Servers Maintenance

As part of our ongoing efforts to ensure the best possible service, we’re starting a servers maintenance cycle. This cycle may result in some downtime for and the publishing services (i.e. publishing may be delayed for a while).

Our content sites are less likely to be effected but it is still a possibility.

We apologize on any downtime. We will update you when the maintenance cycle is finished.

Update: A significant portion of the maintenance is already behind us. We are aware of some occasional “blank” pages, and stats graphs that are not yet loading properly. Publishing is still on hold as well.

Update: Publishing is now working again.

Update: “Blank pages” are gone and stats graphs are showing. At this point everything seems to be functioning properly. Please let us know if you are still experiencing any problems.

0 thoughts on “Servers Maintenance

  1. Our content sites are less likely to be effected but it is still a possibility.

    I don’t mind certain periods of down time for improvements upon the site. However, the above statement is just a little disconcerting. There is no reason, in my mind, that it should be in question what will be effected and what will not.

  2. A little advance notice would have been nice. Perhaps before the next maintenance cycle? Will maintenance settle to a predictable event? Thank you.

  3. When I logged in triond I thought my articles were lost before I saw that message that you had maintenance on this site. Ammearth is correct, you must have an advance notice.

  4. I can’t log into the site at all anymore. Can open the front page but when I put log in details in nothing happens. 😦

  5. It would have been the acme of courtesy to give us a heads up–like our servers will be down 6:00GMT blah, blah, blah. Other sites do this.

  6. Is the maintenance still ongoing? My dashboard is displaying lots of boxes saying ‘Open Flash Chart
    Loading test data
    Error #2032’.

  7. Our content sites are less likely to be AFFECTED but it is still a possibility.

    sorry but I hate when people say EFFECTED instead of AFFECTED

  8. Spa1918,

    We are still working on the “Blank pages” issue. In the meantime, whenever you get a blank page, try to refresh the page, and you should get the page you want.

  9. “We apologizes on any downtime.”

    My question regarding how some content manages to get published on Triond has just been answered definitively.

  10. 202c23c4468a5c8f12efb2bb05e18c9a
    This is the code I encountered when I tried to fix one of my articles. I don’t know what it means, but I’m reporting it because the message on the page said I should.

    Thank you.

  11. I am still waiting for three articles to be published–one of them is from three days ago.

    Triond what gives?

    Is it because I am posting from South Korea? And don’t tell me, “oh it takes time and because of a holiday or weekend…yada yada yada.” I see everyone else getting published.

    1. Sounds like fun and love the photos. I cook with my 2 year old, so the skill level is a litlte different. It often involves an empty bowl and wooden spoon.

  12. I didn’t know that the problem was at your end, and so I tried several times to send a photo. Is this content lost in cyberspace, or will you get 4 copies of my submission? I thought that maybe my description was too long or something, so I kept changing it and trying again.

    Will your system know to just post the first one?

  13. Scotty, How long until you have those dilithium crystals repaired? Scotty! I don’t have time! The Klingons are approaching!

  14. While I can get my information by clicking on the Triond icon in my browser, the Triond tool is not registering any data. The error message is
    “! Can’t connect to website. Click to refresh!”. Refresh doesn’t restore the Triond tool functions. Please help.

  15. I have a little problem, within the triond editor, any photo I upload has a red X, but when I do preview my article it does show the photo, and resent published work does have the photos.

    It’s little annoying, when creating a photo gallery, but other than that triond is working fine since the downtime.

  16. @everyone – We are currently working on resolving the issue regarding the Online Editor’s image uploader. Thank you for your patience.

  17. @samuel – If you are still experiencing a problem viewing your stats, please let us know your Triond username as well as which browser and browser version you are using.

  18. 9:52pm and the Triond tool on my browser is still not functioning. If the site is up and running, shouldn’t the stats tool (or widget or whatever) be working by now? Thank you.

  19. I’ve had difficulties publishing my articles since November 1… I think there’s really something wrong with my account. Here’s wishing that it would be fixed as soon as possible.

  20. Same here Reylan.

    I am waiting for 7 essays to be published and two others, were published (I got the email notification from Triond) and then disappeared. No, not from me, they were never listed on my content.

    What’s going on Triond?

  21. @Reylan, @Jeffrey Miller – We were experiencing a problem but are resolving it now. We apologize for the delay and thank you for your patience.

  22. This glitch still exists:

    “While I can get my information by clicking on the Triond icon in my browser, the Triond tool is not registering any data. The error message is
    “! Can’t connect to website. Click to refresh!”. Refresh doesn’t restore the Triond tool functions. Please help.”

    Thank you.

  23. I have been polite and very patient. The courtesy of an answer would be appreciated. Otherwise don’t ask for input if you’re going to ignore it.

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