own. I am so glad nothing was lost and Triond got this problem solved! I will say I was very frustrated because I tried everything to contact you people by email and in the forum for problems but it would not let me sign in there either. Just a suggestion but it might be nice to have an actual place we can email you people with issues. That questions answered page has a lot to be desired and there seems to be no other way to communicate with you. Thanks for solving this issue and lets all pray it doesn’t happen again!!!!

  12. my message for all please read in the poems section why all must write


    all my experiences of internet ……………………


  13. I’m glad that everything’s up and running again but I must echo some other people’s comments about the lack of communication during this time. I was completely unable to log in, and began to believe my account had been deleted when I attempted to reset my password and was told that Triond had no record of my email address.

    In these circumstance it is particularly unhelpful when questions posed to Triond via the support system go completely unanswered. I submitted three queries this way yesterday and received not so much as an automated email in reply, which only made me even more convinced that my account had been cancelled as I had no way of knowing whether my questions had even been submitted.

    We all understand that technical failures will arise, but when this happens, people need information about what’s happening. While an automated email response to my queries would not necessarily have provided the information I was looking for, at least I would have known that my questions had been registered somewhere. I’m afraid to say that in this respect, Triond’s customer service has been severely lacking.


  14. I’m glad that things are back up and running. I am concerned, however, as I have read the comments of others here. I believe I will be making another back-up of my material here on Triond.

    A suggestion, if you will, when there are some form of server issues or something else that impacts the entire site, perhaps a notice should be posted up on the main page and the log-in page. It could be as simple as ‘Technical Difficulties – Please Stand By’ or something that gives a brief statement describing the most common problem and assurances that it is being addressed.

    It was disconcerting and I am glad that things are running more smoothly now.

  15. Another problem: I generally use the Online Editor. The Article Body section has reverted to such tiny print that it’s difficult to read/write. Please restore it to its former print size and save our eyesight!

  16. I have to agree with Chan Lee Peng. As a new user I was horrified wondering if my work was being censored or I was being booted off for what I’d written. A simple email would have been very welcome.

  17. Nice work to the tech guys and the network administrating team for picking up on that. You deserve mucho thanks for a job well done.

  18. I’m glad the server is back up 😀 I got worried a little yesterday about why nothing was working. An automated e-mail sent out to every writer when the server crashed would have been helpful. I know most writers check their e-mail frequently so many unhappy writers would have been avoided.

    I think there is something wrong with Triond’s spell check, the last time I tried to spell check and article it wouldn’t let me spell check.

  19. I’m fighting wits again with the busted spellchecker. 😦 This ‘helpful feature’ is really quite bothersome and should be disabled.

    Between using both MSWORD and Firefox’s spellchecker, most of us can submit documents that are acceptably correct and not have to wage war with this quirky spellchecker tool on the online editor.

    Please consider this.


  20. I’ve read what several people have written. I don’t know that much about computers. I deeply appreciate the fact that it’s so easy to publish on Triond. I nearly went into a panic and then depression when I could not login.

    Maybe Triond should figure out a way that the Help Desk or Support does not go down when the site goes down.

    Anyway, I’m glad you guys are back up. This is a good site for a writer to showcase his or her work on.

  21. “Ajax error in voting” is still a common response to attempting to “like” an article. I still encounter trouble posting comments on articles and usually have to attempt it three or four times (and no, the CAPTCHA was not spelled incorrectly I assure you.)
    -I think the problems here are far from over… :- Could someone please address these and provide updates to current problems and expectations of repairing them?

  22. Although, I rarely publish this time because of a very important priority I still went a little depressed when I could not log in, considering that I’m hastening to finish it in order to spend the greater part of my days at Triond. Thank You Triond for having the problem resolved smoothly. I thought my account was deleted because of my month -long inactivity now.

  23. People. Take a deep breath. For a short period of time some users were not able to log in to their accounts. This is no reason to panic and conclude that your work is not secure. My God. You all need some real problems.

  24. there exists a problem still all four of my submissiond have been rejected same reason of readability there appears to be somethinh technically WRONG pl examine thanx

  25. Your server problem as you narrated appears or it seems very minor, but I was rudely shocked not just because of my log in problem, but when I could not even retrieve my pass word since my e-mail was also not there, I completely lost my confidence.Triond might have restored to normalcy but still my confidence was not restored and I am yet to publish any article.It is really a sickening experience.

  26. @Ramalingam – We’re sorry you lost your confidence in Triond. Is there a specific publishing problem you are having? I looked over your account and didn’t find anything in pending. If you have a problem, please post about it on our Help page here: http://www.triond.com/help and we will do our best to resolve it for you.

  27. I logged in today and it says i have not published anything at all when i have published almost 5 articles, please advise.

  28. @Sean – This was a temporary problem and you should now see your content and reports again. Sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused.

  29. Yesterday I submitted a poem call ‘Soul stealer’. Today it was published. Having checked it it all seemed as it should. Strangely, an hour later I noticed that the second part of the poem and a couple of images had suddenly disappeared. I submitted a fix, but as yet nothing.

  30. I have a problem: I have been publishing articles for 3 months now, and I have earnt a bit, but suddenly all my articles are gone and my earnings also gone. What is happening?

  31. “You have no published content. To publish an item, click here.”

    Is the message that greeted me this morning on my Dashboard.

    And my current & last-month earnings amount have also disappeared. I’m sure its still there owing to the recent and rampant similar event happening to other Triond users.

    My content is still online so I assume that, once again, there is yet another problem with Triond servers.

    How about getting rid of the superfluous “Visit Trends” graph which most people seem to not understand anyway and replacing it with something truly useful like a “Triond System Status” that reports what is right/wrong with the various servers and sites, in ‘real-time.’

    This would be useful even if it does not directly affect the individual user based upon which server is affected/not affected. Those not affected can relay the information to others. Most of us probably network each other outside of Triond as well and news ‘gets around’ fast.

    This ongoing happenstance of nearly daily outages, interruption of service, inability to post comment/rate likes, and the scarier missing reporting errors has got to be addressed. I am losing confidence in Triond for these ongoing problems.

    Another curious peeve is why I cannot post here using my “~@hotmail.com” e-mail, but my “~@gmail.com” (and my other) e-mail addresses are being permitted to post here on blog.


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